North Main Rotary Park Ball Field Issues

There have been questions about why the North Main Rotary Park Ballfield is sometimes padlocked. We asked Parks and Rec and one reason was mentioned in our recent newsletter. When they prepare the field for a programmed use (kickball, baseball, etc.) they lock the gate to prevent damage to the lined field before programmed use. They also lock the field if they have recently treated with an herbicide or pesticide as a safety precaution.
There is another reason. I was asked to share some photos from this week with you which will explain why it may be padlocked more in the future. In the photos below you will see dog feces and dog bags left on the field. Dog urine will also kill grass. Additionally, someone spray painted large circles in the grass with orange paint. These types of issues cause additional maintenance for staff and provide an unsafe environment for programmed events.
We have also had complaints about feces on the sidewalk not being picked up and even when it was, the bag was just tossed to the side. There are poop bags and waste receptacles at the park. Use them!! Or bring your own. We realize most of you do. It only takes a couple of bad apples to spoil the whole barrel.
Please show respect for the field and surrounding areas and our fellow park users. Thank you!
North Main Rotary Park Ball Field Issues
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