“Name That Neighborhood”

This is a second request for ideas and comments about naming the Stone Avenue area. Thanks to Mike Mecklenburg for the summary.

Hi Neighbors…..First of all, thanks to everybody who participated in the Stone Avenue Plan meetings. The initial draft plan was based on feedback from neighbors, businesses and property owners. The ideas we all discussed will have a long-term and positive impact in how our how our community develops. Please visit the plan website for more details.

The planners have asked us to help them come up with a name or brand for the Stone Avenue area to give an identity to the new development envisioned in the draft plan. To this end, the neighborhood associations, businesses and property owners formed a committee to help with the naming project. The purpose is not to rename our neighborhoods, but rather to give a distinct designation to future comprehensive development projects on our commercial corridors. It should be a name that represents all the stakeholders in the area.

The committee is close to settling on the name, “North End.” But we would like to hear from everybody.

The name North End has several factors in its favor:
1. The name is generic and does not favor a particular existing street, neighborhood or function – remember that if the draft plan goes forward and someday happens, we will have a whole new neighborhood with a variety of functions: homes, retail and offices. This area will hopefully be a destination of its own
2. It is logical, easy to remember and compliments the names of other parts of town, notable the West End. We are, after all, in the geographically northern part of the city
3. This name has been floating around for years and was voted on — in favor — some time ago by several North Main associations, including the businesses.

Again, we would like to hear your opinions. Please submit your comments – there is no right or wrong. We need to get back to the planners so please post your comments in the next week or so.

“Name That Neighborhood”
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2 thoughts on ““Name That Neighborhood”

  • April 26, 2010 at 10:56 am

    North End is a great name for the area. As with West End it denotes the character and energy of the area and also carries the additional benefit of being a border of the downtown area.

  • May 4, 2010 at 1:51 am

    “North End” is not a good name for an “area” that includes large and small distinctive neighborhoods and identities.

    This is a name that the city Economic Development department invented several years ago for what was claimed to be just the commercial T-shaped section of Stone Avenue from Poinsett to just beyond the Handlebar and N. Main from Stone south to Academy.

    The idea was that the “North End” would be the entertainment destination for downtown Greenville while the “West End” was the art destination.

    Lumping distinctive residential neighborhoods together like this gives an excuse to and credence for taking away uniqueness to what keeps us all proud of living in our area.

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