North Main Medians

Now that spring seems just around the corner, the city has started receiving complaints about the condition of the North Main medians. They’ve inspected them, and while they’re in decent condition following our most wet winter…they have not yet collected the leaves, and there are some sparse turf and weed growth, but nothing not to be expected this time of year.  According to Parks & Rec Director Mari Steinbach, “Our contractor begins its seasonal work on April 1st, so to help in the meantime the Parks & Recreation crew is going to blow the material and street sweep it next week and follow with a one-time cut. Once April 1st comes around you can expect the routine, seasonal and contracted maintenance.”

Residents are requested to please abide City Ordinances:

  • Section 32-16- (1) “it is unlawful to deposit garbage, yard rubbish, bulk waste, general rubbish or dead animals on or in front of any lot other than one owned or occupied by the depositor, whether vacant or improved, or occupied or unoccupied, within the City.”)
  • Section 32-16- (2) For any person to permit refuse to be scattered upon the streets or public property of the city.

It is NOT OK for residents or contractors to blow their yard waste into the streets, park spaces, or medians, or others’ property. Yard waste materials are to remain on the owner/occupier own property or deposited in the collection spot in front of that property.




North Main Medians
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