N. Main Tree Planting Opportunity

We apologize for the late notice; however, we only found out about this yesterday. But there is still time to register! AND we can do another event in the fall.

North Main neighborhood is participating in a community tree planting sponsored by the nonprofit TreesGreenville. They are offering discounted trees to residents to plant on private property AND they will organize a volunteer day to plant all the trees for us. The cost per tree is $35. We need a minimum of 12 residents to participate and to register for a minimum of 17 trees to qualify for the program. Please help us spread the word!

If you are interested in participating, go to treesgreenville.org/gottrees and find North Main Neighborhood to register for your trees. The deadline to register for their event is this Monday, February 11 at midnight.


  • Community Tree Planting Date tentatively Saturday, March 16

  • Current species availability from local nurseries can be found below (this could change)

  • Contact Maggie Citarella at TreesGreenville if you have questions: maggie@treesgreenville.org

What’s Included:

  • 15 gallon, 5′-10′ tall tree (height depends on species)
  • Species selection. .
  • Utility marking (you are responsible for marking any irrigation before the tree planting)
  • Professional site visit from our staff to give recommendations based on available space, utilities, etc
  • Installation
Neighborwoods Tree Plantings March 16, 2019 Tentative Species List
*Species Availability will change as we reserve trees for other sites & homes
1. Little Gem magnolia
2. Teddy Bear magnolia
3. Nellie Stevens holly
4. Forest Pansy redbud
5. Hearts of Gold redbud
6. Rising Sun redbud
7. Serviceberry
8. Fringetree
9. Prairifire crabapple
10. Japanese snowbell
11. Autumnalis cherry
12. Okame cherry
13. Purple leaf plum
14. Cherokee Brave dogwood
15. Cherokee Princess dogwood
1. Autumn Blaze red maple
2. Red Sunset red maple
3. October Glory red maple
4. Wildfire blackgum
5. Green Gable blackgum
6. Ginkgo
7. River birch (single stem)
8. American hornbeam
9. American hophornbeam
10. Bracken Browns Beauty magnolia
11. American holly
12. Eastern red cedar
13. Chinese pistache
14. Carolina Sapphire Arizona cypress
15. Overcup oak
16. Carolina silverbell

1. White oak
2. Pin oak
3. Willow oak
4. Chestnut oak
5. Nuttall oak
6. Sawtooth oak
7. Chinkapin oak
8. Allee elm
9. Tulip poplar
10. London planetree
11. Shawnee Brave baldcypress
N. Main Tree Planting Opportunity
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