Mail Theft and Fraud Information

Greenville Police Department (GPD) detectives have arrested two suspects in connection with multiple charges ranging from identity theft to larceny. The crimes were committed by the suspects stealing and/or tampering with mail.  Investigators say the scheme included the suspects unlawfully taking victims’ mail to acquire checking account and other personal information, stealing checks to modify for personal use, making fake identifications to include driver’s licenses and passports to facilitate these crimes.

While this particular investigation was in the Parkins Mill area, GPD advises anyone suspecting their personal or financial information may have been compromised to look into the benefits of a credit monitoring system for added protection.

Lt. Jason Rampey provides a brief overview of this identity theft operation in a video posted HERE or at:  This video contains informative details of how these criminals use the information they gather.

Anyone with any information regarding these crimes is encouraged to contact the Greenville Crime Stoppers Hotline at 23-CRIME (864-232-7463

Mail Theft and Fraud Information
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