More Crime Reported

— From a North Main Randall St. Homeowner who wanted us to send this out as a warning to others…

Saturday night. I went and grabbed some food around 10 or so, as I’m parking I see an African-American male checking out cars on both sides of the street,   zig zagging back and forth.   I called the police but due to dispatch wanting to connect me to county the guy was able to get away. Police response time was around ten minutes. This was guy was early to mid 20’s, wearing a black and red flat bill hat, jeans, white Tee.

Sunday morning around 10 am,  my wife leaves the house, approximately 10 minutes later I’m surprised by a bunch of loud banging and shaking at the front door, my dogs are going crazy. I get dressed, and head out the door. I went to my backyard and there was an African American Male on my back deck messing with the French doors, I yell at him, he runs, and gets in a late 90s, early 00’s blue Ford Taurus. It was a SES model, I was unable to get the tag number. Cops respond, the officer tells me the same car was seen in connection with another home burglary.

More Crime Reported
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