North Main Crime Alert

There have been several home break-ins over the last week in the North Main area.  We do not have details at this time as to how they entered.  Various valuable and sentimental items were taken.  The police and forensics are involved.

We repeat the message from the last newsletter:  This is the time of year when we are all busy and many will be out of town.  It’s a good idea to let friends and neighbors know so they can keep an eye on your house.  If you have security systems or security cameras, be sure to arm them.  Even the noise from the alarm may deter criminals.  According to Officer Michelle Lentz, Greenville’s Crime Prevention Officer, “although doorbell cameras are popular right now, they will not necessarily deter a thief (although it may help catch them later).

Keep valuable items out of site.  Set timers for lights to make it look like someone is home.  Either stop your mail and paper or have a neighbor pick them up each day.  And remember that at night, even though you cannot see out, if your blinds or curtains are open, those outside, including potential thieves, can see very clearly into your house.

And with Christmas not far away, remember NOT to put those big screen TV or other boxes out on the street after you open them…that’s just advertising to criminals.  Tear them up and place them face down on the curb or ideally, take them to the closest recycling site.  If you have a theft at your home, when you file a police report, you can also ask for extra patrols in your area.  Keep your eyes open, please.

You can also see information on Greenville’s Police Crime Prevention website.


North Main Crime Alert
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