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NMCA Spring Member Social

Reserve the date!  Saturday, May 19, at the Community Tap, from 3-6 pm.  Family friendly event with face painting for the kids, live music, food and beverages.  We have several sponsors but there’s always room for more!   Our presenting sponsor, once again, is Jason Elliot Law Firm.  Thanks, Jason!  We’re also looking for local businesses to donate door prizes…gift cards for meals, merchandise, home and garden items, free massages or haircuts, free lessons, etc.  Donors will get recognition at the event and in our advertisements for the event via email and FB.  If interested, email Sunnie Harmon at sunnieharmon@gmail.com


Please Welcome Our Newest Business Members

Dodson Dig Co. ,a Nostalgic Finds Shoppe & Auction House specializing in authentic finds, is on the corner of Wade Hampton and Chick Springs.  Owner Nathan Dodson is constantly chasing the next cool find and has an eye for the good stuff. The rarer the better. You can find rare vintage items, antiques, gas and oil memorabilia, stained glass, all kinds of Americana items, vintage advertising, Southern pottery and anything you did not know you needed but want.  If you are looking for something specific, let Nathan know.  During warmer months they host Vintage Markets & Parking Lot Digs where they open the lot for other collectors and vendors to sell their unique goods.  Their Parking Lot Digs give neighbors something to check out on a Sunday afternoon (with a food truck) and make for a great family outing all while keeping shopping local and unique.  May 26th marks their 2-year anniversary on The Shoppe side, so stay tuned for an anniversary event to celebrate this milestone.  Call 864-626-3299.  Check them out on Facebook and Instagram too!  ​


Julie Thaxton, Mary Kay – Senior Beauty Consultant – Advanced Color Certified.  Skin care is so important to each of us. Mary Kay is 54 years strong, trusted, and staying on the cutting edge. Masks, skin care, and more. Let me know what skin care questions you need assistance with.  I’ve loved the product since my teens and enjoy the results. It’s never too late to make yourself feel your best! “As my customer, you are invited to a one-on-one consultation, a party with friends, a virtual party, and makeup tips. You may shop online or order by e-mail or phone, the choice is yours. I’d love to help you with any and all of your skin care, body care and glamour needs.” Julie can be reached at (864) 616-8150, or at her website, on Facebook or email jthaxton1@marykay.comjmthax@gmail.com.


For those who have not renewed in over a year, this may be your last newsletter.  We are purging our email list based on the membership list.  We appreciate your past support and hope you will renew.  We look forward to seeing you at the Spring Member Social on May 19.



          Development Updates and Other City News

  • Work is progressing rapidly at NorthPointe. You can find a visual tour of some of the specifics on their Facebook Some of the images include: “Foundation wall of Apartments at Stone & Church… Notice that we had to cut 14′ down from the grade at Church Street; One of two elevator shafts started for the apartment building;  The back of the north foundation wall on the apartment building;  The front of the north foundation wall. This is where we will have a few apartments on their own lower level facing the Harris Teeter; and, we believe that we found the foundations to the Pet Dairy.”  See image at right.
  • If you do not subscribe to the local newspaper, you may have missed a recent story about historic preservation of properties in Greenville. A survey by the city last summer of over 1600 properties has resulted in a list of 10 that will be considered as historic.  The results will be presented to the city’s Design Review Board and Planning Commission.  It was interesting that of the 10 properties, half are in the North Main Neigborhood:  Stone School, built in 1923; Max and Trudie Heller House at 36 Pinehurst Dr.; Temple of Israel, 115 Buist Ave., now the Fellowship Bible Church; B.H. Peace House, 230 W. Mountainview Ave.; and the Robertson Mount Vernon House at 6 Ashley Ave.  For a full listing and information on why each was included, go to Greenvilleonline’s Website.
  • Greenlink has launched FindGreenlink, a new smartphone app for Android and iOS devices designed to remove the guesswork for customers by providing real-time tracking of Greenlink buses. The free app allows riders to plan their trips, mark their favorite stops and routes, set reminders, get alerts and access general information.
  • We continue to get complaints about people not picking up after their dogs. Come on, folks! It’s just common courtesy and it’s the law.  I direct you to City Ordinance 4-9(b).

Any owner, keeper or other person having control or supervision of an animal must remove promptly all feces left by the animal upon any place where people congregate or walk upon, including, but not limited to, any street, sidewalk, plaza, public park, playground or upon any public property whatsoever within the city.  Pet waste doesn’t just decompose. It adds harmful bacteria and nutrients to local waters, when it’s not disposed of properly. For more information,  check out this pet care factsheet.

Crime Update

Greenville Police Department (GPD) detectives have arrested two suspects in connection with multiple charges ranging from identity theft to larceny. The crimes were committed by the suspects stealing and/or tampering with mail. Investigators say the scheme included the suspects unlawfully taking victims’ mail to acquire checking account and other personal information, stealing checks to modify for personal use, making fake identifications to include driver’s licenses and passports to facilitate these crimes.

While this particular investigation was in the Parkins Mill area, it has happened in other neighborhoods as well.  GPD advises anyone suspecting their personal or financial information may have been compromised to look into the benefits of a credit monitoring system for added protection.

Lt. Jason Rampey provides a brief overview of this identity theft operation in a video posted at: https://www.facebook.com/GreenvillePoliceDepartment/videos/1764123236977790/ This video contains informative details of how these criminals use the information they gather. It’s worth watching.

Anyone with any information regarding these crimes is encouraged to contact the Greenville Crime Stoppers Hotline at 23-CRIME (864-232-7463).


           April in Your Yard

 This is the time of year when there’s a lot to be done in your yard…pruning, planting, watering, fertilizing…

  • Fertilize your lawn, shrubs and trees. When fertilizing shrubs and trees, be sure to scatter the fertilizer out around the drip line and not up close to the trunk.  Most of the feeder roots are out near the drip line as shown in the diagram below. The tap root is there mostly to support the tree and anchor it.  If using liquid foliar fertilizer, be sure to wait until leaves are fully expanded so they will be able to take up the fertilizer.

  • Now is a good time to inspect your irrigation system for repairs and upgrades.  You should also make sure the timer is set properly for early season irrigation. See the Home and Garden Center’s irrigation publications for more information.


Find a variety of plants at the 2018 Upstate Native Plant Sale on Saturday, April 21, at Conestee Park. Cash, checks and credit will be accepted.  The gate opens at 9 a.m. for paid Native Plant Society members and from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the general public.  Wide selection of native trees, shrubs, vines, perennial wildflowers, ferns and grasses.

The following Saturday, April 28, is the Greater Greenville Master Gardeners Plant Sale.  8am – 1pm.  Rain or Shine.  Roper Mtn. Science Center. Choose from native plants, butterfly plants, trees, shrubs and more. Go to ggmga.org and click on flier for a list of plants.

Click here for an excellent publication from Clemson with information and photos on native plants for SC Landscapes.

Remember that NMCA business member Daylily and Hosta Gardens at 2396 Roper Mountain Road is open for the season Hours are Fridays 12-6, Saturdays 9-4 and Sundays 12-6. Closed Mon – Thurs. Many new varieties this year!  Pet friendly garden – dogs welcome.

Spring is also when we’ll be seeing baby birds and other baby wildlife.   If you happen to find a baby bird on the ground, here is a website from Cornell’s Ornithology Lab for advice on what to do.  And don’t worry…a mother bird will NOT abandon the baby because a human touches it. She does not recognize it by smell.


Earth Day 2018 falls on Sunday, April 22.  Earth Day is all about appreciating the uniqueness of our planet Earth with its incredible biodiversity. On this day, various national and international activities are conducted to understand the biodiversity and how we should protect nature – plants, animals and environment.

Celebrate green living at Greenville’s FREE family-friendly Earth Day Festival on Saturday, April 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the City’s new Public Works campus at 475 Fairforest Way in Greenville.

Learn how to “green your routine” with:

  • Classes and demonstrations
  • Kids’ corner with children’s activities
  • Sustainability vendors
  • Touch-a-Truck
  • Food and beverage vendors
  • Non-profit exhibitors and educational displays

Attendees can also purchase compost bins for $35. 

Arbor Day is April 27.  Celebrate National Arbor Day by planting a tree and sharing it using #NationalArborDay on Social Media.

We’ve noticed that as gardening and lawn mowing have picked up there still seems to be some confusion in terms of what is picked up by the city.  Especially for newcomers, we have listed below the city guidelines:

The City will collect: grass clippings, leaves and limbs (no longer than 6 feet long or 6 inches in diameter).

◦Consider Composting. Call 864-467-8300 for more information.

◦Do not bag yard debris. “Leaf” it at the curb.

◦Do not cause clogs by piling leaves near storm drains, inlets, culverts or ditches.

◦Do not pile leaves or yard debris on water meters, sewer clean-out pipes, or next to signs, fences or mailboxes.

◦In dry weather dampen your piles of leaves with water prior to collection.

     ◦Keep leaves separate from branches and limbs – this seems to be one of the most frequently observed mistakes.



For Our Four-Legged Friends

We’ve been hearing reports about coyotes in the area.  Just another good reason to keep small pets indoors.

We still see too many notices about lost and found pets.  Please keep your pets indoors or in a fenced in area, and bring them in at night, if possible. (Put a padlock on the gate if necessary to prevent it being inadvertently opened). NMCA is happy to send out emails and post information on our FB page about lost or found pets. We have helped many pets find their way home.  Just email northmaincomm@gmail.com and we’ll get the information out there. You can also post to North Main Next Door.  Also, check the ACS website page for lost and found pets.  You can also check and post on the Lost and Found Pets of the Upstate Page.  For other alternatives to help your pet find its way home, check out this website.

Kitten Season is almost upon us.  We will be seeing more and more kittens available for foster and/or adoption at local animal shelters starting about now.  The Greenville Humane Society and ACS almost always needs foster homes for young or sick animals.  Plus, the more they can place in homes, the more room they have to take in others.  If you’re interested in fostering, please visit www.greenvillehumane.com/foster-program or http://www.greenvillecounty.org/ACS/Foster.aspx   It doesn’t cost a dime, just some love and your time…

Found a litter of kittens? If you don’t see mom around, don’t move so fast! Wait a while to see if she returns. She’s probably just out grabbing dinner. Kittens have the best chance of survival when they stay with their mother until they are weaned.  Unless you are able to catch the mother and babies and willing to keep them and care for them for at least 2 months, it’s best to leave them alone.  Remember the phrase “Wait till eight”.  Babies aren’t completely weaned until about 8 weeks old.  Click here for additional information.  Although the bulletin is from New York, the information is still applicable.  Check out this website from Alley Cat Allies about socializing feral kittens.

Saturday, April 28th at 8:30 a.m. is the 7th Annual Mutt Strut, benefiting the Greenville Humane Society! This year the two-mile walk begins and ends in the festive Mutt Market at Falls Park! It features free pizza from presenting sponsor Papa John’s and a festival like atmosphere with caricature artists, face painters, balloon artists, live music and doggy entertainment! You won’t want to miss this family-friendly event, which benefits the Greenville Humane Society! Make sure to sign-up early and save $10 on your registration! Mutt Strut t-shirt and sponsor swag bag included!

On Saturday, May 12, at 8:30am, race the trails (or go for a casual stroll) at Conestee Park side by side with your best running partner – your dog!  Greenville Animal Care Services Tails & Trails.  Whether you’re racing with or without your four-legged companion or just walking the trail to support a good cause, Tails & Trails is fun for everyone. Make a difference in the lives of homeless animals and help Animal Care reach the goal of making Greenville County a NO KILL community.  Post-race activities include the posting of results and award presentation, plus tail-waggin fun with a pet themed entertainment and vendor party.

Is your child an animal lover? Do they dream of being a veterinarian or someday working with animals? If so, Camp Animal Care is for them! We offer your child a unique animal experience giving them a hands-on opportunity to explore the world of animal rescue from all sides including veterinary/medical care, basic responsible pet care and a look into animal welfare through forensic discovery.  Take a look online at the different camps offered at Animal Care Services.


Weather Tidbits

According to climate data from 1884 to the present, the average maximum temperature for Greenville in April is 73°F, and the average low is 48°F.  The maximum high was 94 on April 20, 1917. The maximum low temperature was 70 on April 29, 1894.  The minimum high temperature was 40 on April 8, 1907 and the minimum low was 22 on both the 14th and 15th that same year.  Maximum precipitation (rain) in a 24-hour period was 3.34” on April 29th, 1963.  Maximum snow was 0.3” on April 3, 1987. http://www.dnr.sc.gov/climate/sco/index.php .

The Hurricane Center has predicted a total of 14 named storms, seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes, this season. This is slightly above the 30-year average of 12 named storms, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes.  The U.S. averages one to two hurricane landfalls each season, according to NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division statistics.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, April and May will be drier than normal in the Southeast. Temperatures will be near normal in the south and below in the north. Summer will be slightly hotter than normal, on average, with above-normal rainfall. The hottest periods will be in early to mid-June, early August, and mid- to late August. Overall, September and October will be warmer and drier than normal. Watch for a tropical storm threat in early to mid-September.

Artisphere 2018

The 14th Annual Artisphere presented by TD Bank, consistently one of the top rated Fine Art Shows in the country, received record high 1,163 artist applications for the 2018 event compared to last year’s 1,136 applications. This year’s event will be held May 11-13.   Local artists (including at least one North Main resident) selected for this year’s Artists Row are Kent Ambler, printmaking; Kiah Bellows, mixed media; Hallie Bertling, watercolor; Joseph Bradley, mixed media; Rey D’Alfonso, painting and mixed media; Patricia Deleon Alfonso, painting; Janina Ellis, oil/acrylic painting; Darin Gerhrke, ceramics; Keith Grace, mixed media; Lynn Greer, watercolor; Michelle Jardines, painting; Meredith Piper, mixed media; Llyn Strong, precious jewelry; Erin Stuart, semiprecious jewelry; and Judy Verhoeven, 2-D mixed media.

The 2018 Artisphere will feature 35 artists who have never before exhibited at Artisphere. A complete list is available at www.artisphere.org.


               Did You Know?

The Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel was started in 1856 by a railroad company and is bored for more than a mile into the granite heart of fabled Stumphouse Mountain. The coming of the Civil War in 1859 ended the work on the project. Some years ago, Clemson University made Blue Mold Cheese in the tunnel successfully for the first time in the South.




Thank You to our Business Members                                   

Keep your dollars in your community. We have numerous businesses that are committed to preserving the beauty and economic well-being of the North Main Community and the greater Greenville area.  Please thank them and give them your business when you can.  Rather than listing them all here, we direct you to our updated website listing of businesses where you can see the entire list with a description and a link to their website.


If you are a business and would like to see your company listed on our website, please join the NMCA today!  Businesses do not have to be located in the North Main Neighborhood to be members.  They only need to provide services to North Main residents.

Gardening and Plants

 Law Firms/CPAs/Financial


Retail/Home Décor



  Personal Health/Well Being

Home Improvement/Builders/Architects

Miscellaneous Professional Services


City Council Formal Meeting and Work Session schedules can be found at http://www.greenvillesc.gov/city_government/meet.asp

Greenville County Museum of Art – The Museum is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm and on Sundays 1 – 5 pm. As always, admission is free.  Considered the premier American art museum in the South, the GCMA is home to the world’s largest public collection of watercolors by iconic American artist Andrew Wyeth.  The Greenville Collection is now the largest and the most complete collection of Andrew Wyeth’s watercolors owned by any public museum in the world. The GCMA boasts a particularly strong collection of works by South Carolina artist Jasper Johns.

Ongoing – Dancing at the Sears Shelter (McPherson Park). Line Dancing each Tuesday from 6:15-8pm.  Greenville Lindy Hop, Thursdays, 7-11pm. $4 per class for city residents. Greenville Swing, Tuesdays, 7 – 10pm.  $2 per class.  Greenville International Folk Dance.  Mondays, 7-9pm.  6-week course:  $15.  Call 864-467-4326 for information or to register. 

They’ve also added a new dance class: The Simplicity of Dance:  These lesson/dances will focus on how to lead and follow in casual dancing. A fun class for those with little or no experience and who just wish to enjoy a simple dance. In addition, it will be a great intro class for those wanting to learn ballroom style dances. March 7, 14, April 4, 18, May 2, 16, 7:00 pm till 9:30 pm. $8.00 each or $14 for two.

April – Check out the classes at the Swamp Rabbit Grocery and Café.

 AprilThere’s always something happening at the Community Tap.

 April 8 – 15 – NMCA Business Member Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dental Studio of Greenville is increasimg awareness of Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week by offering free screenings all week at their office at 644 N. Main St., Ste 111. (Just down from Two Chefs). Anyone can call for an appointment or simply drop by.

 April 14 – The SS / OS golf tournament.  Our charity this year is the Country Santa Program.  Information is on the bulletin board in the Soda Shop.  We will meet back at the SS for prizes and awards about 3 pm after the tournament.  If anyone would like to donate prizes to be given away or items for the bags for golfers, please call Judy McBrearty at 864.420.6636 or email her at mcbearty123333@bellsouth.net  .

April 14Upstate Heart Walk. The Upstate Heart Walk is a celebration of a year-long campaign to raise funds in support of the mission of American Heart Association.

April 18Sierra Club Spring Social.  6:30- 8pm. Growlr House of W. Greenville. Centered around the Upstate’s craft beer theme.  Sierra meetings, events and outings are open to the public.

April 19 SC Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities Piano Ensemble Concert. 7:30 p.m., Smith Recital Hall, SCGSAH campus. Student pianists from the S.C. Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities will perform a variety of music in two-person ensembles. Experience the talent of South Carolina’s young pianists who have performed in public schools across the state, and in European schools and in concert venues in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy. This event is free and open to the public. Watch the concert live or archived at https://livestream.com/scgsah/4-19-18-concert.  See their website for other scheduled performances.

April 20Karaoke with Vannah.  Northgate Soda Shop.  8:30 pm – 1 am.  Kitchen open until 9.

April 20Stone Academy Arts Alive.  Celebrating the artist in every child. 3:30 – 7pm.  Stone Academy.

April 21Reedy River Run. 7am – 11:15am.  @TD Stage at the Peace Center Amphitheater. TD Bank Reedy River Run presents a 10K, 5K and Youth Mile race in Greenville, SC.

April 21The SCNPS Upstate Spring Native Plant Sale  9am to 1pm at Conestee Park, 835 Mauldin Road, Greenville. Find native trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials adapted to local soils and climate for sale.  Dr. Jan Haldeman will be present to discuss invasive species.  Proceeds of sale used to protect, preserve and restore native plant communities.  For more info: www.scnps.org/event/upstate-native-plant-sale-2

April 21BBB® & AARP® Shred Day: Prevent ID Theft.  408 N. Church St. 9am – noon. Individuals and small businesses can take advantage of FREE on-site document shredding, electronic recycling, and take home practical tips to prevent identity theft online and off.  Goodwill® Industries will be on site at each location to recycle computer equipment such as monitors, printers and hard drives; all of which will be wiped by Goodwill® according to Department of Defense Standards.

The maximum number of boxes per consumer or business is five.  The size limit is a banker box or smaller and 13-gallon bags or smaller. The complimentary shred event is first come, first serve. There is a possibility the trucks may fill up before noon, so coming early is advised. Due to safety concerns and to ensure that we are able to serve as many vehicles as possible, we are unable to accept people on foot this year or allow people to get out of their vehicle to watch their paper shredded.

For more information about Shred Day, contact the Better Business Bureau of the Upstate at (864) 242-5052.

April 21-22GCMA Fine Art + Flora.  Twenty local floral designers and garden enthusiasts will interpret works of art, creating imaginative displays that celebrate the GCMA permanent collection. The weekend event features a preview party Friday, April 20 (ticket information below) and free admission both Saturday and Sunday.  Check their website for all activities.

April 27Project Host BBQ Festival.  11am – 5pm. 320 S.Hudson.  SC BBQ Association judged BBQ Competition, live music, concessions, & kids’ activities

April 28 – 7th Annual Mutt Strut, benefiting the Greenville Humane Society! This year the two-mile walk/run is through beautiful DOWNTOWN Greenville. It begins and ends in the festive Mutt Market at Falls Park! It features free pizza from presenting sponsor Papa John’s and a festival like atmosphere with caricature artists, face painters, balloon artists, live music and doggy entertainment! Make sure to sign-up early and save $10 on your registration! Mutt Strut t-shirt and sponsor swag bag included!

April 28Greenville County Master Gardeners Spring Plant Sale.  Roper Mountain Science Center.  8am – 1pm.  Rain or shine!  Click here for a list of plants for sale.

April 28Paint Party!  As part of the beautification project being undertaken by the City, the Rotary Club and NMCA, we are looking for volunteers to help paint the railings around the Bobby Pearse Center, by the steps at the ball field, as well as the large utility box by the ball field.   The party will take place on Saturday, April 28, from 10am to 3pm.  Lunch will be provided, but you must RSVP no later than April 21 so we know how many to plan for. Just email northmaincomm@gmail.com to RSVP.  In case of inclement weather, we will reschedule.  We will provide the paint, brushes and other supplies.  Don’t miss out on the fun!  RSVP soon!  Looking forward to seeing you on April 28!

May 5Reedy River Duck Derby.  10am – 4pm.  Falls Park on the Reedy. Family friendly event. Live music, food trucks, face painting, games, Fun, and the Duck Race with a chance to win groceries for a year from Publix. Adopt ducks at www.reedyriverduckderby.com

May 11 -13Artisphere 2018. noon to 8 pm @ Main Street. Three-day arts festival. See article in newsletter.

May 12Tails and Trails 5K. Fun walk with your best friend, your dog.  Benefits Greenville Animal Care Services.  6am – 12pm. Conestee Park. See more info in newsletter article.

May 19 Save the date!!   NMCA Member Spring Social .  3-6pm.Those who were there last year remember what a great day it was… with over 300 people in attendance. The Community Tap. Join us for food, drink, live music and face painting for the kids.

May 25Parent’s Night Out.  Bobby Pearse Community Center. 7pm – 10pm.  $10 per child. 864-467-4331

The use of trade names or advertisements in this publication does not constitute endorsement or discrimination by the North Main Community Association.



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