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  *The Board of Directors now meets the first Tuesdays of most months at 6:30 PM at the Bobby Pearse Community Center. Members are welcome to attend board meetings. Please email pgilreath@aol.com in case there is a location change and to insure we are meeting that month.


NMCA Membership Renewal Notices

You should have received renewal notices recently for your 2015 dues. They will provide instructions if you choose to renew via Paypal. If you did not receive a renewal, it may mean you were one of the members who renewed for multiple years or recently renewed. Please renew as soon as you receive them before you forget or they get lost in that pile of mail you keep meaning to get to. In addition, we enclosed a small decal for your car, your door, your business door or counter, or wherever you want to put it, to let folks know logothat you support your community by being a member of NMCA. These decals are being provided by a generous donation from Palmetto Plating Company, Inc.….so, no dues are being used to pay for them. There are different stickers for residents and businesses. (For those who did renew early, you will be receiving decals in the mail) We hope you will use them. If you need additional decals, please let us know. We hope this will increase visibility and membership.

If you are interested in obtaining additional decals, you can purchase them for $5 each. The proceeds will go into a special fund which will be used to help with future beautification projects around the neighborhood. Please email a check made out to NMCA (P.O. Box 571, Greenville, SC, 29602) with your request and Membership Secretary, Leah Tollison at leahtollison@gmail.com ,  will send your decal. If you recently renewed or had renewed for this year previously, you should have received your decal this week.

Welcome to Two New Business Members

Palmetto Plating Company, Inc. provides high quality metal finishing services in South Carolina and beyond. It was established in 1964 by John Cutchin with the purpose of providing metal finishing services to the textile industries Palmetto Platingwhich were located in the Upstate region of South Carolina. Palmetto Plating is committed to providing unique and consistent metal finishing services which are specifically tailored to meet each customer’s specifications while operating our facility in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. This commitment includes continual improvement of business processes, procedures and services, enhancing employee’s skills and efficiencies, and sustaining fiscal growth with improved market presence while serving and giving back to our community.

Propel HRPropel HR was founded in 1996 by Lee Yarborough and her father Braxton Cutchin. They have grown from a family-run hometown business to a regional leader in Human Resources solutions. Propel HR is a Human Resources Outsourcing company. That means they “manage the HR needs of other companies with services such as: Payroll Processing, Time & Labor Management, HR Expert Consultation, Workers’ Compensation, Benefits Administration, Financial and Retirement Solutions, Assistance with Affordable Care Act (ACA) HR Solutions save you money, help you stay compliant, help you attract and keep great employees, and allow you to stay focused on what matters: Growing your business.”

Development Update and Other News

The Bruner Foundation Inc., sponsor of the Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence (RBA), has announced Falls Park on the Reedy as one of five finalists for its 2015 award. Falls Park was selected from 55 entries from across the continental United States by a nationwide committee of urban experts. Next month, Bruner Foundation staff will begin site visits to each finalist in preparation for the committee’s selection of the medal winners in June. Medalists will receive cash awards to support their projects. One Gold Medal recipient will receive $50,000, and four Silver Medal recipients will receive $10,000 each.

From one of our residents: the strip of East Hillcrest between North Main and McDonald is working with the City of Greenville’s Traffic Engineering Division on a street study to help slow down the traffic.  Once the traffic count & speed measurement data have been collected, East Hillcrest will work with the city to come up with a plan for landscape islands, speed humps, or speed cushions etc.  The plan will then be presented to the Fire Department, Police Department, EMS, and schools (for bus routes) for input prior to a presentation to neighborhood residents.  Also, East Montclair was approved a 3 way stop at the intersection of McDonald during the kick off Street Study meeting with the city on 1/27.

For those trying to keep up with what’s happening to the property between W. Mtn. View and W. Hillcrest (formerly known as Cottages at Townes), it is not on any city meeting agenda as of yet. According to city staff, they have run into some utility access issues. beach coOnce resolved, he will likely submit and will be required to hold a public meeting. We’ll keep you posted.

If you’ve driven down Main Street or Stone Ave., you can see the progression of the Beach Co. project. A 292-unit mixed-use development, this project will add 20,800 square feet of retail and commercial space in addition to apartments to create an urban epicenter on this ideally located site, which connects three of Greenville’s Historic District neighborhoods in the highly desirable North Main area. They expect to have some units ready late this year.

Crime Update

We haven’t received many reports of crimes in our neighborhood recently, other than another case of package(s) missing from front doors. If you hear of crimes or are a victim, please let us know or post on our Facebook page so we can warn other residents.

We’ve had several reports of people knocking on doors with petitions re: the non-partisan voting change. From Amy Doyle, “A brief background…...In May, Greenville City Council voted to change the type of elections in the city from partisan election to non-partisan elections.  In short, the primary process has been removed. Candidates may file and run in a general election.  Candidates may still campaign with a party label, but will not be required to run in a primary election.   There are more answers here on the new process:   http://www.greenvillesc.gov/CityClerk/elections.aspx Council discussed this for two years including five public meetings.  While it was controversial at times, the majority of Council voted to remove primary elections to be forward thinking and   encourage a next generation of leadership. I have been publicly outspoken about this move forward.  Over 70% of U.S. Cities have moved to non-partisan elections.  While political parties are important in national and state races when citizens do not know candidates, parties are not critical on local levels when dealing with local issues.   My G-news op-ed is here:   http://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/opinion/contributors/2014/04/27/party-label-needed-city/8166877/

On the petition…...According to the city attorney, a petition may be filed containing signatures of 15% of the registered voters in the previous election.  The petition would be received by the Municipal Election Commission and signatures would be verified.  After the required number of signatures are verified, Council would be required to discuss/act upon/vote the proposed ordinance.


Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. ~ Kahlil Gibran


Summit Drive Elementary Spring Fling

This year Summit Drive is having a Spring Fling instead of a Fall Festival.  They are looking for sponsors!!  Would your business or family be able to sponsor a ride, game or table?   Click Here for available sponsorship levels.  In addition to the sponsorship you will receive a FREE ad in the yearbook for your business or you can use it to send a message to your student.  Spring Fling is their biggest fundraiser and helps the PTA support many programs and resources for the school.  Please consider being a sponsor this year!  Contact Jenny Meredith at jfrayli@gmail.com or 803.381.6870 if you have any questions.

Zoo News

As you know, the Greenville Zoo recently unveiled the redesigned South American Aviary Exhibit. In partnership with Leadership Greenville Class 40, the exhibit features a larger footprint for the aviary collection with an expanded height of 16 feet. The exhibit will include four different species of vibrantly colored birds, and the zoo will continue to add to the collection this spring and summer. A special thank you to Leadership Greenville Class 40 who raised $18,000 to help fund the project.

Greenville Trolley “Lunchlink”

Greenlink will debuted Lunchlink, its new Friday lunchtime trolley service, on Feb 13, with a route that travels a continuous loop from Greenville County Square to the Hyatt Regency on North Main Street. The service is free and will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Friday. The trolley route will begin at Greenville County Square, turn right on University Ridge, right on Howe Street, left on Bradshaw Street, right on Augusta Street, left on Field Street, right on Markley Street and right on South Main Street. The trolley will travel along Main Street, turn left on College Street at the Hyatt Regency, right on Townes Street, right on Elford Street, then right on North Main Street, traveling back to Augusta Street.

Lunchlink is a pilot program designed to help gauge demand for lunchtime trolley service in the Central Business District. It will also serve as a first step toward expanded trolley service, which is referenced in Greenlink’s Transit Vision and Master Plan and five-year Marketing Plan. 

February Gardening?

Well, it looks like maybe the groundhog was right! So don’t get too anxious to get out those pruning shears.

Pruning – Winter is a good time to prune most trees and shrubs.  However, do not prune azalea, dogwood, forsythia, redbud and rhododendron – they should be pruned after they bloom, since they set blooms in the fall on the previous season’s growth. If you prune now, you prune off the part that will bloom.  Almost anything that blooms after June 1 (except oakleaf hydrangea and late-flowering azalea cultivars) can be pruned safely; however, make sure there is no green wood which could actually start sprouting new growth if we have a prolonged warm period. See Pruning Trees and Pruning Shrubs for more information.

Tree Planting – The winter months when trees are dormant are excellent times to plant.  Be careful that you do not plant them too deep or with too much soil amendment.  See Planting Trees Correctly for information on the proper way to plant a tree.

Transplanting – This is also a good time to move plants that have overgrown a site or that don’t fit the microclimate of that site (sun, shade, etc.) Plants are dormant and will undergo less stress if transplanted now. Be sure to plant at a similar depth from where they came and get as much of the root ball as possible. http://www.clemson.edu/extension/county/laurens/yard_garden/01_january.html

The City of Greenville will continue its ongoing tree restoration and replacement program along Main Street, between East Court Street and West North Street. The purpose of the project is to achieve the long-term goals of maintaining the aesthetic appeal of Main Street, and this year’s scope is derived from the annual assessment by consulting arborist James Urban. The project will include corrective pruning of selected trees, tree restoration and root mitigation and removal and replacement of some declining maples. The attached maps show the specific locations where the tree restoration and replacement work will be conducted.

The work will be performed by Schneider Tree Care, and is expected to be completed by late-March. While closure of some sections of sidewalk may be necessary, access to downtown businesses will remain open and every effort will be made to minimize the impact of the tree work on merchants and their customers.

Monthly Trivia and Fun Facts You Can’t Live Without

  • Here is a random fact for you today. It’s pretty disgusting actually, but you can certainly amaze your co-workers at the water cooler with this tidbit. There are 96 bags of poop, pee, and vomit on the moon. Astronauts from the Apollo missions left them there to reduce the weight of their shuttles. This way they’d be able to bring back moon rocks and core samples. Really? We’re already littering the moon!
  • Glass takes one million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times!
  • Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end. (And no…for those of you who think there is another one…it’s not a muscle, it’s an organ with some muscle tissue in it.)
  • If you get into the bottom of a well or a tall chimney and look up, you can see stars, even in the middle of the day. (Because light particles travel in a straight line.)  (Let us know if someone tries this…does it really work?)
  • Soldiers do not march in step when going across bridges because they could set up a vibration which could be sufficient to knock the bridge down.


Weather Tidbits

ghAccording to climate data from 1981 to 2010, the average maximum temperature for Greenville in February is 57.0°F, the average low is 35°F and the average precipitation (rainfall) is 3.92”. As you know, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, meaning 6 more weeks of winter. (In the celebration in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, the handler held the groundhog a little too close to the mayor and he promptly chomped down on his ear.)

Looking at records from 1890 to the present, the maximum high was 81 on Feb 27th, 1996. The highest low temperature was 60 on Feb 2nd,1923. The minimum high temperature was 20 on Feb 14th 1899 and the minimum low was -5 that same day. Maximum precipitation (rain) in a 24 hour period was 3.42” on Feb 28, 1987. Maximum snow was 15” on Feb 15th back in 1902. http://www.dnr.sc.gov/climate/sco/index.php .


Flash from the Past

From last month:

geer thompsonThe West End’s first structure over three stories was the 1911 Geer-Thompson Building, which started out as a wholesale drug warehouse for 2 years before becoming Thompson’s Ford Model T dealership. Henry Ford started Ford Motor Company just ten years before the dealership opened in Greenville, which was the first upstate Ford dealership. After 5 years in business, Thompson’s helped the Model T have a 50% share of all cars sold in America. Other occupants included Piedmont Battery, Davis Used Cars, Dan Tassey’s auto trim, and Harper Bros. Office Supply. Being the longest running tenant, many locals refer to it as the Harper Bros. Building. A banner remains along the entire north side of the building. They moved out in 1988 due to big box office supply store competition.

mystery2 (2)The American Bank Building at the apex of August St. and South Main began as a drugstore in the 1870’s and was remodeled to its current style in 1920. Built by a young Dr. Thomas T. Earle, it was among the early commercial ventures in the West End. Born in Greenville in 1845, Dr. Earle went on to become one of the oldest established and physicians in the city. The building survived a tornado in 1884 that destroyed many surrounding buildings, but was vacated by 1888. In 1890, the American Bank was organized…the first bank in the West End, indicated the residential growth and financial prospects of the area. In 1980 the Legal Services Agency renovated the building and its signage remains across the front today. (A Guide to Historic Greenville, South Carolina, 2008)



This month instead of old buildings to identify, we thought we’d do something a bit different. We obtained a copy of an old map of Greenville (unfortunately, it wasn’t dated). If anyone knows an approximate age, let us know. Many streets have different names than today, and some aren’t there at all. It’s an interesting glimpse into the past. We’ve cropped it to show mostly the North Main Neighborhood.





Thank You to our Local Business Members

We are starting a new tradition with this newsletter. Below is a list of our current business members. Please keep them in mind when you are out and about, shopping, eating, looking for services, etc. If you frequent local businesses that you don’t see on this list, please encourage them to join. They can go to our website at www.northmaincommunity.org/membership    Hover your mouse over each company name to read a brief description or hit ctrl and click to follow the link:






City Council Formal Meeting and Work Session schedules can be found at http://www.greenvillesc.gov/city_government/meet.asp

The Hughes Main Library has numerous programs for adults and children. Check out their January calendar.

The Children’s Museum has great programs for kids.  Check them out at their website calendar

Check out the current exhibits and other programs at the Upstate History Museum.

Don’t forget about a great local resource for family activities. Macaroni Kid lists all kinds of local activities for kids and families.

Greenville County Museum of Art – The Museum is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am – 6 pm and on Sundays 1 – 5 pm. As always, admission is free. Considered the premier American art museum in the South, the GCMA is home to the world’s largest public collection of watercolors by iconic American artist Andrew Wyeth.  The GCMA also has an impressive collection of paintings and prints by contemporary artist Jasper Johns. Ranging from Federal portraits to contemporary abstractions, the GCMA’s acclaimed Southern Collection invites viewers to survey American art history through works with ties to the South

Every Tuesday starting Jan 6. Line Dancing at the Sears Shelter at McPhearson Park from 6:15 – 8pm. Dances are taught in a fun and easy way with a variety of music – Hip Hop, R&B, Rock & Roll, Latin, Country, Shag, and Swing. Party dances include Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Bikers Shuffle, and Cha Cha Slide. Second hour moves into mainstream dances -Good Time, Tush Push, R&B Boogie and more. No partner or dance knowledge required. Two left feet are fine. Bring your friends and have some fun. Cost – $5 (Greenville City Residents -$4)

Jan to March – Check out the 2015 schedule of classes at Dance Ventures at Stone Plaza. Everything from tap to ballet to jazz. Join a class today. 864-271-7701.

 Feb 13 – 16Great Backyard Bird Count. The Great Backyard Bird Count is an annual four-day event that across the continent. Anyone can participate, from beginning bird watchers to experts. It takes as little as 15 minutes on one day, or you can count for as long as you like each day of the event. It’s free, fun, and easy—and it helps the birds. In 2014, Great Backyard Bird Count participants in 135 countries counted nearly 4,300 species of birds on more than 144,000 checklists! See top 10 lists and other 2014 results.

Feb 18Exploring Bordeaux – Wine Tasting. The Community Tap. 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. For other events, check out their calendar.

Feb 20Karaoke and music with BJ the DJ from 8:30pm to 1am. Northgate Soda Shop. Trivia with Judy Mc at 7:30. Trivia questions will be about Presidents, Valentine’s Day and bonus questions TBD. So bone up on your trivia. Prizes. Food served until 9pm.

Feb 21C. Dan Joyner Mission Backpack 5K. 8am – 10am. First Baptist Church, 847 Cleveland St., 5K race/walk to raise money to feed elementary school age children at Duncan Chapel. Contact: Mittie Taylor Telephone: 864-233-2527

Feb 21 – Native Plant Society Upstate Propagation Workshop and “Potting Party”. 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. You are invited to an informal “Potting Party” in the morning-and a members-only workshop on propagation techniques in the afternoon, both at Miller and Kitty Putnam’s greenhouse at 180 Lakewood Drive, Greenville, SC. The potting party is to pot up plant divisions to be sold at the April 18 spring Upstate NPS plant sale.

Feb 22Music in the Galleries. 2-3pm. Greenville Co. Museum of Art. Wander through the galleries and enjoy a relaxing concert by the jazz combo, Scotch & Soda with a Twist. Upbeat and fun, their playlist features highlights from The Great American Saloon Singer Songbook.

Feb 27Gala 2015 – A World Sensation. 7-11pm. Westin Poinsett. Dance the night away at this year’s Gala – A World Sensation, the opening night event that kicks off Upstate International Month. A live band, international entertainment, delicious hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and a wonderful silent auction are all in store during this festive event that celebrates international cultures, customs and cuisine. Admission: Members: $75; Non-members:$95

Now till May 3Searching for the Seventies. The DOCUMERICA Photography Project. The Upcountry History Museum – Furman University is elated to announce our selection as the newest member of the Smithsonian Affiliates program. Come by before May 3, 2015 to see the 90 remarkable color photographs taken for a federal photography project called Project DOCUMERICA (1971-1977). Learn more about the programs of Smithsonian Affiliations.

Feb 28GHS Half Marathon and 5K – Downtown Greenville, 300 E. McBee Ave. 7:30 – 11:30am. GHS Half Marathon & 5K for the general running public. Free.

Feb 28Basket Weaving Workshop. Upcountry Museum. 10:30am. Create your very own market basket at the Museum with the Upper South Carolina Basketmakers Guild! The workshop is $35 (member discounts available), and includes all materials, full day admission, and light snacks. Space is limited. Call 864-467-3100 for reservations.

Jan 28 – April 1 – Wednesdays, 7-8pm. Qigong Classes at Bobby Pearse.   Qigong uses slow flowing, controlled movements like in martial arts, and offers medical and mental/spiritual benefits. Get rid of stress and anxiety and welcome self-healing, better balance and overall health improvement. It is time for fitness and healing! Participants may pay in full on-line or pay at the door – $5 for city residents and $6 for non-residents. This program is open to all adults but will target mature adults. Find more athletic and educational programs offered by the City Parks Dept. at their website.

Jan 19 – March 3, Monday eveningsYoga at the Bobby Pearse Center. 6:30 – 7:45pm. Taught by Rindi Wood, who is a certified yoga instructor. This 75 minute class is taught once a week, and all levels are welcome; however, you do not need previous yoga experience to enjoy this class. Participants may pay per class upon arrival or register for the entire 8-week session for less! Please bring your own yoga mat. Cost is only $5 per class (Greenville City Residents – 

March 6Reedy River Run – Kids Event. 5-8pm. Downtown Greenville, S. Main St. Contact: Tyler Scott, Telephone: 864-599-4619, Admission: FREE

March 10Designing a Sustainable Garden. Swamp Rabbit Café & Grocery. 6:15pm – Get a head start planning next year’s garden! Everything from siting the garden, styles of gardens, bed preparation, plant placement, when to plant what, and tips for reducing your labor in the long run. Learn how to plan yields that will benefit your household, how to propagate your own plants, and where you can obtain what you need (with cost-saving advice).

AprilSpring Yard Sale at the Northgate Soda Shop. Date TBD. As you start your spring cleaning, remember the North Main Yard Sale and come make a little money and get some great deals.

March 14St. Paddy’s Day Dash & Bash. Fluor Field at the West End/Main Street. 8am – 12pm. A Run/Walk to raise awareness and funds for local children’s charities: Make-A-Wish, Camp Spearhead, GHS Children’s and Let There Be Mom. Free.

March 7Reedy River Run 10K and 5K. 8:30 am – 12:30pm. Main Street, Cleveland Park. Free.


  • For other events in this area bookmark Go-greenevents for a listing of various events with registration, etc., handled online to save needless waste of paper.



The use of trade names or advertisements in this publication does not constitute endorsement or discrimination by the North Main Community Association.


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