NMCA Newsletter (3/15)


 *The Board of Directors now meets the first Tuesdays of most months at 6:30 PM at the Bobby Pearse Community Center. Members are welcome to attend board meetings. Please email pgilreath@aol.com in case there is a location change and to insure we are meeting that month.


Now Where Did I Put That Renewal Notice?

Have you renewed your membership for 2015? If you did not receive a renewal, it may mean you were one of the members who renewed for multiple years. If you lost your form, you can renew via Paypal or print a form from our website www.northmaincommunity.org/membership. The decals you received were provided by a generous donation from Palmetto Plating Company, Inc. We hope you will use them. If you need additional decals, please email membership secretary, Leah Tollison, at leahtollision@gmail.com and she can help you. They are $5 each and the proceeds go into a special beautification fund.


Please Welcome Several New Business Members to NMCA

UrbanDigs is not a new member, but we failed to introduce them in the newsletter. UrbanDigs is an eclectic home decor, garden and gift shop.  They feature over 20 local and regional artists, a variety of gifts for allurban digs ages, beautiful plants, and unique vintage finds. They also have conducted DIY terrarium classes….a re-emerging craft. Many of you have already visited them but if not, you’re in for a treat. Located conveniently at Stone’s Point (Think Community Tap, Dapper Ink, etc.) Amy welcomes you to come in and see what’s new for spring.

Nathalie M. Morgan, LLC. is a law office with experience dealing with South Carolina Family Courts (specifically Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson Counties) in the areas of divorce and family law, immigration law, and litigation law. “Our legal team takes great pride in personally working with you and in assisting you every step of the way to your cases final resolution. Although we will aggressively represent our clients in the courtroom, our first option is always to have the divorce settled amicably and collaboratively when possible.” Located at 201 West Stone Ave, she can be reached at 864-326-5846 or visit the website link above.

haroThe Haro Group of Keller Williams Western Upstate is “comprised of a team of local real estate professionals committed to selling some of the most desired homes in Greenville and the Upstate of SC. Selling these “right addresses” is the mission of The Haro Group of Keller Williams.” Our vision – to deliver the best possible transaction for our clientele. Conveniently located downtown. North Main is a focus area for us! Over 70% of our clients are from word-of-mouth or referrals.” They can be reached at (864) 312-6424 or visit the website link above.

The Carolina Law Group Led by attorneys Monty D. Desai and Nihar M. Patel, Carolina Law Group is a prominent personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm. They also represent clgindividuals struggling with criminal law and immigration law matters. “Skilled lawyers and dedicated staff members will work with you to help you understand both your rights and your legal options.” A bilingual firm, The Carolina Law Firm offices are conveniently located near you in Greenville, Greer and Berea.

Sunnie & DeWorken Group (John DeWorken and Sunnie Harmon) is a South Carolina-based Government Relations and Advisory Firm. Some of what they do includes: actively ‘project manage’ deworkenbills through the legislative process and work against harmful legislation, strategically position clients with policy makers through various tactics to improve relationships in order to affect change, provide expertise by which clients can mobilize coalitions, members and others to influence policy makers, and coordinate strategic media and communications plans that will help clients influence and motivate policy makers. Both have impressive credentials and resumes and were named “The 2011 SC Economic Development Lobbyist of the Year“. John also serves on the NMCA board.dupont (2)

Dupont Tire & Automotive is conveniently located at 330 Wade Hampton Blvd. They offer bumper to bumper routine maintenance. From all types of automotive repair to tires and more. You can reach them at (864) 509-1400 or email them at duponttireandauto@aol.com .


Development Update and Other News

  • For those trying to keep up with what’s happening to the property between W. Mtn. View and W. Hillcrest (formerly known as Cottages at Townes), to our knowledge, at this writing, it is not on any city meeting agenda as of yet. According to city staff, they ran into some utility access issues. We understand that the developer now has a new draft proposal that is similar to what the earlier group proposed. On first glance it has smaller houses and the entire alley will remain; however, it looks as if many or most trees will be lost. The road into the development is now back on Townes instead of Mountainview. We’ll keep you posted regarding PC and public meetings.
  • As you know, contractors were scheduled to begin work on the North Main Road Diet Project on Monday but city officials said the contractors were unable to start due to weather conditions. The contractors require at least three good weather days in a row with no rain and a certain temperature range. The plan is to start next week, March 9. The project involves re-striping and reducing a one-mile section of North Main Street from Gallivan Street to Rutherford Road two travel lanes instead of four lanes. Bike lanes will also be added, along with a safety shoulder for pedestrian traffic. Ramps and crosswalks at the Earle Street, Gallivan Street and Ashley Avenue intersections will also be improved, officials said. Work will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and is expected to last about three weeks.
  • You may have seen the notice that The City of Greenville Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 4:00 PM in the 10th Floor Council Chambers at City Hall, for the purpose of considering several Applications, one of which is the following:S 15-99
    • Application by Black Knight International for a SPECIAL EXCEPTION Permit to establish an office use in an RM-2, Single- & Multi-Family Residential District located at 8 BENNETT ST (TM# 003700-01-00700).
    • This is the old Women’s Club/Beattie House that Gary Player and his organization are proposing to buy and renovate as offices. Black Knight International is a global holding company for The Player Group and the constantly expanding family of Gary Player® brands. In its application to the Board of Zoning Appeals, the group says that its goal is to improve the property and preserve the Beattie House. The sale is contingent on approvals the group is seeking from the city to turn the historic mansion into office space. The group has filed its plans with the city to renovate the home — listed on the National Register of Historic Place but having seen better days — and tear out paved parking to make way for expansive gardens. I think most of us are glad that the building will be restored instead of demolished.
  • One of the agenda items on the March 19 Planning Commission is SD 15-121. Application by Arbor Engineering for a SUBDIVISION with 8 lots in R-6, Single-family and multifamily residential district, and 1 lot in C-3, Regional Commercial district, on 3.5 acres located at WADE HAMPTON BLVD and MOHAWK DR (TM# 018801-11-00400). It would appear from the documents that these houses will be on steep slopes and will have to be on raised foundations. The lots are quite narrow which means very little set back between houses and loss of many trees. Garages are on the front but are set back. The documentation appears to be lacking in detail. Hopefully more will be provided at the meeting which will be at 4:00 PM in the 10th Floor Council Chambers at City Hall. Once again there seems to be some question about how fitting this type of development is in the North Main Neighborhood. The document can be viewed at the PC website.   According to Planning & Development Manager, Michael Kerski, “Staff is still reviewing this with the Engineering Department to see if they can meet the infill requirements and the Engineering requirements. It is currently split zoned and they are proposing to do this on the R-6 portion since the C-3 section is largely in the flood plain. Staff reports should be out by the end of next week and we are examining all of the issues raised by the community.”AuctionAvondaleW030715 (2)
  • At the auction at Avondale West on March 7, there were reportedly about 8 people signed up to bid which was done in an interesting way. When they opened the bidding is was not for a specific lot. Instead, the high bidder (starting at $25,000) got to choose which lot(s) he wanted to buy. The first round topped out at $55,000 and the bidder chose 3 of the 8 lots. He did not pick either of the 2 lots in the flood plain. We aren’t sure how many of the other lots were sold. (excerpted from email, Bob Bainbridge). I’m sure there will be more info in the media.


City Boards and Commission Vacancies

The city has asked us to let you know what vacancies they currently have on City boards and commissions. The following information is from Camilla Pitman, City Clerk. Please don’t hesitate to contact her at 467-4431 with any questions you may have. The following boards and/or commissions have terms expiring on the dates provided below. Individuals interested in serving on a City board or commission may complete an application online. Applications are accepted throughout the year by the Office of the City Clerk. Applications are reviewed by City Council six to eight weeks prior to a term’s expiration date and as unexpected vacancies occur during the year.

  • Arts in Public Places Board has 4 terms expiring on 4/30/2015.
· ·
  • Greenville Housing Authority has 1 vacancy (for unexpired term) which expires 9/30/2017.

For those interested in serving on a board in the future, check out the different boards and when terms expire at the City website.


Crime Update

We haven’t received many reports of crimes in our neighborhood recently. Hopefully this is a good sign. I personally have seen more police presence of late with patrol cars slowly cruising the area at various times. On Feb 2, there was an attempted burglary on Simmons Ct. On Feb 25, there was an auto theft reported at a business on East Stone Ave. A car door latch was broken in an attempted car burglary on March 1 on Woodbine.

As we approach spring and start gardening, etc., please remember not to leave mowers, tools, etc. out in your yard in plain sight. It’s just too tempting for some. If you hear of crimes or are a victim, please let us know or post on our Facebook page so we can warn other residents.


Do You Shop at Amazon?

If you’re one of the millions of shopper who shop online at Amazon, did you know your purchases can help a charity of your choice? Instead of just going to Amazon, go to www.Smile.Amazon.com and a small portion of the proceeds of any purchase will go to a charity of your choice, including Doctors without Borders, St. Jude, the Greenville Humane Society, and others. You select the charity when you first go to the site. Everything else is the same, whether you are a regular or prime customer. But one word of caution. Because the amount donated is small, make sure your charitable shopping adds to your regular charitable contribution and doesn’t replace it.


Support the Humane Society Just by Walking Your Dog

Every time you walk your dog, you can raise money for the Greenville Humane Society. Just go to WoofTrax to the get free app. Then take your dog for a walk everyday…in this neighborhood alone we should be abledog to raise a lot of money based on how many of my neighbors walk their dog! The Walk for a Dog program is a dog-powered fundraising tool for animal shelters and rescues. A listing of the more than 5,000 animal organizations you may walk for can be found on the setup tab of the Walk for a Dog app. Simply download the free app and look for the organization you wish to support.


Trivia – When did DST First Begin and Why?

Germany was the first country to implement DST. Clocks there were first turned forward at 11:00 p.m. (23:00) on April 30, 1916. The rationale was to minimize the use of artificial lighting in order to save fuel for the war effort during World War I. The idea was quickly followed by Britain and many other countries, including the United States. Many countries reverted back to standard time post-World indianWar I. It wasn’t until the next World War that DST made its return in many countries in order to save vital energy resources for the war.

In the U.S., Daylight Saving Time – or “fast time”, as it was called then – was first introduced in 1918 when President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law to support the war effort during World War I. The initiative was sparked by Robert Garland, a Pittsburgh industrialist who had encountered the idea in the United Kingdom. A passionate campaigner for the use of DST in the United States, he is often called the “father of Daylight Saving”. Seasonal time change was repealed just seven months later. However, some cities continued to use it until President Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted year-round DST in the United States in 1942. http://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst/history.html


Summit Drive Elementary Spring Fling

This year Summit Drive is having a Spring Fling instead of a Fall Festival.  They are looking for sponsors!!  Would your business or family be able to sponsor a ride, game or table?   Click Here for available sponsorship levels.  In addition to the sponsorship you will receive a FREE ad in the yearbook for your business or you can use it to send a message to your student.  Spring Fling is their biggest fundraiser and helps the PTA support many programs and resources for the school.  Please consider being a sponsor this year!  Contact Jenny Meredith at jfrayli@gmail.com or 803.381.6870 if you have any questions.


Did You Know?

ag dayNational Agriculture Day is March 18 and recognizes and celebrates the abundance provided by agriculture.  One of the major messages this year is to educate our next generation! The same generation of young adults who are our educators are also our leaders. The further removed from the farm, the more difficult it will be for them to understand the importance of agriculture. Agriculture is what feeds us, what clothes us and what keeps America, America. What happens when the farms of today are no longer? Are we ready to pay the higher cost of imported foods which we will have no idea of how they were planted, grown or harvested? If you can, buy local! Agriculture education needs to come from the people who love it, who have a passion for what they do and can share their story. As someone who had a career in ag, I feel very strongly about where our food comes from. If you are or have been involved in agriculture, please…tell YOUR story! Tell it to anyone and everyone who will listen. Make a difference and don’t assume someone else will do it.

March Gardening

Mother Nature seems to have a hard time making up her mind this year. Hard to believe the first day of spring is right around the corner…March 20. Last month we discussed planting, transplanting and timely pruning. If you missed it, you can check it out on our website. We had hoped to have a mobile pruning van at the Soda Shop like we did last year, but Sharp-n-Go is no longer mobile and another can’t be found.

Daffodils and crocus are starting to bloom and my tulips are emerging. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait any longer to start pruning old plants back, especially my perennials.20150304_115238 (2)

It’s time for application of nitrogen for Bermuda grass and zoysiagrass lawns that have been overseeded for the winter.  DON’T fertilize centipede or St. Augustine yet, nor warm-season lawns that were not overseeded.  See Fertilizing Lawns for more information.

Now is a good time to inspect your irrigation system for repairs and upgrades.  You should also make sure the timer is set properly for early season irrigation. See the Home and Garden Center’s irrigation publications for more information.

Spring is also when we’ll be seeing baby birds and other baby wildlife, so it’s time to get those nest boxes cleaned out and repaired, or maybe some new ones built/bought and put up. Check out this website for tips on when and how to clean. For those who want to view baby birds now, the Eagle nestcam at Berry College in Georgia shows live streaming of baby bald eagles…today Mom or Dad was feeding them as I was watching.

jkm140329535Fig buttercup (Ficaria verna) has recently been reported in SC, in our very own Lake Conestee Nature Park. A little bit of smart scouting has since turned it up in Rock Hill and another site in Greenville. Because of the way it spreads and reproduces, it has the potential to crush the spring wildflower communities of our floodplains. We are concerned that it may be establishing beachheads along other streams and tributaries in the state. To learn more, please watch the video at http://scnps.org/education/citizen-science-invasive-fig-buttercup/ . The SC Native Plant Society will be having an educational walk on March 21 from 10am – 12noon. By the end of the trip you will be in an excellent position to help scout this aggressive invasive plant. If you would like to participate, email catboyz@nctv.com . Please include your cell phone number. Bring water and snack if needed and wear shoes suitable for muddy walking. Meet at the park office at 601 Fork Shoals Road, Greenville, SC 29605. Go to http://lakeconesteenaturepark.com/ for a park map.

Weather Tidbits

According to climate data from 1884 to the present, the average maximum temperature for Greenville in March is 62.5°F, and the average low is 40.2°F. The maximum high was 91 on March 23, 1901. The maximum low temperature was 65 on March 30, 1896. The minimum high temperature was 27 on March 2, 1980 and the minimum low was 11 the next day. Maximum precipitation (rain) in a 24 hour period was 5.23” on March 15th, 1921. Maximum snow was 9.4” on March 13, 1993. http://www.dnr.sc.gov/climate/sco/index.php .

For you gardeners, historically there is only a 10% chance of frost on or after mid April. There is a 50% chance on or after April 3. So, who wants to second guess Mother Nature this year


Flash from the Past – Can you identify these two old sites in Greenville?

mystery1 (2)


mystery2 (2)

Shop Local

Keep your dollars in your community. The following companies are committed to preserving the beauty and economic well-being of the North Main Community and the greater Greenville area. Please thank them and give them your business when you can.

If you would like to see your company listed here, please join the NMCA today!

Businesses do not have to be located in the North Main Neighborhood to be members. They only need to provide service to North Main residents


City Council Formal Meeting and Work Session schedules can be found at http://www.greenvillesc.gov/city_government/meet.asp

  • The Hughes Main Library has numerous programs for adults and children. Check out their March calendar.
  • The Children’s Museum has great programs for kids.  Check them out at their website calendar
  • Check out the current exhibits and other programs at the Upstate History Museum.
  • Don’t forget about a great local resource for family activities. Macaroni Kid lists all kinds of local activities for kids and families.

For other events in this area bookmark Go-greenevents for a listing of various events with registration, etc., handled online to save needless waste of paper.

Greenville County Museum of Art – The Museum is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm and on Sundays 1 – 5 pm. As always, admission is free. Considered the premier American art museum in the South, the GCMA is home to the world’s largest public collection of watercolors by iconic American artist Andrew Wyeth.  The GCMA also has an impressive collection of paintings and prints by contemporary artist Jasper Johns. Ranging from Federal portraits to contemporary abstractions, the GCMA’s acclaimed Southern Collection invites viewers to survey American art history through works with ties to the South

Every Tuesday starting Jan 6. Line Dancing at the Sears Shelter at McPhearson Park from 6:15 – 8pm. Dances are taught in a fun and easy way with a variety of music – Hip Hop, R&B, Rock & Roll, Latin, Country, Shag, and Swing. Party dances include Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Bikers Shuffle, and Cha Cha Slide. Second hour moves into mainstream dances -Good Time, Tush Push, R&B Boogie and more. No partner or dance knowledge required. Two left feet are fine. Bring your friends and have some fun. Cost – $5 (Greenville City Residents -$4)

Jan to March – Check out the 2015 schedule of classes at Dance Ventures at Stone Plaza. Everything from tap to ballet to jazz. Join a class today. 864-271-7701.

Jan 28 – April 1 – Wednesdays, 7-8pm. Qigong Classes at Bobby Pearse.   Qigong uses slow flowing, controlled movements like in martial arts, and offers medical and mental/spiritual benefits. Get rid of stress and anxiety and welcome self-healing, better balance and overall health improvement. It is time for fitness and healing! Participants may pay in full on-line or pay at the door – $5 for city residents and $6 for non-residents. This program is open to all adults but will target mature adults. Find more athletic and educational programs offered by the City Parks Dept. at their website.

Now till May 3Searching for the Seventies. The DOCUMERICA Photography Project. The Upcountry History Museum – Furman University is elated to announce our selection as the newest member of the Smithsonian Affiliates program. Come by before May 3, 2015 to see the 90 remarkable color photographs taken for a federal photography project called Project DOCUMERICA (1971-1977). Learn more about the programs of Smithsonian Affiliations.

March – There’s always lots going on at the Community Tap. Check out their calendar.

Every 2nd Thursday of the month, March–OctoberYappy Hour at the Greenville Humane Society. 6-8pm.

For $8, you and your friends can unwind with cold brews and live music from local artists. Meanwhile, your dog (neutered and vaccinated) can run off leash in our canine courtyard and take a dip in our “doggie pools”. For more details or in case of inclement weather: consult our Facebook page or event calendar.

March 10Designing a Sustainable Garden. Swamp Rabbit Café & Grocery. 6:15pm. Get a head start planning next year’s garden! Everything from siting the garden, styles of gardens, bed preparation, plant placement, when to plant what, and tips for reducing your labor in the long run. Learn how to plan yields that will benefit your household, how to propagate your own plants, and where you can obtain what you need (with cost-saving advice).

March 12Perennial Fruits and Vegetables for the Southeast. Swamp Rabbit Café & Grocery. 6:15pm. Ever wish your garden would just come up on its own in the spring? Don’t worry, asparagus isn’t the only delicious perennial vegetable out there. This class will cover dozens of plant-only-once greens, roots, shoots, and fruiting vegetables that require little to no maintenance in our climate. Learn how to plant the closest thing to a zero work food garden!

March 14St. Paddy’s Day Dash & Bash. Fluor Field at the West End/Main Street. 8am – 12pm. A Run/Walk to raise awareness and funds for local children’s charities: Make-A-Wish, Camp Spearhead, GHS Children’s and Let There Be Mom. Free.

March 14One Million Meals. The Harvest Hope Youth Leadership Board will march to end hunger. The concert by Delvin Choice of “The Voice” will take place at Charter Amphitheater. Gates open at 6pm. Tickets are $12 – $15. Parking is $5 or free with donation of at least five canned goods. 478-4083

March 14Pooh, Tigger and a Gaggle of Princesses. SC Children’s Theater’s 20th annual Character Breakfast. 8:30 and 11am. Poinsett Club. $30 per person. Advanced reservations required. 235-2885 X10

March 20 Special– First day of spring

March 21Race the Helix.  Conestee Park. This is the inaugural race for Greenville. A 5K race and 1 mile fun run/walk benefiting the Greenwood Genetic Center (GGC) Foundation. The event was started by families served by the Center as a way to raise funds and awareness for the programs and research of GGC. Family-friendly activities including a tour of the Center’s Mobile Science Lab, the Gene Machine will be available. Awards given to the top male and female 5K finishers overall, and in each age group.

March 21 – Mental Health America of Greenville County will hold its Third Annual Colors 4 Hope 5K run in Travelers Rest. The run will begin and end at Trailblazer Park along the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

March 21 – Held each March since 1999 in recognition of the American Medical Association ‘Doctors Day’, Walk with the Doctors invites walkers of all ages to the Downtown Clinic to receive a t-shirt and refreshments, and to enjoy a pleasant 2.5 mile walk through beautiful Falls Park.  This family-friendly event recognizes and honors the volunteer physicians and dentists who give their time so generously for the Greenville Free Medical Clinic patients

March 28 Zoom Through the Zoo 8-10am. a 5K and children’s fun run to be used as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Greenville Zoo.

March 28 – ICAR Second International Car Cruise. Noon to 5pm. Koyo JTEKT Car Cruise begins at 2PM Enjoy international cars, food, live music, and interactive activities for k-12! Parking will be available at CU-ICAR and we encourage tailgating along the cruise route. ADMISSION IS FREE!   For the very first time, CU-ICAR will team up with General Electric Running Team to host a 5k prior to Millennium Drive. Lace up your shoes and join us in the foot race before the car cruise! Proceeds benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

April 4 Bunny Hop Trail 5K. Conestee Park. Free. Race starts at 8:30. End time: 1pm. The Easter Bunny Trail Hop 5K offers trail runners a unique twist on the traditional trail run experience. Participants will run 5 kilometers on a rolling course that winds its way through the beautiful Lake Conestee Nature Park on a mix of dirt, gravel and pavement. Along the course, runners will find Easter Eggs stuffed with prizes and goodies. It’s an Easter Egg Hunt and a Trail Run all in one. If you’re lucky (and fast enough) you might even catch the Easter Bunny hiding some of the eggs…if you’re lucky.

We will also have a special Easter Egg Hunt for the children ages 8 and under after the finish. Conestee features a large playground and smooth walking path for those with little kids, so bring the whole family for some fun.

April 4 – The iMAGINE Upstate Festival will take place in downtown Greenville from 10AM-6PM. This event is free, family friendly and is your all access pass to drones, battling robots, racecars, 3d printing, hovercrafts and more! You decide your future – start at the iMAGINE Upstate Festival.

April 11 – Upstate Heart Walk. S. Main Street. 8am -12noon. Upstate Heart Walk put on by American Heart AssociationAdmission: FREE. Walkers are eligible for a Heart Walk t-shirt once they have raised a minimum of $100.

April 12 – 2nd Annual Walk for Prevention.  Project Pinwheel is a collaborative community project to promote the protective factors every family can adopt to help keep children safe and secure. An expected 500 participants will meet at First Baptist Greenville, and walk down the Swamp Rabbit Trail to the Julie Valentine Memorial with pinwheels, planting in public pinwheel gardens. Each participant will receive 2 pinwheels to plant, and a project pinwheel t-shirt with pre-registration. REGISTER HERE.

April 18 – Upstate Native Plant Society Plant Sale. The South Carolina Native Plant Society, upstate chapter, will hold its spring plant sale 9am – 1pm at a new location at Conestee Park, 840 Mauldin Road in Greenville. A huge selection of native trees, shrubs and perennials will be available. Experts in native landscaping and native ecosystems will be on hand to give advice.  Purchases may be made by cash, check or credit.

April 19 Seek & Snap. Fluor Field. 12noon – 5:30pm. A family-friendly, scavenger hunt fundraiser for “Let There Be Mom”. Teams will be armed with riddles and tasks, and given two hours to “seek” in Downtown Greenville, and “snap” proof of their find. Prizes for winning teams. Music, Games, & Auction. Teams of four register online by April 9. This is a team event, but this year, if you need our help in creating a team, you got it.  Pairs can also register and we will match you up with another “pair” – who knows maybe you have not even met your best friend yetAdmission: Family Teams: $85; Corporate / Friend Teams: $105

AprilSpring Yard Sale at the Northgate Soda Shop. Date TBD. As you start your spring cleaning, remember the North Main Yard Sale and come make a little money and get some great deals.


The use of trade names or advertisements in this publication does not constitute endorsement or discrimination by the North Main Community Association.


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