NorthPointe Update for Jan 3

Happy New Year Neighbors!!

I can almost taste the sweetness of completion for the roads! It tastes kind of like the treats that we’ve been enjoying this Holiday Season.

As for the progress, the chill in the air has slowed our team down slightly. The permanent signals are still going up. One of three of the new permanent signals have power and Duke is chugging away on the other two. The City’s Traffic Engineering Dept. already has the permanent signals programed, so that the controls only have to be switched on when they are ready! We currently anticipate the new signals to be functioning at the end of next week!!

The Permanent Roadway Stripping is a more difficult target. The reflective “thermoplastic” stripping that we use requires the weather to be dry, and +55°F. As of right now, we do not know when that will happen again, let alone when we will be able to get several days of those conditions close together for a complete installation. I will keep you updated, and this will not impede the completion nor function of the new signals!


TORI WALLACE-BABCOCK | NorthPointe Development Coordinator

NorthPointe Update for Jan 3
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