NMCA Newsletter (06/12)

* The Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of most months at 6:30 PM at the Northgate Soda Shop or other local venues …check the website for the date of the next meeting or email
pgilreath@aol.com for the location and if we are meeting that month.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Although the June Bike Clinic was canceled because we didn’t meet our minimum participation requirement, Lillian Garcia with Safe Kids Upstate provided the following Bike Safety Tips.  We encourage you to make sure your kids follow them and always wear a helmet!

  • Always wear a snug-fitting helmet when you ride your bike and protect your brain.
  • Do the ABC’ check before you ride your bike, A-air, B-brake, C-chain.
  • Obey all traffic laws and bike trail/path signs and signals.
  • Be safe and don’t try tricks on your bike when on the street or bike trail/path
  • Don’t forget to use your left arm for hand signals for left, right and stop.
  • Ride your bike on the right-hand side of the road or bike trail/path.
  • Stay alert and ride in a single file and never face traffic.
  • Give the cars and pedestrian the right-of-way.
  • Wear proper protective clothing, shoes and safety gear.
  • Have a spot light and a bell/horn on your bike.

 For more information contact:
Children’s Hospital of Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center
Children’s Advocacy/Safe Kids Upstate
Tel 864-454-1100
Tel 864-454-1187-en Español


Greenville Macaroni Kid: Great Resource for Parents!

Greenville Macaroni Kid is a free local website and e-newsletter that lists kid and family-friendly events happening in the community. Answering the question, “Mom, what are we going to do today?” we do the work for you!  Instead of getting online and researching events, you can just go to our website and see them in one spot. We also provide recipes, activities and crafts you can do at home. Visit the website today, http://greenville.macaronikid.com/, and sign-up to start receiving an updated calendar each week- http://greenville.macaronikid.com/subscribe/. Also check us out on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/greenvillemacaronikid (Note:  Macaroni Kid is the brainchild of one of our NMCA members.)


Source Reduction and Landfills

All of us make solid waste – commonly known as garbage. The waste we make is managed for us. What we don’t reuse or recycle is burned (sent to an incinerator) or disposed of (sent to a landfill).  In the U.S., about 32.5% of solid waste is recycled, 12.5% is burned, and 55% is buried in landfills. The use of landfills has doubled since the 1960s creating a huge, smelly problem. Let’s get to know the modern-day landfill.

  • Landfills are built into or on top of the ground. Trash is isolated from the surrounding groundwater, air, and rain by a bottom liner and a daily covering of soil or other suitable material.
  • Landfills are designed to bury garbage, not break it down. With little oxygen and moisture available, garbage decomposes extremely slowly. For example, 40-year-old newspapers with easily readable print have been excavated from landfills.
  • Landfills can, do, and will fill up quickly and be forced to close.  http://www.greenvillesc.gov/PublicWorks/Landfills.aspx

So what can we do to help?  Recycling…not just putting your recycled items out on the curb, but also buying recycled items.  Purchasing products made from recycled materials completes the recycling process by creating the demand for the materials.  Check where you normally shop for recycled content products. Office supply, grocery stores and general markets carry such items. They aren’t hard to find!  http://www.greenvillesc.gov/PublicWorks/BuyRecycled.aspx    For more information on recycling varisous items, check out the city’s website at  http://www.greenvillesc.gov/PublicWorks/RecyclingA-Z.aspx

Backyard Wildlife Enhancement

If you want to make your backyard more enticing to wildlife, consider the 4 elements all wildlife need to survive:

  • Food:  Think year-round…not just bird feeders but plants that provide food.
  • Cover:  Plants that serve as food can also be cover; dense shrubs, brush piles, stone walls, hollow trees and logs.  Cover for feeding, hiding, courting and nesting.
  • Water:  Both for drinking and bathing.  Small ponds, a dripping hose or shallow dish, birdbath, etc.  Remember to keep the water fresh in summer and thawed in winter.  Sometimes water is even more critical and hard to find than food.
  • Space:  Space to reproduce and rear young.  Protection from harsh weather and predators.

Try looking at your yard from an animal’s point of view.  Thinking of removing that dead or dying tree?  The knotholes could provide the perfect home for a family of flycatchers, woodpeckers or squirrels.  That unsightly pile of dead brush could be safe cover for a rabbit.  And don’t forget about planting for wildlife…think diversity and year-round sources.  Don’t forget about bats!  Becoming increasingly popular, bats can consume up to 500 insects an hour, including mosquitos!  Did you know you can grow plants that will attract night-flying insects that bats like to eat?  Salvia, Silene, Phlox, Stock, Bachelor’s Buttons/Cornflowers, Spearmint, etc.  For more information on how to make your yard more attractive to wildlife, go to http://www.clemson.edu/extension/natural_resources/wildlife/publications/fs4_backyard_wildlife_enhancement.html


Summer Brings Unwelcome Visitors

We’ve had members bring to our attention the fact that with the summer season we are once again starting to get unsolicited requests for money and/or work…anything from yard work to fixing windshields.  Please be on the alert and remember that while some folks genuinely need and want work, others may be using this as an opportunity to catch you off guard, to get a closer look at or into your house (by asking for a glass of water, etc.).  Although we may want to help, Courtney Palmer, Greenville’s Crime Prevention Specialist, strongly advises against it. There is the risk that when you give money, they may come back.  Allowing access to your home and/or property not only allows an unintended view of what may be worth stealing but also brings a familiarity to your neighbors that this person has your permission to be on your property or in your home when you are not there.  Be extremely careful and do NOT hire random people for jobs.  If someone comes knocking on your door in a threatening manner or late at night, immediately call the police non-emergency number…271-5333.


Pets and Snakes

Last month we talked about the increase in the number of snakes in the area…likely due to the warm winter.  While at the emergency vet clinic a couple of weeks ago with one of my cats, I found that they are seeing an increased number of pets with snake bites.   The most obvious symptom was swelling around the mouth.  With that in mind, here is a list of precautions from ASPCA that may help lessen the chance of your pet getting bitten.

Avoid chance encounters with snakes:

  • Keep your yard tidy by clearing away undergrowth, toys and tools that make great hiding places for snakes.
  • Keep walkways clear of brush, flowers and shrubs.
  • Clean up any spilled food, fruit or bird seed, which can attract rodents—and therefore snakes—to your yard.
  • When walking your pet, keep him on a leash.
  • Steer your pet clear of long grasses, bushes and rocks.
  • Snakes can strike across a distance equal to about half their body length. If you see a snake, head back the way you came.
  • Familiarize yourself with snakes that are common in your area. In the event of a bite, identifying the type of snake may help with your pet’s treatment.   http://www.snakesandfrogs.com/

Recognize snake bite symptoms:

  • Local or general swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Intense pain
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dead tissue around the wound
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness
  • Renal failure

What to do if you think your pet’s been bitten:

  • Remember to stay calm.
  • Keep your pet calm, too, by limiting his activity.
  • If your pet was bitten on the neck, remove his collar.
  • If possible, keep the location of the bite below heart level.
  • Seek veterinary care for your pet immediately.
  • Treatment options such as cold packs, ice, tourniquets, alcohol, bleeding the wound and trying to suck out venom should not be attempted in place of getting your pet to the vet—they may just waste precious time.
  • Always keep your personal safety in mind and do not try to catch or kill a snake yourself.
  • Even if you think a snake is dead, never handle him. Some dead snakes are capable of inflicting a bite by muscle contractions.   http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/snake-bite-safety-prevention-tips.aspx

Weather Tidbits

According to climate data, the average maximum temperature for Greenville in June is 85.5°F, the average low is 64.6°F and the average precipitation (rainfall) is 4.49”.  The record maximum for the period 1962-2006 was 100°F on June 5, 1985.  The record minimum was 40°F on June 1, 1972.  Record high rainfall was in 1994 with 10.12”.   Record minimum precipitation was 0.17 back in 1993.  On June 4, 1994, hail up to 2.75 inches in diameter fell for more than an hour near Gaffney and Jonesville.  http://www.dnr.sc.gov/climate/sco/index.php

Below-Average 2012 Hurricane Forecast:  This preseason forecast calls for 11 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes.  These forecast numbers are below the long-term average from 1950-2011 and well below the averages for the current active era from 1995-2011 (15 named storms, 8 hurricanes, 4 major hurricanes).   But remember, a classic example of the need to be prepared each year occurred in 1992. The season only produced six named storms and one subtropical storm.  However, the only one of those named storms to make landfall was Hurricane Andrew, which devastated South Florida as a Category 5 hurricane.   http://www.weather.com/weather/hurricanecentral/article/2012-hurricane-season-forecast_2012-04-24

Baby on Board!

The Greenville Zoo’s 6-year-old Masai giraffe, Autumn, is due to give birth to her first calf sometime this summer. Veterinary staff confirmed the pregnancy earlier this year through hormone analysis and will continue to monitor her progress through her 15-month gestation period.   “We were hoping to keep it a secret for a bit longer, but some things are just too big to hide,” said Greenville Zoo Director Jeff Bullock.  The giraffes are currently on a breeding loan. As part of the loan, Autumn came to the Greenville Zoo from the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston in 2007 to be paired with the zoo’s male giraffe, Walter, 7, from the San Diego Zoo. http://www.facebook.com/greenvillezoo


Flash From the Past

Last Month:  During the 1940’s and 1950’s, this train rain through McPherson Park, the City’s oldest park.  The train was built with funds from the Greenville Kiwanis Club and was enjoyed by thousands of children.  The train curved back and forth over the stream via bridges which are still there.  Most of the old train track route has now been converted to walking paths.



Those who have lived in Greenville a long time – recognize where the photo on the right was taken?  I’ll give you a clue…it was taken on Main Street.




City Council Formal Meeting and Work Session schedules can be found at http://www.greenvillesc.gov/city_government/meet.asp

Now through July 1 – “The Appalachian Ballad/Dark Corners”.  Asheville Painter Julyan Davis.  Greenville County Museum of Art.  Julyan paints the dilapidated rural South in works that dramatize lyrics from traditional mountain balads. British-born and educated, Davis lives in Asheville, North Carolina. He will lead a gallery talk about his work on Sunday, June 24, at 2:00 pm.

June and July –  The Greenville Track Club will have track meets at Furman University Track every Tuesday evening starting at 6:00 PM in June and July except July 3. Meets are for all ages broken down into age groups for children and include running events from 50m to 2 miles.  Free to all children under 17 and all GTC member adults; $3 to others.

June 13 – Lunchbox Learning: South Carolina Folk Art.  Upstate Museum.  12 Noon.  Want to learn more about the folk artists in your state? Join Dr. Paul Matheny, the South Carolina State Museum’s curator of art, as he takes us on a virtual tour of some of the Palmetto State’s most beloved local artists.
Click here for ticket prices.  Call 467-3100 for reservations.

June 14-21–  Greenville Rec, in partnership with Carolina Elite Soccer Association (CESA), will proudly host the United States Youth Soccer Southern Regional Tournament at the MESA Soccer Complex. The event will welcome 208 teams and their families from 12 states.  10,000 visitors are expected making this the largest tournament held at a Greenville Rec facility with an estimated economic impact of $10 million. This is one more example of the long term positive impact of the TRAC Plan approved by Greenville County Council in 2006.

June 15Brew in the Zoo.  Greenville Zoo.  6:30 – 9pm.  All proceeds will help support the Zoo’s operations to enhance the quality of life for the animals and for various programs such as animal enrichment.  Must be 21 or older to attend.

June 16Caine Halter Family YMCA Triathlon Start Time: 7:00 – 10:30am. Caine Halter Family YMCA.  721 Cleveland St.  Triathlon to raise money for the Caine Halter YMCA.  The event will be a 300 meter swim, with a 9 mile bike and 5k run.

June 16Friends of the Library Sidewalk SaleHughes Main Library Gallery.  10am – 3pm.  Selling used DVDs and VHS, music CDs, audiobooks and magazines at “must go” prices!

June 16, 8:30 AM and June 17, 6:30 PM.  Walking Tour: Greenville’s Main Street Statues.  Main Street Greenville has an array of statues honoring our heritage. Greenville History Tours and UHM are teaming up to give a walking tour of Main Street, including a breakfast or dessert reception at the Hyatt Regency.  Spaces are limited! Click here for ticket prices.   Call 467-3100 to purchase tickets.

June 17 – Gallery Tour: They Came to the Upcountry.  Upcountry Museum.  3pm.  This year’s Chautauqua Festival introduces you to men and women who came to America. Over the centuries, thousands of people arrived in the Upcountry in search of a better life. Learn more about this region’s immigrants in this highly interactive museum tour through music, speeches, and more!    Click here for ticket prices.  Call 467-3100 to purchase tickets.

June 19Edible Landscaping with Native Plants.  Upstate Native Plant Society Meeting.  7pm.  Greenville Tech.  The interest in growing your own food is increasing, and native plants have a lot to offer in the edible landscape. Chris Sermons of Bio-Way Farm in Ware Shoals will tell about some of the more promising species and how we can incorporate them into our yards.

June 21 – Earth Market at McDunn Gallery.  3 – 7PM.  741 Rutherford Rd. (map) “As always, the Earth Market Producers bring you wonderful fresh vegetables, honey, and meat for your summer table. New producers added frequently.  “Buy an Extra Helping for the Hungry” and we will drop it by the Project Host Soup Kitchen.  EBT coming soon! We were approved and now just waiting for the equipment, so we hope to have it in place by the June 21 market.”  June 21 – The Workshop for kids “How to Make your own Salad Dressing”.  Bring your kids to the Earth Market all summer and let them play with their food!  Children’s workshops all summer easy step-by-step ways to help kids to start cooking. http://www.slowfoodupstate.com/apps/calendar/showMonth?calID=1856642&year=2012&month=5

June 23 – Adult Art Workshop with Carl Dixon. Upcountry Museum. 10:30 AM

Join Carl Dixon and create your own wire sculptures and jewelry. Participants are encouraged to bring their own needle nose pliers; all other supplies provided.  Click here for ticket prices.   Call 467-3100 to purchase tickets.

July 4Wells Fargo Red White and Blue Festival.   5 – 10:30pm.  Free event for the community with food, alcohol, entertainment and fireworks.


For other community events, check the Greenville City calendar  

Or, the Greenville Convention and Visitors Bureau



Summer Programs at the Bobby Pearse Community Center & Sears Shelter at McPherson Park

Program Instructors Needed

The City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department is currently seeking instructors to offer fun and exciting recreational and educational classes to our community. Our department offers a wide variety of recreational programs to citizens of all ages. These programs take place in city parks, community centers and other locations.  Apply Online

Super Summer Day Camp 2012

The City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department will offer its Super Summer Day Camp program starting June 11 until August 17, for boys and girls ages 5 to 12. The program will last from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at each of the City’s Community Centers. The campers will enjoy arts and crafts, fitness programs, sports, music, field trips and much, much more.

The cost is only $225 for the ten weeks of camp and city of Greenville residents will get a 20 percent discount. There is also a multi-family member discount for each sibling that signs up for camp. Families are required to pay in full at the point of registration. Lunch is provided for each camper. Registration for Super Summer begins the morning of Tuesday, March 27, 2012.   Register Online

Sing-Along Camp

The City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department is offering Sing-Along Camp at the Sears Shelter Cabin at McPherson Park! Each week is jam-packed with unique music and movement activities, games, crafts, and snacks sure to inspire your little diva or rock star! The instructor, Elizabeth Boone, has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, is a fully trained and registered Music Together teacher, and was previously a camp director in Charlotte, NC.

Ages: 3-10 years old
Location: Sears Shelter Cabin at McPherson Park
Dates: Choose one or more from the following weeks:
June 11-14 (Water Mania)
July 9-12 (Fun in the Sun)

July 23-26 (Beach Party)

Days: Monday-Thursday
Times: 9:00-12:00
Cost: Weekly tuition is $99/1st child, $79/2nd Child, $59/3rd Child
There is a $10 registration fee for all new families. This fee is non-refundable.
This registration fee will be waived for City of Greenville residents. City residents enter the coupon code “GREENCITY” at checkout to waive the registration fee.
Contact: Elizabeth Boone, 864-630-0144 or Jan Cox, 864-4326
Registration: Contact www.Sing-AlongKids.com or call 864-630-0144

Art & Design Camp

Location: Sears Shelter Cabin at McPherson Park
Dates: Monday – Friday; June 18 – June 22, 2012
Times: 9am – 11am for 6-8 year olds; 1pm – 3pm for 9-12 year olds
Cost: Residents – $100; Non-Residents – $125
Contact: 864-467-4355
Register Online

In this hands-on summer class taught by a local artist and a professor of architecture at Clemson University, students will explore all aspects of the design process and create unique works of art, from writing their own computer programs to designing skyscrapers. Students will work with a variety of materials such as clay, wood, paper, paints, Lego, and computers. Students will keep a sketchbook, and we will photograph the work for their portfolios. On the last day of the class, we will hold a mini exhibition for parents and friends.

Dave Lee is an architect living in Greenville. He graduated from Columbia University and worked internationally for such offices as NOX in the Netherlands. He has taught at the School of Architecture at Clemson University for the past 7 years. Katie Lee is an artist with a degree in architecture as well. She taught in the public school system for 8 years before the birth of their son. Together Dave + Katie Lee created Quixotic, a multidisciplinary design group founded on the belief that ideas have no boundaries.

Music Together

The City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department is offering Music Together at the Sears Shelter Cabin at McPherson Park! The instructor, Elizabeth Boone, who is a fully trained and registered Music Together teacher, works with 6-12 children and their caregiver to offer forty-five minutes of music and movement experiences. Each weekly class offers a dozen songs and rhythmic rhymes. Children and their adults have opportunities to create and improvise – making up new words to songs, offering movement ideas, making silly sounds, and sharing musical ideas from the family’s play at home. These classes are for babies through kindergarteners and their caregivers.

Summer Session: Music Together
Location: Sears Shelter Cabin at McPherson Park
Dates: June 4 – July 28 (6 weeks) *No classes weeks of 6/18 and 7/2
Times: Participants may choose one of the following 45-minute classes to attend each week:
Tuesdays, 5:15pm – 6:00pm
Saturdays, 10:30 – 11:15am
Cost: Tuition for this 6 week session is $125/1st child and $75/sibling
*Option to attend for 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks of the full 6 week session (Prorating available)
Infants 8 months of younger who attend with paying sibling – FREE
There is a $15 registration fee for all new families. This fee is non-refundable.
This registration fee will be waived for City of Greenville residents. City residents enter the coupon code “GREENCITY” at checkout to waive the registration fee.
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326 or Elizabeth Boone, 864-630-0144
Registration: Contact www.MusicTogetherOfGreenville.com  or call 864-630-0144


Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Date: Fridays, June 8 – August 17, 2012
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Cost: Residents – $10 per class; Non-Residents – $12 per class
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326
Ages: 11 – 17
Registration: https://www.greenvillesc.gov/Programs/Default.aspx

Craft-E-Teens is an art program for teens and pre-teens ages 11 – 17. This program allows participants to discover various types of art, be creative, have fun and make new friends! It also offers teens something new and fun to do on Friday evenings during the summer while having hands-on opportunities to create art! Instructor, Kathy Albertelli, is not only an artist but has taught middle school for 12 years.

Tennis Fun Camps

Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: Monday – Friday; June 25 – June 29; July 30 – August 3
Time: 7:30am – 1:00pm
Cost: Residents – $92; Non-Residents – $115
Participants: 6-9 years old
Contact: Robby Anders, 864-467-8011
Register Online

Tennis Fun Camp is a great way to introduce the basics of tennis to your child! These 5-day camps will be offered June 25 – 29 and July 30 – August 3. We will instruct the campers on the fundamentals of tennis, such as proper racket use, volley and how to serve the ball. The program will include personal instruction, drills, conditioning, play and group sessions as well as other fun activities. Campers will be grouped into beginner and intermediate lessons according to ability and age.

Family Rocks! Kids & Parents Guitar

Location: Bobby Pearse Community Center
Dates: Thursdays, June 28 – August 2, 2012 (6 weeks)
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Cost: Residents – $92 for parent & child; Non-Residents – $115 for parent & child
Participants: 5-12 (plus parent)
Contact: Jonathan Jones, 864-467-4331
Register Online

Come rock with us! This 6-week guitar program is a great way for a parent and child to spend time together AND both learn how to play the guitar. The class is taught by Leslie D. Smith, a singer-songwriter, acoustic and uke player who has been featured as one of AudioSparx.com’s Hot New Artists. The program gives the parent and child the basic knowledge and skills of guitar playing. Participants learn essential chords in order to play many different genres of music, such as pop, country, rock, folk, worship, indie songs, as well as other genres.

Writing Workshops

In partnership with the Emrys Foundation, the City of Greenville Parks and Recreation Department is offering writing workshops this fall at the Bobby Pearse Community Center!

2nd Sunday Writing Workshops

Location: Bobby Pearse Community Center
When: Sundays; June 10, July 8 & August 12, 2012
Time: 2-4 pm   Cost: $5 per class
Targeted Age: 17 & older
Contact: Jonathan Jones, 864-467-4331
Registration: Register at www.emrys.org or the fee may be paid upon arrival to the class.

The 2nd Sunday writing workshops are led by various members of the Writing Room faculty. They are designed to stimulate creativity and generate ideas for fiction and nonfiction. We’ll use a series of short in-class writing exercises to inspire new work and deepen your writing. Come prepared to write in class, to share your exercises without fear or self-judgment, and above all, have some fun. All levels are welcome!

Jewelry Making

Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: Tuesdays, June 26 – July 31, 2012
Times: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Cost: Residents – $60; Non-Residents – $75
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326
Registration: Register Online

Join us for a fun class of jewelry making. Beginners and experience jewelry makers are welcome! You will learn new techniques and have hands-on opportunities to make jewelry with different types of beads and silver. Materials will be provided but additional materials will be available for purchase.

Lindy Hop

Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: Thursdays, Now – August 30, 2012 *No class on May 31 or June 21
Times: 7-11 pm
Cost: Residents/College Students/Lindy Hop Members – $4 per class or $40 for 12 week session; Non-Residents – $5 per class or $50 for 12 week session
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326
Registration: Register Online

In partnership with the Greenville Lindy Hoppers, the City of Greenville Parks and Recreation is offering Lindy Hop at the Sears Shelter! The Greenville Lindy Hoppers are an all-volunteer group dedicated to promoting and preserving historic swing era dancing in the Upstate of South Carolina, with an emphasis on Lindy hop and Lindy hop-related styles. This includes dances such as Lindy Charleston, ’20s Charleston, Balboa, East Coast swing, West Coast swing, and blues.


Location: Sears Shelter at McPherson Park
Dates: Fridays; June 22 – July 27, 2012
Times: 5:30 – 6:30pm; 6:30 – 7:30pm
Cost: Residents – $24 and Non-Residents – $30
Contact: Jan Cox, 864-467-4326
Registration: Register Online

Did you know that South Carolina’s State Dance is Shag? Come learn how to shag with us! Adam Fisher, who has been teaching shag for many years, is instructing this fun-filled program. This 6-week class meets on Fridays at 5:30pm and at 6:30pm. All you need are soft sole shoes and a partner!


Location: Bobby Pearse Community Center
When: 6:30-7:45 pm, Mondays; June 4 – July 30 (8 weeks) *No class on June 18
Cost: Resident Fee – $32 for entire 8-week session or $5 per class; Non-Resident Fee – $40 for entire 8-week session or $6 per class
Contact: Jonathan Jones, 864-467-4331
Registration: https://www.greenvillesc.gov/Programs/Default.aspx

We invite you to join us at the Bobby Pearse Community Center for this 8 week yoga program, which is taught by Brooke Kleinfelter, who is a certified yoga instructor. This 75 minute class is taught once a week, and all levels are welcome; however, you do not need previous yoga experience to enjoy this class. Participants can pay $5 per class for city residents and $6 for non-city residents upon arrival. Participants are encouraged to register on-line for the entire 8 weeks for $32 for City residents and $40 for non-city residents. Participants do need their own yoga mat.  Note: you don’t have to come to the first class or all the classes to enjoy the benefits…come and try a class!  Don’t let me be the only one there on Monday!


For a full listing of City of Greenville Parks and Recreation summer programs, go to http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/CommunityCenter/ and for Adult and Youth Athletics, go to http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/AdultPrograms.aspx and http://www.greenvillesc.gov/ParksRec/Youth/YouthSports.aspx. 


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