NMCA Newsletter (10/2015)


happy halloween

*The Board of Directors now meets the first Tuesdays of most months at 6:30 PM at the Bobby Pearse Community Center. Members are welcome to attend board meetings. Please email northmaincomm@gmail.com in case there is a location or time change and to insure we are meeting that month.


Welcome to Our Newest Business Members

Kate Carlyle Store PicKate Carlyle is a gift boutique located at 1922 Augusta Street in the McDaniel Village Shopping Center. “We specialize in gifts for all occasions, especially baby, wedding, birthday, and holidays. Our jewelryKate Carlyle Storefront pic and accessories are top sellers. We also offer Embossed Graphics stationery. Please bring this ad in to our store and receive 15% off your purchase (limit one per customer, expires 10-31-15).” Owner Kate Barr lives in the North Main Neighborhood. You can also follow them on their Facebook page.


tangilTangible Intentions is a full-service marketing firm at 202 E. Stone Avenue specializing in small business solutions. Offering services ranging from web development to business card design and identity evolution to advertising, Tangible Intentions focuses on providing premium marketing and branding products to great local businesses, tailored to fit virtually any budget. The Tangible Intentions team strives to celebrate the Upstate area by taking the “small” out of small business. The motto is simple: We are entrepreneurs dedicated to elevating small businesses, the leaders who drive them, and the passions that inspire us all. What can Tangible Intentions do for you? You can let them know by telephone at (864) 881-1855 or on their website.


Development Update

Not much to report this month. While NorthPointe is definitely progressing, we do not have any big news at this time.   We are ALL anxiously awaiting the announcement of the new grocery and the developer expects to announce it prior to the next newsletter.

According to the Development Manager with the Beach Company, the Main and Stone Project has now begun Phase 2 construction and they still expect to have the first units ready in December.

For those who have seen the Highland Homes Sign on W. Mountainview near N. Main, we understand the plan there is to tear down the existing house and build 3 on that lot. It is platted for that. We also understand that the houses will be approximately 3500 sq. ft. and the asking price about $750,000. For the sake of the neighbors downhill, let’s hope there are no drainage problems!


We Missed You at Happy Hour at the UJoint

Thanks to those who came out to the UJoint last week. We hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to The Sunnie and DeWorken Group for sponsoring the event and providing the delicious appetizers! We had a great time chatting with friends and making new ones. But don’t worry, our social committee is planning more for next spring. In the meantime, keep reading to find out more about our fall social …


November NMCA Fall Social – Don’t Miss it!

tailgateThis year’s fall social promises to be a great time for the whole family! Those of you who were at the May Membership Drive know what a great party our Social Committee can throw! The Fall Member Social is being held at IPA (Independent Public Alehouse), 110 Poinsett Highway, Saturday, November 14 from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm.  The theme is Football Tailgating. mascots

Kids are asked to dress up in their favorite football team’s colors (of course adults will probably dress in support of their favorite team) or they can dress up like football players, cheerleaders or mascots!  There will be prizes for best costumes in each category! Come on folks…put your creative minds to work!  NMCA members will receive free food, drinks and live music!  We will also have kid activities and games!  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Local Halloween Events

spooksAs we do each year, we try to get a list of local Halloween events that welcome kids in the North Main area. If you are having an event, or know of one, please email us at northmaincomm@gmail.com and let us know. We’ll provide a list of events closer to Halloween.


When and Where to See the Best Fall Color

Our lush Blue Ridge Mountain range puts on one of the longest-running autumn leaf color displays in the country. Here’s some good information if you are planning a trip to see the colors.

October 5, 2015 Update: Great news…We received much less rain than predicted, and the sun has returned for most of the week! The Blue Ridge Parkway reopened after minor storm clean-up. Lots of great color last week on our trips south and north on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville. Fortunately, the 10 days of clouds and rain only took down leaves that were already turned. Since most of the leaves are still green, there’s plenty of fall color that will rapidly develop with sun and cooler temperatures. Peak color for this week at highest elevations. See more details in our Fall Photo Reports.

Another source of information is the Great Smokey Mountains Fall Foliage Website.


Weather Tidbits

According to climate data, the average maximum temperature for Greenville in Oct is 73°F, and the average low is 50°F. The average rainfall for the month is 3.44”. (We’ve already broken that this year!) The record high was 97 on Oct 6, 1952. The maximum low temperature was 72 on Oct 4, 1941. The minimum high temperature was 41 on Oct 41, 1926. The minimum low was 25 from Oct 29, 30 and 31 in 1976, 1910 and 1893, respectively. Maximum precipitation (rain) in a 24-hour period was 7.24” on Oct 16, 1932. Records are from 1884 to present. Normals are from 1981 to 2010.   http://www.dnr.sc.gov/climate/sco/index.php .

Weather trivia:

  • Over the past 30 years, more people have been killed by floods and flash floods than any other weather-related disaster.cloud
  • How much does a cloud weigh? That depends on the size and type of cloud, but a 1 km x 1km x 1km (0.6 miles x 0.6 miles x 0.6 miles) cumulus cloud weighs about 1.4 billion lbs.
  • Although it seems much wider, the current channel of a typical lightning bolt is only about the size of a pencil.


Resources for Residents

If you haven’t visited our website lately, there’s lots of good information there, with much of it geared to new residents. Find out about things like debris pick up restrictions, city government, city service requests, public information and events, meet our local business members, find out about the trolley schedule, live/local music, Greenville Craigslist and much more.

Scroll down for links to Greenville’s Welcome Guide and Things To Do and See. Want to know more about the history of the North Main Neighborhood? We have a page just for that. We always appreciate feedback on our site and hope you will visit it and tell us what you think.

G caresHave a complaint about something in your neighborhood? Is someone piling up brush or other debris that is too large to be picked up? Is there a house near you in disrepair or abandoned and becoming an eyesore? Got a question about how to get that burned out street light bulb replaced, a pot hole filled or a cracked sidewalk repaired? All these and more can be answered by Greenville Cares. Check out their website to see the types of problems they address. They can quickly put you in contact with the government department or official who can help you. Just email them at cityinfo@greenvillesc.gov or call 864-232-2273. I’ve always found them to be extremely helpful and quick to respond to requests. They are definitely the go-to site for problems. You may also want to email or call your city council representative to see if they can help.


Aid for SC Flood Victims

While Greenville dodged a bullet this past week, our fellow South Carolinians south of us were not so fortunate. To see how you can help, you can always contact the Red Cross, or check out the SC Emergency Management Division’s Donation and Volunteer page at http://www.scemd.org/recovery-section/donations-and-volunteers   Please note they are not accepting clothing donations at this time, but this site provides a list of most needed items. Local vendors, law enforcement and others are also accepting donations.


For Our Four-Legged Friends

We still get quite a few complaints about folks not picking up after their dogs. Recently someone saw a runner jogging with his dog and the dog ‘did his/her business’ literally on the run. Often this is right on the sidewalk or street just waitingpoop sign for someone to step in. While we realize it may be a pain to stop and maybe the jogger doesn’t even notice…it is a real nuisance for others. While we’re not sure what the solution is…maybe you should walk the dog another time when you are better able to see what’s going on. Let’s hope we don’t start seeing signs like this in our neighborhood!

The Greenville Humane Society is a proud supporter of TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) efforts in Greenville by offering discounted surgery, vaccine, flea/tick treatment, and ear-tipping prices for the feral cats in our community. Check out the webpage for information on cost, drop-off times, etc. or call 242-3626, ext. 232.

Greenville Animal Care Services is also a supporter. They will spay or neuter feral cats for only $25. They do not require an appointment when bringing in feral cats. Instead, drop off feral cats between 10AM – 12PM Mondays through Thursdays (No Friday drop offs). Deliver feral cats in a humane feral cat trap. Note that to receive the $25 feral cat spay-neuter pricing, the cat must be brought in a humane feral cat trap and you must agree to the cat(s) receiving an ear tip to indicate the surgery has been completed.

Got Puppies? Surrender a litter at no charge and get the mother spayed for free at the Greenville Humane Society.   Kittens 4 months of age or under are on sale for $50. This includes spaying or neutering, plus initial flea/tick treatment and vaccines.

feral catsAnimal Care Services has a new Facebook Page for lost and found pets. This is just one more tool to help find your lost pet or the home of a pet you found. Don’t forget to post on Pets Lost and Found of the Upstate Face book page. A picture is a must. And you can always send the information and a picture to northmaincomm@gmail.com and we’ll get it out to our members. And don’t forget to post on our Facebook page. Not a Facebook user, that’s ok…we’ll post it for you.


Fall Gardening for Wildlife

Fall is a great time for bird-watching. Many birds are looking for an inviting place to stop over during their winter migration or even stay for the season. Here are five tips sure to have all the birds “tweeting” about your yard:

  1.  Provide running water. Birds require water year-round. The sound of running water in a birdbath or pond will be heard by birds from some distance, draw them in for a drink, and possibly a quick dip as well.
  2. You’ve probably noticed your hummingbirds feeding more. Make sure to keep syrup clean and available as they are stocking up for their long winter migration.
  3. Clean out birdhouses. Make necessary repairs to birdhouses in preparation for species that roost during fall and winter. In many areas, bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches and winter wrens may take up nightly residence in birdhouses to keep warm and safe.
  4. Create brush piles. Save your fall clippings of branches and twigs. Then, pile them in a corner of the yard to create cover for birds that prefer habitat on the ground — such as dark-eyed juncos, tree sparrows and white-throated sparrows.
  5. Increase the number of feeders. In the cooler days of fall, birds increase their food consumption and will continue to do so as the temperature drops and natural food sources, such as seed on perennials, etc. disappear.
  6. Plant evergreens. Planted near feeders and birdbaths, evergreens are perfect for providing cover for birds after deciduous trees lose their leaves. http://www.nwf.org/How-to-Help/Garden-for-Wildlife.aspx

Leaves are beginning to fall.  If you have space and a little time composting is a great option; if not, you can also till them into any fallow beds you have or the vegetable garden.  See Composting for more information.

If you’ve seen someone’s irrigation system running lately, don’t be too quick to assume they don’t know what they are doing and are wasting water. They may have just seeded or over-seeded their lawn. While we had plenty of moisture for grass seed the first week of October, now that it is drying up and the sun is out, some late seeded lawns may still need moisture for good seed germination.


North Main Yard Sale

red ribbonThis fall’s yard sale will be held Saturday, October 24, from 7am – 1pm in the back parking lot of the Northgate Soda Shop. Bring your “stuff”, sell it and keep the money. As usual, no charge for space. Please bring whatever you will need …. Table, chair, change, etc. What you do not want to take back home, we will collect and Sonny with Red Ribbon will be there to load the truck. He will give you receipts for your donations. If you don’t want to participate in the yard sale but would like to donate items, furniture, etc., bring them and come on down. Sonny will be there from 9 till 1-ish.

Red Ribbon Resale is a wholly owned subsidiary of AID Upstate. All profits from the sale of donated items in Red Ribbon Resale provide supportive services to men and women and their families affected by HIV in Upstate South Carolina.


Football Trivia

Test your knowledge with these college football trivia questions. No cheating. Answers next month.

  1. What current FBS (Div. 1-A) school has the most all time losses?
  2. Name the 4 schools where Bear Bryant served as head coach.
  3. There are 4 active coaches who have won two national titles. Name them.
  4. How many SEC head coaches played college football at a current SEC school?
  5. Who was the leading rusher in college football in the decade of the 2000’s?
  6. Who was the last Heisman Trophy winner to play at a school not currently in a BCS conference?
  7. Who was the starting quarterback for Notre Dame the last time they won a national championship?
  8. What is the oldest rivalry in college football?
  9. Who holds the record for most consecutive bowl wins?
  10. What is the NCAA’s (FBS) longest winning streak?


Flash from the Past

From last month:

m1Yes, that’s an airplane taxiing down Main Street. When the Greenville Municipal Airport opened in 1928, it was a big deal for Greenville. To celebrate the opening, a parade was held in downtown Greenville. In 1930, it received its first airmail flight. In 1954, Charles Lindbergh dedicated the opening of a new terminal. It was completely renovated in 1991, winning a national award.


m2This photo is of a former slave dwelling. The out buildings of former plantations and antebellum stately mansions can easily qualify as former slave dwellings. One telltale sign of the structures themselves are chimneys. The Slave Dwelling Project at Furman seeks extant slave dwellings wherever they exist. A South Carolina African American History Monument chronicling the experiences of African Americans in South Carolina now stands on the grounds of the State House in Columbia. The bronze and granite sculpture was dedicated in March 2001 and includes 12 panels that depict milestones in South Carolina African American history. The monument tells a story from the beginning of enslavement to the Middle Passage to Emancipation Proclamation to the Civil Rights era to the great achievements of South Carolina’s African Americans in various professions.



For this month: Instead of historical pictures, how about a few questions to see how well you know your state? (No cheating…answers in next month’s newsletter.)

  1. How many SC counties border the Atlantic Ocean? ___________________________
  2. When did SC join the Union? __________________________
  3. Which governor of SC was elected twice? ___________________________
  4. In what city would you find the landmark called “The Giant Peach”? ______________
  5. A portion of I-77 in Columbia is named for which space shuttle-era astronaut? __________
  6. What is the highest peak in SC? _______________________________
  7. What is the state stone? ________________________
  8. Another great “first” was the first planting of which crop in America? _______________
  9. How many State Parks does SC have? _______________
  10. What is the state motto of SC? ______________________________________________


Shop Local

Keep your dollars in your community. The following companies are committed to preserving the beauty and economic well-being of the North Main Community and the greater Greenville area. This month we will begin listing them by services provided. Please thank them and give them your business when you can. Hover your mouse over each company name to read a brief description, or hit Ctrl + click to take you to their website. (And a note to our business members…if you have a special event planned, send us the info or post it on our FB page.)

Gardening and Plants


Law Firms/CPAs/Financial


Retail/Home Décor




Personal Health/Well Being

Home Improvement/Builders/Architects

Miscellaneous Professional Services

If you would like to see your company listed here, please join the NMCA today! Businesses do not have to be located in the North Main Neighborhood to be members. They only need to provide service to North Main residents.



City Council Formal Meeting and Work Session schedules can be found at http://www.greenvillesc.gov/city_government/meet.asp

  • The Hughes Main Library has programs for adults and children. Check out their October calendar.
  • The Children’s Museum has great programs for kids.  Check them out at their website calendar
  • Don’t forget about a great local resource for family activities. Macaroni Kid lists all kinds of local activities for kids and families.
  • For a list of Oct and Nov events at the Upcountry History Museum, check out their website listing.
  • For other community events including info on Main Street Fridays, Shakespeare Festival, Downtown Alive, TD Saturday Market, Reedy River Concerts, and other special events, check out the City Calendar.

For other events in this area bookmark Go-greenevents for a listing of various events with registration, etc., handled online to save needless waste of paper.

October – There’s always lots going on at the Community Tap. Check out their calendar.

OngoingDancing at the Sears Shelter (McPherson Park). Mondays (7-9pm) International Folk: Tuesdays: Line Dance (6-8pm) Downtown Swing Dance (Log Cabin) 7-10pm: Thursdays (7-11pm) Lindy Hop Dance. Other Programs: Wed 7pm – Kali & Self Defense (no registrations yet).

Oct 13Local Storyteller Monty Tucker shares some of his favorite ghost tales…some ghoulish, some foolish. All fun and entertaining for ALL ages 8 to 80+. Northgate Soda Shop. 7pm.

Oct 16, 18, 23, 24, 25Boo in the Zoo. 5:30 – 8pm. A non-frightening, family friendly Halloween event for the children to trick or treat in a safe environment.

Oct 16Trivia with Judy Mc is back with Trivia from 7:30 – 8:30. Northgate Soda Shop. Trivia subjects TBA and bonus trivia will be Greenville Trivia.

Oct 17Walk to End Alzheimers. Fluor Field. 8 – 10:30am. The signature fundraising event of the Alzheimers Association which raises awareness and funds to provide support for those facing the disease and research to find a cure.

Oct 22-23Fashion on the Town. The Ultimate Shopping Crawl. 5-8pm. Join 20 retailers along the streets of Greenville. NMCA business member Thorn is one of the retailers and will be located as a pop-up shop within the Augusta Road branch of the United Community Bank.

Oct 24Walk to Defeat ALS. Legacy Park. 336 Rocky Slope Road. 9am – 12pm. An opportunity to bring hope to people living with ALS, to raise money for a cure, and to come together for something you care about.

Oct 30Halloween Party at the Northgate Soda Shop. Wear your costume. Prizes awarded for best costume. Bring your favorite appetizer to share.

Oct. 31Spinx Run. Fluor Field. 7am – 1pm. Hosted by the Greenville Track Club.

Oct 24North Main Yard Sale. Northgate Soda Shop. 7am – 1pm. See info in article earlier in newsletter.

Nov 7Race to Recovery 5K Gladiator Challenge. 9am – 12 pm. behind “Made in the South”,161 Verdin Rd. 5k Timed Obstacle Course Challenging Obstacles such as Hadrian’s Wall, The Barbarian Death Beam, and the Gothic Climb. Costumes strongly encouraged!

Nov 7Special Olympics Fall Games 2015. Hosted by Greenville Parks and Recreation. 8am – 5pm. Conestee Park.

Nov 7Run 4 Life. 5K Run/Walk to benefit Lung Cancer Research. Caine Halter YMCA. 9 – 11:30am.

Nov 14Kick-off for a Cure. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Kick-off for a Cure brings together cheering football fans to enjoy watching featured games including the Clemson @ Syracuse game. Tailgate food will be served, beverages will be poured, and fans can peruse the silent auction items that are sure to include some unique fan gear. Other entertainment will include live music on the rooftop patio, tailgate games, and more.

Nov 14 Fall Festival at Roper Mountain Science Center. 9am – 2:30 pm. As the days grow shorter and winter approaches, the Living History Farm will bring history to life for our big Fall Harvest Festival! Step back in time on our backcountry farm and get a unique look at how our ancestors preserved their harvest. The Living History Farm will be filled with artisans, musicians, and demonstrations of life in the 1800’s. Come celebrate the harvest!

The use of trade names or advertisements in this publication does not constitute endorsement or discrimination by the North Main Community Association.


NMCA Newsletter (10/2015)
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