Make Time to Vote Tomorrow!

GET OUT THE VOTE! Tomorrow is the primary election and there are no democratic candidates, so you will be choosing between Republican candidates. Maybe you’re a Democrat and feel that you can’t or don’t need to vote in the primary. Yes, you can and you should! Regardless of party, whoever is elected will still be representing you and our district.

We have two candidates running for State Representative, District 22: Jason Elliott, and Incumbent, Wendy Nanny. There are 3 Republican candidates running for State Senate, District 6: Johnny Edwards, incumbent Mike Fair, and William Timmons.

Won’t be in town that day? No excuse. A voter can vote absentee in-person at the voter registration office through 5pm, today, Monday, June 13. Just go to their office at 301 University Ridge, Greenville SC. Follow the red signs along the road to the voting area and request to vote absentee.

Those in Precinct 3 will be voting at Summit Elementary School and those in Precinct 4 will be voting at Stone Academy. Precinct 5 will vote at the Sears Shelter at McPhearson Park.

Every vote counts!!

Make Time to Vote Tomorrow!
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