Neighborhood Safety Reminder

Once again, we’ve had reports of individuals ringing doorbells asking for work and/or money. We are aware of this happening on both Buist and W. Hillcrest, involving different individuals. As we heard last year from Courtney Palmer, the City’s Crime Prevention Specialist, it cannot be stressed enough that everyone is aware it is illegal to beg for money in the city limits and people should call the police so they can at the very least ID these people or try to get them into a shelter if that is possible. Again, the non-emergency police number is 271-5333.

Courtney has also provided us with a list of organizations within the city limits that offer resources for the homeless. Feel free to copy this list and if you are approached for money, have a copy available to give them. Keep in mind that in some cases, the individual probably already knows about them and has other issues that these establishments do not deal with. We all want to help those less fortunate, but a better way to do this is to donate to local charities rather than dealing with them on a one-to-one basis.

• Miracle Hill Ministries
575 West Washington Street – 864-242-6933
Homeless shelter and food, always open

• Project Host Soup Kitchen
525 South Academy Street – 864-235-3403
Soup kitchen serving lunch daily

• Rescue Mission
517 West Washington Street
Weather shelter when temperatures drop below 40 degrees for about 100 men.

• Salvation Army Shelter
417 Rutherford Street – 864-235-4803
Homeless shelter, plus food pantry and other assistance

Neighborhood Safety Reminder
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