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The following is an email received from Council Member Amy Ryberg Doyle updating us on several local issues.

District 1 Neighbors:

I have received a number of questions in the past few weeks on several issues affecting our neighborhood. I hope this email will provide you with some answers to questions. As always, please feel free to contact me directly for further detail.

When will repaving on East North Street begin? As you may have seen, South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has begun to work with the City on the preparation for repaving East North Street. The repaving will run from Pleasantburg to Stone Avenue. The design of the street will comply with the City’s Complete Streets policy to allow for multiple types of transportation, most notably the addition of bike lanes. East North Street will have three lanes – one lane in each direction and a continuous left hand turning lane.

Will Park Avenue be repaved?
Yes it will. In anticipation of SCDOT repaving Park Avenue, the City has repaired a sanitary sewer line on East Park Avenue. East Park Avenue is now open.

What is happening with the Waffle House on Stone Avenue?
The Waffle House construction is complete. The business has complied with all the design requirements for non-residential use. The City has given a Certificate of Occupancy and the Waffle House has the legal right to open for business at any time. However, should they wish to open between the hours of 12am-5am, Waffle House will be required to receive a special exception from the Board of Zoning Appeals.

As you may remember, last year City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to outlaw 24-hour businesses in Commercial 2 zoning. (This was approved prior to the Waffle House Corp purchasing their property.) Commercial 2 zoning is commonly referred to as “residential commercial”. Augusta Road and Stone Avenue are the most common corridors with Commercial 2 zoning.

The ordinance was designed to give added consideration to commercial businesses which are located adjacent to residential zoning. This Board of Zoning Appeals meeting (to be held this Thursday, June 17th at 4pm in City Hall) will determine whether or not the business complies with the criteria in the ordinance. Public notice and more information is available here at this website.

What is happening with Brookside Gardens?
In March, the developer began clearing the land for construction on Brookside Gardens, the three-story 55 unit (2BR) senior housing apartment building. Prior to beginning construction, the project complied with the City’s Multi-Family Design Guidelines. When the contractor removed the trees that were part of the approved plan, the City pulled the Conditional Use Permit noting it no longer complied with the guidelines. The Board of Zoning Appeals (meeting to be held this Thursday, June 17th at 4pm in City Hall) will vote on whether or not the City was within its right to revoke the conditional use permit. City staff is recommending the project comply with the current Multi-Family Design Guidelines process. Public notice was given and more information is here.

What is the land being cleared on Wade Hampton?
The property on Wade Hampton (located next to Majesty Music) has been cleared. The property is owned by Central Realty. There have been discussions to allow for a commercial development on the Wade Hampton portion and residential homes in the back (on Gilfilling Road). While several informal discussions have been had regarding the property, no formal plans have been brought to the City.

Where is the Stone Avenue Master Planning process?
You may have attended one of the meetings during the weeklong charrette back in March. (If so, thank you for your time!) If you were unable to, but would like to offer feedback, you may go to visit the maps and suggestions and offer suggestions.
There have been initial informal meetings with City’s traffic engineering departments and SCDOT to discuss the traffic on Stone Avenue. No formal plans have been submitted. More to come on Stone Ave…..

When will the Batesview Drive sidewalks be installed?
Batesview Sidewalk funding is complete and the sidewalks will be installed this summer through the City’s Nstep program. The sidewalk will extend from East North Street to Wade Hampton Boulevard.

Has the City sold property to the Hyatt Hotel downtown?
On Monday June 14th, the City Council voted in first reading for a sales agreement of some public parcels to the Hyatt Corporation. (This includes the atrium and kitchen which were leased to the hotel based on the original sales agreement and financing.) The sale of the property amounts to $1Million and is a tremendous boost for the City’s General Fund. I have recommended this money be solely used for North Main area redevelopment.

What is Reedy Square?
The Greenville Convention and Visitors Bureau has committed to building a state of the art visitors center next to Linky Stone park. This “wow project” will be fantastic for Greenville residents and visitors to our city. The plans are not final but will include amenities such as cafes with out-door space, art galleries, bike rentals and park space. Reedy Square will also be located on the newly completed Swamp Rabbit trail. While Main Street continues to flourish, the City recognizes the importance of destination spots off Main Street allowing for further development “upriver “. City Council has pledged $3.5Million to the project based on the private money being raised. (County Council has enthusiastically supported the project with $5M which included purchasing the land and hiring the Chicago-based architect, Studio Gang. ) If you missed the Greenville News article, click here.

Feel free to call or email me. amy

Amy Ryberg Doyle
Greenville City Council
PO Box 156
Greenville, SC 29602


News You Can Use – District 1 Update
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