NorthPointe Update for Feb 15

We have soooo much dirt moving on this site we are running out of space to put it! Prepping the “pads” for the Apartments along Church and the Harris Teeter are underway. Prep for the parking garage is next. Fontaine Construction will dig approximately 25’ below street level over the next 3 weeks, so the garage can rise up only a few stories above the street at completion.
With all of this digging, and the rain making the mud slick, my team has asked me to remind everyone to stay on the opposite side of the street. We want everyone to stay safe.
Which is a nice segue into our accomplishment for this last week: the pedestrian lights and crosswalks have been activated, but only on the sides of the street where it is safe! They will remain in this condition until we are ready to invite you to a completed development!
TORI WALLACE-BABCOCK | NorthPointe Development Coordinator
NorthPointe Update for Feb 15
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