NorthPointe Update from Development Coordinator

Here is a quick explanation of a few things that you may notice happening at the construction site!

First, Earle Street will be temporarily closed to through traffic starting tomorrow!  All residences will be accessible via Bennett Street only.  Amy Doyle coordinated this change with the City and SCDOT on behalf of the residents.  Signs will be placed at the corner of Earle Street and Bennett Street indicating that there is no outlet.

Second, be alert early next week.  We will have additional barricades and workers on Wade Hampton north of Mohawk Drive and Column Street.  They will be laying the new curbing on both sides of the street.  All businesses will continue normal operations!!  Please do not hesitate to enjoy their goods and services.

Third, while Duke has been working hard across the South to restore power to those impacted by the storms, we have been patiently waiting for them here.  They will be on site as soon as they can to supply power to the new traffic signal at Stone Avenue and the Canal Parking lot (future Wade Hampton Interchange).  While I will do my best to keep you informed, I may not know of the switch to the new signal until the day of!  This change will mean the end of the Stone Avenue and Mitchell Street signal.

Last, we anticipate opening the new Wade Hampton Boulevard at the beginning of November.  Simultaneous with Wade Hampton re-opening, the Earle Street access will re-open and Column Street will be closed.

NorthPointe Update from Development Coordinator
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