Plan Stone Avenue Meeting Follow-up

Tuesday evening, Dec. 14, Dover, Kohl & Partners held the final public meeting on the proposed Stone Avenue Plan. After bringing new attendees up to speed, the team reviewed the chapters of the actual plan. The plan can be downloaded for viewing or printing by going to the PlanStoneAvenue website and clicking on the draft review. The city will also have a copy available for viewing at the planning department and hopefully at the library. You can still comment on the plan if you were unable to make the meeting.

The following 10 steps are identified in the plan as priority projects that should be implemented within 1-2 years.
 Adopt the Stone Avenue Plan
 Update Policies to Better Reflect the City’s 2009 Comprehensive Plan
 Apply Form-Based Regulations ( Need a lesson in these? Check out this website )
 Promote the North End
Community Involvement
 Continue to Support the Friends of Stone Avenue
 Facilitate a Relationship Between the City of Greenville’s Grant Writer and North End Citizens
 Implement a Road Diet on North Main Street
 Implement a “Paint Only” Road Diet on Stone Avenue
 Utilize Existing Tax Increment Finance Programs
 Create a North End Municipal Improvement District

Additional information on each of these topics is in the Plan. There were numerous questions raised by participants, including the time frame of DOT’s approval of a ‘road diet’ which staff remains optimistic about, the issue of timing and expense of moving power lines underground, and concerns about possible diversion of traffic from Stone Avenue to neighboring streets. These and other concerns will likely be addressed in the approval process. The plan will now go through the normal channels of approval with the planning commission, City Council, etc. We will keep you updated on any meetings which address the plan. In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look at the plan, particularly the section on implementation, and if you have any questions or concerns, please express them. You can always email NMCA and we will pass your comments along.

Plan Stone Avenue Meeting Follow-up
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