Missing Kitty from Russell Ave.

For all you who are keeping an eye out for Little Bits, here is her story….please check your garages and any place a very scared kitty could hide.  The owner is slowly losing hope, so everyone in the area of Russell Ave. please check your garages, crawl spaces, etc.  Remember she is very shy and if you see her, just email the owner.  She probably won’t come to anyone else.  Her cell phone is 864.363.5192 and email is laurie.kennedy@scansource.com

little_bits“When she was only 5 weeks old and so tiny that she could fit in your hand, my
husband was driving to work when he found her in the middle of the road on
Pelham road….homeless and all alone in the world. She was bleeding so  he
rushed her to the vet and she was cleaned up and put on antibiotics for all her
scrapes and road rash. I already had 5 cats and didn’t think I could keep her,
but thought I’d keep her just until she got better. She cried all night long the
first night and I sat up with her until she finally fell asleep. That was in
August of 2013 and I’ve had her ever since.

She’s too afraid to go outside, so even though my other cats venture out, she
always stays behind. She is extremely shy and even hides under the bed when
company comes over. Well the other night I did have company, and someone didn’t
shut the back door all the way…and Little Bits got out. I actually found her
the next night, hiding under a rock in the creek (this was Thursday night), but
I couldn’t catch her and I lost track of her. I think she is still hiding – but
I don’t know where it could be. My husband and I walked the creek in mud boots
calling her name and looking under anything she could be hiding under.”

I know that North Main residents love our pets, so let’s all keep an eye out for Little Bits.  Thank you!

Missing Kitty from Russell Ave.
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