Public Meeting on New Development at E. Stone and Rowley St.

Many of you have been wondering what’s happened to the Stone Avenue Plan after all the meetings we participated in a couple of years ago.  There have been some new businesses locate there.

Recently Council Member Amy Doyle met with a local team of developers/designers regarding a mixed use development at the corner of East Stone and Rowley Streets.  The proposal includes office/retail space and residential apartments.

The proposed building is reportedly of high quality with innovative design features.  You will recall in the Stone Avenue Master plan, the lots on Stone Avenue were suggested mixed use giving new options for housing and neighborhood retail services.   This new project should set a high standard for all forthcoming development in the North End of town.

The development team would like to meet with residents to share their plan.  The meeting is scheduled for:

Sears Shelter

401 East Park Avenue

Monday, July 15, 5:30pm.

We want to get this on people’s calendars ahead of time.   Please share with your neighbors.

If you would like more details call Amy at 616-2759.

Below is a Google image of the corner in question to give you a better idea of where it is.  Please encourage all interested residents to attend.

Stone Ave and Rowley ST.



Public Meeting on New Development at E. Stone and Rowley St.
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