New Townhomes Planned for 611 N. Main Street

Arbor Engineering has presented plans for a new development at 611 N. Main St. (The area where North Main Counseling was once located…between Stone Ave and Park Ave.).  The plan is for 25 units on approximately 1.38 acres.  See links to the preliminary and conceptual plans below.

One of our residents attended the meeting and sent in the following key takeaways. She felt it went well and she felt better about the plans than before the meeting.

1. We were concerned about the parking. There will be no reserved parking for them on Main St; however, with only 5 guest parking spots for 25 units, I believe parking will turn into a major headache.
2. There will be landscaping in the approximately 10 foot buffer west of the N Main sidewalk.
3. The rooftop patios will not have lights; they are designed as a grilling get together spot. Should not be excessive noise or light pollution.
4. The alley behind the development may need work to meet city codes for fire fighting.
5. They are planning on planting trees on the Northwest corner for privacy and scenic purposes.

If anyone has additional comments, please send them to and we’ll make sure the developer gets them. Thanks!

181213 PRELIMINARY PLAT (611 N. Main) (1)

181213 CONCEPTUAL PLAN (611 N. Main) 2.0 (1)

New Townhomes Planned for 611 N. Main Street
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