NMCA Newsletter (9/08)

Fall Meeting
Thursday, October 16th, 7:00 PM
Bobby Pearse Community Center

This will be an opportunity to hear the latest news on all the matters concerning our community. Emphasis will be on plans to lay underground power cables and potential new developments. Members will be given opportunities to ask questions and get involved. Please join us and enjoy the company of your neighbors while staying informed.

Compost Bin Sale & Lasagna Gardening Workshop
October 18th, 9:00 AM to 4 PM
Whole Foods Market parking lot
1140 Woodruff Rd.

The fall season is around the corner and pretty soon leaves will start falling. Greenville County is getting ready for you with the compost bin sale and the Lasagna Gardening workshop on October 18th. There is absolutely no need to put those nutrient-rich leaves and yard waste on the street! Compost can be used as a fertilizer, soil amendment or mulch. The Lasagna Gardening technique is a “layering system for bountiful gardens” and it is a “no digging, no tilling, no weeding, no kidding!” technique that utilizes lots of organic materials. “Leaves are the backbone of a new lasagna garden, as well as the compost pile.”

Compost bins will be sold for $39.50 (a $100 value) and a free Lasagna Gardening book will be given (limited amounts available) with compost bin purchase. The bins will be sold on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last.

Contacts: Wendy McNatt (243-9672) or Sandra Yudice (467-7105)

Public Safety

A large number of automobiles have been entered and items stolen. None of these have been in our area in recent weeks; however, the thieves could easily move into the North Main area. Several of the incidents occurred in the driveway of the owner and in a number of them purses and/or laptop computers were stolen. Some of the cars were not locked. Please do not leave valuables in your car and lock it, no matter where it is parked. Locking the car does not insure the safety of its contents; however, it can deter a criminal.

Also, other areas of the city are experiencing lots of thefts of copper, particularly from air conditioners. Often the copper stolen is worth only a few dollars, but thousands of dollars are required to repair or replace the air conditioner. In addition, catalytic converters are being stolen because of the platinum that thieves wish to obtain. On the television news one evening, there was a fairly complete “how to” coverage regarding the removal of a catalytic converter. It seems it only takes a few minutes to remove the item from a car.

Should anyone see suspicious activity around a car, theirs or their neighbors, we ask that you call the police immediately. Their non-emergency number is 467-5333. If there is no crime involved, no harm is done. If there is, a repeat offender may be caught and some of these incidents may be stopped because of the call.

Nell Stewart

Paws for a Cause
Charity Dogwalk Against Cancer
Saturday, November 1st
Cleveland Park
Registration: 8:30 AM
Walk Starts: 9:30 AM

The American Cancer Society and Upstate Veterinary Specialists are partnering the 1st Annual Paws for a Cause Dog Walk. This 1 mile walk will raise money to aid cancer research and raise awareness of the issue of pets and cancer. Registration is $25 by October 15th or $30 after that date. Each registrant receives a t-shirt, bandana and a goodie bag. More information and online registration is available at upstatepawsforacause.org or contact Debbie Smith at 627-1903.

NMCA Newsletter (9/08)
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