More Crime Alerts: LOCK YOUR CAR!

A member on Parkwood reported that their car and their neighbor’s car were gone through last night (Monday night). They had not locked the doors and the only thing missing was a small container of change. They filed a police report and the officer said that they would patrol the area more at night. The police also mentioned earlier break-ins on Woodbine.

On East Earle Street last Friday, a victim reported he discovered his unlocked 2006 Acura TXS had been entered. The center console appeared to have been rummaged through and a GPS and Ipod were reported stolen.

City Crime Prevention Specialist Courtney Palmer asked us to please pass on to residents that 911 is only to be used to emergencies and if it is a non-emergency, they need to call 271-5333. “A man called today to report some females sitting near his residence and they were “annoying.” He also stated right off that the call was not an emergency but he wanted us to know what they were doing, which was just sitting in the car. I know most everyone knows this and of course we talked about this at some of the meetings I attended but I just wanted to make sure that it was reiterated so there is no mistake. I don’t want anyone to take offense, and we do want suspicious activity reported. However, if an officer is not needed right away, the non-emergency number is the one to use.”

More Crime Alerts: LOCK YOUR CAR!
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