NMCA Board Member Positions and Descriptions

NMCA Board of Director Positions and Responsibilities

May 1, 2022


President:  All activities are apolitical in nature.  The President’s efforts are year-round, and variable, focused on assuring broad communication between City staff and the North Main resident and business members on issues relevant to NMCA’s purpose.  Time estimate is 5 to 10 hours a month depending on the engagement level with on-going City activities, except little or none during July and December.

Duties may include

  • Gather and provide priorities for neighborhood activities such as traffic, lighting, and safety improvements.
  • Interface with the City of Greenville concerning community input for ordinance and code updates or rewrites.
  • Work closely with various city departments as necessary when neighborhood input is requested, including City Council Representatives, City Managers, Police Department, Fire department, Parks and recreation and engineering departments.



  • Act as an aide to the President; perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve.
  • Assume other responsibilities as assigned by the president.
  • Coordinate the general activities of any Special Committees.
  • Ideally – is willing to serve as President in the future.

(Effort: year-round, time varies depending upon roles.)


Membership Secretary:

  • Record dues paid from PayPal and Eventbrite and via mail.
  • Record names and addresses of new members and update emails as needed.
  • Send new email addresses to newsletter editor.
  • Send out initial welcome emails and decals to new members.
  • Send annual invoices and decals to business members.

Time estimate:  varies but averages 2 hours a month with slightly more in spring around the time of the social.  The majority of this work can be conducted from home.



  • Pick up checks at Post Office. Document and deposit checks at bank and relay membership information to Membership Secretary.
  • Documenting PayPal payments and transferring to bank.
  • Paying approved bills, all via check.
  • Creating monthly treasurer’s report with reconciled credits & debits to TD checking account (using Quicken).
  • Annual statement and corporate tax submission (This takes about 30 minutes).
  • Retaining and filing all documents pertinent to accounting functions.

Average hours per month – 2.  The majority of this work can be conducted from home.


Media Person(s):  NMCA is also looking for a person or persons to produce a bimonthly newsletter, maintain the Facebook page, and maintain the Website.  These responsibilities could be handled by one or more individuals.   Time required would vary depending on how much time each individual wants to spend.  This is all work that can be done from home.


Note:  The Board typically meets monthly as needed for approximately one hour and some months there may be no meetings.  All current board members would be available to help new members with learning tasks to insure a smooth transition.

NMCA Board Member Positions and Descriptions