North Main Crime Update

As the weather warms,  thefts always seem to rise.  An NMCA  member on the corner of Ashley and Simmons reports that a grill was stolen from  their patio.  The street is  well-traveled and there is a street light right above the patio.  There are no bushes, fences or trees, so  this thief was obviously quite brazen.   There was also a burglary on Garraux St on the 20th.  Please keep your eyes open for  suspicious people and activities in your area.  This is basically a neighborhood watch  issue, but with a neighborhood as large as North Main it almost has to be on a  ‘street by street’ basis.  Neighborhood  involvement is the key to a safe and secure community!
If you see suspicious  activity of this nature, please call the police non-emergency number at 271-5333  and also let us know so we can alert our neighbors.  Remember…you can request a free “security survey” of your  property.  Just contact Courtney  Palmer, Greenville Police Dept. Crime Prevention Specialist, at or call her at  864-467-4372.
Remember,  citizens now have access to RAIDS Online, a free public crime map developed  by BAIR Analytics. The data is supplied by the Greenville Police Department.  Using a web site, citizens can easily search for information on auto breakings,  auto thefts and burglaries and view the home locations of registered sex  offenders. Citizens or neighborhood watch groups can search for crimes within a  particular radius of a certain location. Data is updated every 72 hours.  Just click on the link above and enter  your address and city.
North Main Crime Update
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