NMCA Newsletter (1/12)

Your 2012 Board of Directors:

President: Mike Cubelo
Vice-President: Chad Chandler
Treasurer: Jim Gilreath
Recording Secretary: Phyllis Gilreath
Membership: Joyce Murphy
Webmasters: Michael Huskey
Chad Chandler

* The Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of most months at 6:30 PM at the Northgate Soda Shop or other local venues …check the website for the date of the next meeting or email pgilreath@aol.com for the location and if we are meeting that month.

Calling all Moms (and Dads, too!)

Got kids? We need your help! NMCA is looking for Moms and Dads (or anyone else!) who would be interested in sharing ideas and help in planning more events for North Main kids. The Halloween event was a big success…so next up…our First Annual NMCA Easter Egg Hunt this April in the North Main Rotary Park! Prizes awarded for the most eggs found….for whoever finds the “special” egg and
more. Anyone have an Easter Bunny costume?? More details to follow, but for now….email pgilreath@aol.com if you are interested in helping out!

We’d also like to hear from anyone who has other ideas for local interest groups….book clubs, etc. What can we do to meet your interests?

New Years’ Resolutions

A New Years’ Resolution is more than just a “To-Do List” for the first week of January! Most people start off the new year by making grand, sweeping changes — and the changes never stick. What does stick? Thinking small, setting modest, attainable goals and slowly chalking up small successes as you steadily build confidence.

Want a New Years’ Resolution that’s easy to keep? Just join or renew your membership in the North Main Community Association! We’ll be sending out emails soon to kick-start the membership for 2012. If you’ve already renewed for 2012, thank you! If not, please join and help us achieve the goals we’ve set for 2012! www.northmaincommunity.org/membership

Support our Local Businesses

Several retailers (including Even a Sparrow and We Took To the Woods) are new to this area and still trying to get their feet under them! This was the number one issue that people brought up in the Stone Avenue Master planning process…. People wanted to see local shops. If we don’t support them, they will go away. …. This is absolutely critical!! Please support local businesses and tell your friends and neighbors, too!

While you’re at it…..please welcome 2 more new business members to NMCA…..The Community Tap and Nicholson Stained Glass. You can find all our local business members on our Shop Local page at http://northmaincommunity.org/shop-local/

Free Chainsaw Workshop

Paton Blough, North Main resident and owner of Bullmoose Tree Company, will be teaching a FREE 90 minute, hands-on workshop to homeowners on: “How To Sharpen, Maintain and Safely Use Your Chainsaw”.

When: Saturday, January 21st, 9 – 10:30 am
Where: Northgate Soda Shop, meet directly behind the Soda Shop in the parking lot (918 North Main Street)
Coffee & Donuts provided. Homeowners are encouraged to bring their chainsaws.
For questions, feel free to contact Paton at 444-4409 or paton@bullmoosetree.com

While we hope that there will be no repeats of the ice storm a few years ago, now’s the time to make sure your equipment is in working order, sharp and ready to go safely!

Notes from Amy and Gaye…

Congratulations to the North Main Neighborhood on recycling! In a recent City Council workshop on the citywide recycling program, three neighborhoods were deemed the Top Recycling Neighborhoods: North Main, Club Forest and Dellwood neighborhoods!

Wade Hampton will be undergoing a three-phase streetlight replacement and landscaping project. Wade Hampton was awarded a small grant by the South Carolina Forestry Department. Duke Energy will be replacing the side streetlights with decorative cobra lighting; the city will be planting trees in the right of way. The first phase will be this spring from Cary to Wellington Street.

City Council is taking its annual retreat in early February. At that time, Council and the Leadership team work on the City’s annual priorities. The annual budget process follows.

The North Main Street resurfacing is almost complete. Outstanding items include resurfacing utility manhole covers and re-striping. The streetscape on the stretch from Stone to Academy will likely be done in the fall if money is allocated this budget cycle.

The Recycling Center on Rutherford Road is undergoing construction now. It will be finished by summer.” (email from Amy Ryberg Doyle, 1/3/12)

And from Gaye….”Congratulations to the North Main Neighborhood Association for receiving a Palmetto Pride grant. I’m sure that your hard work and success in carrying out projects were primary factors in your receiving close to the maximum grant. Many thanks to Lois Graves who is rotating off your Board. Thank you for your service and dedication, Lois!” (email from Gaye Sprague, 1/2/12)

Meet the Pets of North Main

This month we continue our new feature … “pet of the month”. Send a photo and some information about what makes your animal companion special to pgilreath@aol.com and we’ll try to include as many as we can over the next year so you can get to know not only your neighbor but their pet(s) as well.

This month, meet Franklin….a springer spaniel who lets Phil and Emily Watson share his home. Franklin is better known to the squirrels of the neighborhood as “The Mad Dog of Buist Avenue.” Franklin’s favorite hobbies are chasing squirrels in the backyard, licking himself, and knitting.

Side note: We’ve had several members ask if we can follow up on the lost and found pets we alert neighbors about. We will try to do that in the future so you will know the outcome. Thanks for caring!

You’ll be happy to know that the honey colored cocker spaniel found just after New Year’s near Chick Springs Rd. has a new home! Although her previous owner was never located, thanks to our pet-loving neighborhood, she has a new, loving, forever home where we hope she’ll be very happy!

As of time of publication, one North Main resident is still looking for a home for a cat they are unable to keep. Sadie is a sweet 5-year old tabby who needs to be the only cat in a family where she will get lots of attention. If you are interested in helping Sadie find a new home, please call Beth at 561-3499.

Recycling Holiday Trees and Lights

The City of Greenville is once again sponsoring its annual “Grinding of the Greens” Christmas tree recycling program. For the convenience of city residents, trees can be placed at the curb for collection on regularly scheduled pick-up days or taken to one of four convenient locations for recycling. All trees must be free of debris such as ornaments, tinsel, ribbons and lights to be recycled. Drop-off locations include:
• Holmes Park (Twin Lake Road & Holmes Drive)
• Timmons Park (Oxford Street & Blackburn Street)
• Gower Park (Laurel Creek Lane & Laurens Road)
• West Greenville Community Center (8 Rochester Street)
The locations listed above will be open through January 20, 2012. Curbside pick-up within the city limits will continue for as long as needed. Trees and trimmings are ground into mulch, which can be picked up free of charge at Twin Chimneys Landfill from 9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Call the Twin Chimneys Landfill at (864) 243-9672 for more information.
All holiday boxes, tissue paper and wrapping paper (except foil-lined) can be recycled at the curb and at the City’s Recycling and Environmental Education Center at 800 East Stone Avenue. Visit http://www.greenvillesc.gov/publicworks/AboutRecycling.aspx to learn more about the City’s recycling programs.

The Greenville Drive and Duke Energy are hosting a holiday lights recycling drive at Fluor Field. Throughout January, you can drop off non-working holiday lights at the Drive Team Store, located outside the Main Street Gate to Fluor Field, and they will be properly recycled. Fans that recycle their lights at Fluor Field will be given a 25% off savings certificate toward future purchases at the Drive Team Store.

NMCA Awarded Palmetto Pride Grant

As mentioned above, in December we received notification that we were awarded a Palmetto Pride Grant for almost $2000.00. This money, supplemented with money from your dues, will be used to plant native and wildlife-attracting plants around the ball field at the North Main Rotary Park, both for beautification and for stabilization of the hillside around the field. This is being done in cooperation with the city Parks and Recreation Department who has designed the landscaping and will be installing irrigation for plant establishment. We will also be planting blueberries along the creek area on the North Main side of the park, again to enhance wildlife in the park. Plans for this year include a rain garden to help mitigate some of the runoff issues on the east side of the park near the ball field.

One of our commitments for receiving the grant is to coordinate a local litter clean-up function in the neighborhood between March and May. Watch for more details on how you can help!

Repairs to Amphitheater at North Main Park

Broken stonework has now been repaired at the amphitheater on the hill at the North Main Park. New steps were added and hopefully the area will now be safer and it looks great, too!

Crime Alert Reminder

Recently we reported car break-ins around the Croft Street area. We understand that the car(s) were unlocked. Courtney Palmer, Greenville’s Crime Prevention Specialist, reminds us (again!) to lock all doors. She also urges residents to report all break-ins, even if nothing is taken. They use that information to set up bait cars and surveillance but if they don’t have that information they won’t be looking in those areas! You can call the police non-emergency number (271-5333). And don’t forget to let NMCA know so we can alert our neighbors. For more information on crime prevention services check out their website at http://police.greenvillesc.gov/crime-prevention-services.aspx

How Do Birds that Don’t Migrate Survive the Cold?

Most birds respond to the cold in similar ways, but the temperatures that trigger their behavioral and physiological responses vary widely. In general the bigger the bird the easier it is to cope with cold temperatures. Some behaviors and physiological responses that help them conserve heat include:
1. Tucking feet and legs into their breast feathers.
2. Fluffing their plumage. This traps air, creating an insulating layer.
3. Finding shelter. Birds use dense shrubs and tree cavities to conserve heat.
4. Increasing their metabolic rate, producing more body heat
5. Shivering (produces more metabolic heat)
6. Roosting closely together with other birds. (Up to ten bluebirds have been found to roost in the same tree cavity on cold nights)
7. Some birds like Black-capped Chickadees can ‘lower their body temperature at night and enter regulated hypothermia, saving significant amounts of energy.
8. In addition, ‘many birds store food and have exceptional spatial memory to relocate it, even a month later.’ (from the on-line resource, Birds of North America)

Remember, often providing fresh water in those cold winter months can be as important as food for our feathered friends. You can get heaters for bird baths to keep water from freezing. For more information, visit

Weather Tidbits

According to climate data, the average maximum temperature for Greenville in January is 51.0°F, the average low is 31.1°F and the average precipitation (rainfall) is 4.07”. The average snowfall is 2.2” with the record being 12.0” in 1979 and 1993. The record maximum temperature for the period 1962-2006 was 79°F on January 31, 1975. The record minimum was -6°F on January 30, 1966. http://www.dnr.sc.gov/climate/sco/index.php .

During January – March 2012, there is an increased chance of above-average temperatures across the south-central and southeastern U.S., and below-average temperatures over the western and the northwest-central U.S. Also, above-average precipitation is favored across most of the northern tier of states and in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, and drier-than-average conditions are more likely across the southern tier of the U.S. (see 3-month seasonal outlook released on 15 December 2011). http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/analysis_monitoring/enso_advisory/

City Council Formal Meeting and Work Session schedules can be found at http://www.greenvillesc.gov/city_government/meet.asp

January 12 – Hillcrest Garden Club Program. Greenville Women’s Club. 10:00 am. Dr. Janice Haldeman, Erskine College Biology Professor, will speak on “Plants of the Bible,” Visitors and prospective members are always welcome! Social hour at 10:00 a.m and program at 10:40 a.m. For info, call Mary Roberts, 458 -7735.

Jan 17 – Literary Upcountry: Anne Blythe’s Carolina Mountain Song. 6:30 PM. Join the Upcountry History Museum and the Hughes Main Library as we take a historical look at how has this region impacted authors both past and present. Local author and historian Dr. Anne Blythe will discuss her recently published novel, Carolina Mountain Song, and explore the influence of Greenville County’s Dark Corner upon her writing. This event takes place at the Hughes Main Library in Meeting Room A. Free to the public. For reservations call (864)527-9293. Dessert reception provided.

Jan 17 – SC Native Plant Society. 7 pm. Using Native Plants to Enhance Local Water Resources. Southern Wesleyan University, Central. Dr. Calvin Sawyer, of Clemson University and the Center for Watershed Excellence, will discuss the basics of water quality impairment, how you can help improve local water resources by installing a rain garden, and how to choose the best location and size for your rain garden. Afterwards, Clemson Extension Agent Millie Davenport will discuss native plant selection, placement, and maintenance for the rain garden.

Jan 21 – The Greenville News Downtown Run. The Greenville News, in conjunction with The Greenville Track Club and the City of Greenville, is hosting a 5k road race and walk. The street and access to the area will be temporarily closed from 5:00 AM to approximately 12:00 PM that morning. The City police will be assisting with traffic control for the event. The route starts at Soby’s Restaurant on South Main Street and finishes at The Greenville News building. Runners and walkers will process down South Main Street, turn slight right and continue on Pendleton Street, turn right on North Leach Street, turn right at Perry Avenue, continue on Rhett Street, turn left on River Street (which becomes South Richardson Street), turn right on West North Street, turn right at North Main Street, and finish at the intersection of South Main Street and Broad Street. Those of you who live and work on Main Street are requested to park on the side streets this morning as the runners and walkers will come all the way down Main Street from West North Street and intersections along Main Street will be closed. http://go-greenevents.com/event/id/89

Jan 26 – History After Dark: An Evening in the Dark Corner. 7 pm. Upcountry Museum. The Dark Corner: one of the notorious and mysterious places in South Carolina. But how did this region develop its reputation? Join local historian Dean Campbell, the Squire of the Dark Corner, as he introduces the award winning documentary, The Dark Corner. Featuring moonshine still on display courtesy of Dark Corner Distillery in the Museum lobby. Supporting Members Free. Basic Members $7.00. General Admission $10.00. Reservations suggested. Call (864)467-3100 or e-mail info@upcountryhistory.org

Jan 28 – Invasives Removal Workday. Swamp Rabbit Trail. 9 am. Joint effort by the SCNPS and the Upstate Master Naturalists. This surprising woodland cove is owned jointly by Naturaland Trust and the Friends of the Reedy River, and it is home to an impressive population of jack-in-the-pulpits and other natives which have appeared as the exotics have been removed. They will be removing English ivy and a few invasive shrubs, and work from 9 am – 12. Wear long sleeves and long pants and bring work gloves, as there is some poison ivy. Also bring hand clippers if you have them, as well as water and lunch. Park at the Cleveland Street YMCA. Follow the exercise trail downhill to the Swamp Rabbit Trail, turn left on the Trail and cross a bridge over the Reedy River. Our work area is just uphill from the Baxter St access trail on right. Please RSVP by sending an email to Dan Whitten (sdwhit10@aol.com). Be sure to provide a phone number! If you have questions, contact either Dan Whitten or Frank Holleman (holl2759@bellsouth.net).

Feb 17-20 – Great Backyard Bird Count. The Great Backyard Bird Count is an annual four-day event that across the continent. Anyone can participate, from beginning bird watchers to experts. It takes as little as 15 minutes on one day, or you can count for as long as you like each day of the event. It’s free, fun, and easy—and it helps the birds. http://www.birdsource.org/gbbc/

Feb 18 – Cosmos for Critters. Back by Popular Demand! 7-11:00 pm. Upcountry History Museum. Masquerade! Popular since the 15th Century, the masquerade ball has been a staple of sophisticated society for six centuries. Isn’t it about time that the rest of us got in on the fun? Dance the night away while enjoying the amazing creations from Chef 360 and plan your strategy for the incredible auction items. Proceeds from this cocktail extravaganza benefit Carolina Basset Hound Rescue, Concerned Citizens for Animals, The Grey Muzzle Organization, and K9.5 Rescue. For further details, check out www.cosmosforcritters.com .

For other community events, check the Greenville City calendar at http://www.greenvillesc.gov/calendar/Calendar.aspx?tID=0

January/February Programs at the Bobby Pearse Community Center and the Sears Shelter at McPherson Park

The following programs will take place at the Bobby Pearse Community Center at 904 Townes Street. For additional information or to register call Jonathan Jones at 864-467-4331.

Let’s Move Kids Fitness
Location: Bobby Pearse Community Center
Date: Saturdays, January 21 – February 25, 2012 (6 weeks) Times: 10-11 am Cost: Free
Participants: Ages 5-12 Contact: 864-467-4355
Let’s get kids active! This FREE 6-week program focuses on kids’ fitness and nutrition. Let’s Move! is a comprehensive initiative, launched by the First Lady, dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation, so that children born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams. This fitness program incorporates components of this campaign. The classes are taught by our recreation staff at 3 of our community centers. Each class will incorporate stretching, nutrition, skills related to a specific sport and active games. This program is for children ages 5-12 years old.

Dog Obedience: Basic Manners
Location: Bobby Pearse Community Center
When: 6:45-7:45 pm, Tuesdays; January 17 – February 21, 2012 (6 weeks)
Cost: $72 for City Residents; $90 for Non-Residents Contact: Jonathan Jones, 864-467-4331
Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter

Does your dog need to learn a few basic manners? This 6-week dog obedience class is for dogs 5 months old and older and their families. It will take place inside Bobby Pearse each Tuesday evening. The instructor, Anna Abney, has been training animals for over 10 years. The first class is an orientation with the families, and the following 5 classes focus on teaching the dogs basic manners, such as sitting, staying, lying down, coming when called and other basic manners.

Inner Strength
Location: Bobby Pearse Community Center & Cleveland Park Annex
Dates: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays; January 9 – March 2, 2012 (8 weeks)
Times: MWF – 9:30-10:15am (Bobby Pearse); Mon 7:00-7:45pm (Cleveland Park Annex)
Cost: $8 per class for City Residents; $10 per class for Non-Residents
Register on-line to purchase punch card: 8 classes – $56 for City Residents/ $70 for Non-Residents;
12 classes – $88 for City Residents/ $110 for Non-Residents.
Child Watch for morning classes: $1 per child
Contact: Jonathan Jones, 864-467-4331
Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter

Inner Strength is an effective group fitness class in which functional moves and flexibility is in focus. The different moves are built up in levels to give the participant strength, stability, balance and cardiovascular training. In this class, we use our body’s weight and a bar as the only equipment. This class can easily be adjusted to the participant’s level and the range can be from new beginners to advanced. Effective exercises and great music gives participants a great experience. The instructor, Jodie Popik, is certified in Les Mills Body Pump, Les Mills RPM and Inner Strength by Motivation and Move.

For convenience, these classes are offered at the Bobby Pearse Community Center on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00am – 9:45am and at the Cleveland Park Annex from 7:00pm – 7:45pm on Monday evenings. During the morning classes at Bobby Pearse, we provide a “child watch” for only $1 per child. Participants have the option of paying per class or registering on-line and purchasing either an 8-class punch card or 12-class punch card. Participants do need to bring their own yoga mat.

Writing Workshops
In partnership with the Emrys Foundation, the City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department is offering writing workshops this fall at the Bobby Pearse Community Center!

2nd Sunday Writing WorkshopsWhen: January 8 and February 12, 2012 Time: 2-4 pm Cost: $5 per class
Targeted Age: 17 & older Contact: Jonathan Jones, 864-467-4331
Registration: Register at www.emrys.org or the fee may be paid upon arrival to the class.
These writing workshops are led by various members of the Writing Room faculty. They are designed to stimulate creativity and generate ideas for fiction and nonfiction. We’ll use a series of short in-class writing exercises to inspire new work and deepen your writing. Come prepared to write in class, to share your exercises without fear or self-judgment, and above all, have some fun. All levels are welcome!

Write From the Art
Date: Wednesdays; January 18, 25 & February 1, 2012 Time: 7-9 pm Cost: $90; $80 for Emrys members
Contact: Jonathan Jones, 864-467-4331 Registration: Register at www.emrys.org
Jumpstart your writing with visuals to include collage exploration, mapping, and exploring ekphrastics. Works created will include poetry assignments as well as short creative nonfiction vignettes. The South Carolina Arts Commission awarded Terri McCord the Literary Arts Fellowship (in poetry) in 2002. Her publications include The Connecticut Review, The Seneca Review, The Cream City Review, Cimarron Review, Lips, as well as other national literary journals. She earned her M.F.A. in poetry from Queens University (Charlotte).

Location: Bobby Pearse Community Center
When: 6:30-7:45 pm, Mondays; January 9 – February 27, 2012 (8 weeks)
Cost: Resident Fee – $32 for entire 8-week session or $5 per class; Non-Resident Fee – $40 for entire 8-week session or $6 per class Contact: Jonathan Jones, 864-467-4331
Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter
We invite you to join us at the Bobby Pearse Community Center for this 8 week yoga program, which is taught by Brooke Kleinfelter, who is a certified yoga instructor. This 75 minute class is taught once a week, and all levels are welcome; however, you do not need previous yoga experience to enjoy this class and you don’t have to come to all classes. . Participants can pay $5 per class for city residents and $6 for non-city residents upon arrival. Participants are encouraged to register on-line for the entire 8 weeks for $32 for City residents and $40 for non-city residents. Participants do need their own yoga mat.

The following programs will take place at the Sears Shelter at McPherson Park at 100 E. Park Avenue.

Music Together of Greenville
The City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department is offering Music Together of Greenville at the Bobby Pearse Community Center and the Sears Shelter Cabin at McPherson Park! The instructor, Elizabeth Boone, who is a fully trained and registered Music Together teacher, works with 6-12 children and their caregiver to offer forty-five minutes of music and movement experiences. Each weekly class offers a dozen songs and rhythmic rhymes. Children and their adults have opportunities to create and improvise — making up new words to songs, offering movement ideas, making silly sounds, and sharing musical ideas from the family’s play at home. These classes are for babies through kindergarteners and their caregivers.

Winter Session: Music Together of Greenville
Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: January 9 – March 10, 2012 (9 weeks)
Times: Participants may choose one of the following 45-minute classes to attend: Tuesdays, 4:00pm – 4:45pm
Wednesdays, 10:30am – 11:15am
Thursdays, 5:00pm – 5:45pm
Saturdays, 10:30-11:15am
Cost: Tuition for each 9 week session is $169/1st child and $125/sibling. Infants 8 months of younger who attend with paying sibling – FREE. There is a $15 registration fee for all new families. This fee is non-refundable.
This registration fee will be waived for City of Greenville residents. City residents enter the coupon code “GREENCITY” at checkout to waive the registration fee.
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326 or Elizabeth Boone, 864-630-0144
Registration: Contact musictogetherofgreenville.com or call 864-630-0144

Parents’ Night Out at the Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: Saturday, January 21, 2012 Times: 6-10 pm Cost: $12 for residents and $15 for non-residents
Participants: Ages 5-13 Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326
Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter
Got the winter blues and need a Saturday night out on the town? This program provides an opportunity for parents to have a Saturday night out while we create a fun, recreational experience for your children! We provide participants with pizza, games, activities, arts & crafts, a movie and popcorn! This program is for children 5-13 years old.

Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
When: Saturdays, January 7 – February 25, 2012 (8 weeks), 10–11am
Cost: 1 child: For 8-week session, $32 for City Residents; $40 for Non-Residents OR
$5 per class for City Residents; $6 per class for Non-Residents
2 children: For 8 week session, $60 for City Residents; $75 for Non-Residents OR
$8 per class for City Residents; $10 per class for Non-Residents
3 children: For 8 week session, $80 for City Residents; $100 for Non-Residents OR
$12 per class for City Residents; $15 per class for Non-Residents
Participants: Ages 5-12 Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326
Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter
This 8 week ZumbAtomics program is taught by Quisha Owens, who is a licensed Zumba and ZumbAtomics instructor with a Zumba Toning certificate. ZumbAtomics is designed for kids to participate in a rockin’, high energy fitness class with specially choreographed kid-friendly routines. This program is for children 5-12 years old.

Sugar & Spice: Teen Club for Girls
Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
When: 5:30 – 7pm, Wednesdays; January 11, 25, February 8 & 22, 2012
Cost: Free Participants: Ages 13-16 Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326
Sugar & Spice is a Teen Club for Girls ages 13-16 years old. They meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday from 5:30pm – 7:00pm of each month at the Sears Shelter Log Cabin at McPherson Park. Meeting discussions focus on topics relevant to teen girls. The club also contains opportunities for community service, movie nights, shopping trips and other exciting activities.

Baby & Me Yoga
Location: Sear Shelter Cabin at McPherson Park
Date and When: Wednesdays & Fridays; January 11 – March 2, 2012 (8 weeks)
Cost: Resident Fee – $72 for entire 8-week session or $5 per class. Non-Resident Fee – $90 for entire 8-week session or $6 per class Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326
Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter
This 8-week yoga class is taught by Katie Lee, who is a certified yoga instructor. The class is held at the Sears Shelter and geared to caregivers and their babies, ages 8 weeks to 18 months old. Yoga classes for parents and babies can help strengthen the parent/child bond and improve a baby’s overall well-being. The benefits of yoga for both parents and babies are numerous. Yoga can help babies sleep better, digest easier, learn to relax, and stay healthier. For parents, the benefits include increased flexibility and relaxation. Participants are welcome to pay per class or register on-line for the entire 8 weeks.

Guitar Basics: Introduction to Guitar
Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
When: 11:15am – 12:15pm , Saturdays; January 14 – February 18, 2012 (6 weeks)
Cost: $92 for City Residents; $115 for Non-Residents
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326
Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter
This 6-week Guitar Basics program is taught by Leslie D. Smith, a singer-songwriter, acoustic and uke player who has been featured as one of AudioSparx.com’s Hot New Artists. The program gives beginner guitar players the basic knowledge and skills of guitar playing. Participants learn the essential chords in order to play many different genres of music such as pop, country, rock, folk, worship, indie songs, as well as other genres. This class is intended to get the brand new player off to a great start! Participants are asked to bring a list of favorite recording artists to the first class to give the instructor a sense of their musical goals and preferences.

International Folk Dance
Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: Wednesdays, January 18 – February 22, 2012 (6 weeks) Times: 6:30–8 pm
Cost: $32 for City Residents; $40 for Non-Residents Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326
Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter
In this 6-week session, participants learn social dances that have simple steps and rhythms from countries and cultures all over the world. They may range from slow and meditative to more aerobic and dynamic, and may be done in circles, lines or with partners. Dances from Bulgaria, Israel, Romania, Turkey, England, Scotland, Greece, America, and many other countries will be taught. International folk dancers truly are “Dancers Without Borders.” The classes will provide fun, exercise and a way to meet new people. The instructor, Theresa Pizzuto, has been dancing since 1993 and instructing International Folk Dance since 1997. She loves learning and teaching about the infinite world of diversity around us, especially that pertaining to dance.

Lunchtime Yoga
Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays; January 10 – February 16, 2012 (6 weeks) Times: Noon – 1pm
Cost: $52 for Residents; $65 for Non-Residents OR $5 per class for Residents; $6 per class for Non-Residents
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326 Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter
Take a break from your day and join us for Lunchtime Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Noon at the Sears Shelter! Katie Lee, a certified yoga instructor, is teaching these lunchtime classes and tailors the class to the participants’ level. Beginners and experienced levels are welcome! Participants may register on-line for the entire 6-week session or pay per class at the door.

Mommy & Me Zumba
Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: Wednesdays; January 11 – February 29, 2012 (8 weeks) Times: 9-10 am
Cost: 1 child: For 8-week session, $32 for City Residents; $40 for Non-Residents OR
$5 per class for City Residents; $6 per class for Non-Residents
2 children: For 8 week session, $60 for City Residents; $75 for Non-Residents OR
$8 per class for City Residents; $10 per class for Non-Residents
3 children: For 8 week session, $80 for City Residents; $100 for Non-Residents OR
$12 per class for City Residents; $15 per class for Non-Residents
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326 Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter
Get your morning started with Mommy & Me Zumba! This 8 week Mommy & Baby Zumba program is on Wednesday mornings at the Sears Shelter. Quisha Owens is a licensed Zumba and ZumbAtomics instructor with a Zumba Toning certificate. This program is geared for parents and their children ages 18 months to 4 years old. The classes allow parents and their children to get an upbeat, cardio workout in together while also having a great time!

Progressive Bridge
Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: Mondays, January 9 – February 27, 2012 (No class on Jan. 16 or Feb. 20 due to City Holidays)
Times: 1-4 pm
Cost: $8 for residents and $10 for non-residents for Fall Quarter; Participants may pay $2 per class at the door
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326 Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter
The City of Greenville Progressive Bridge program meets at the Sears Shelter each Monday from 1pm – 4pm. We invite participants to join us!

Wine & Ceramics
Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: Thursdays; January 26 – March 1, 2012 (6 weeks) Times: 6–7:30 pm
Cost: $160 for City Residents; $200 for Non-Residents Participants: Ages 21 and older
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326 Registration: http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter
Come enjoy a glass of wine and learn the art of hand-building with clay slabs to create mugs, bowls and platters. During this 6 week program, participants receive snacks and two complimentary glasses of wine for a relaxing ceramics class. With demonstrations each class, participants gain comfort working with clay. We also experiment with design through the textures and glazing to make finished works of art. Participants may have little or no experience with clay to participate in this program but must be 21 years old or older. For the instructor, Susan Goldsmith, art has always been a driving force. Over the years, Susan has studied ceramics, design, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking. She worked for 16 years as a designer in textiles and apparel. With a Masters in Art Teaching, she then went on to work with students in within the Greenville County Schools. Presently, Susan teaches kids and adults while focusing on building her knowledge and skills in functional pottery.

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