Letter to Brookside Developer from City

Below is the Greenville City letter to the Developer who cut the trees at the Brookside Development. Work has been stopped at the site by the City until this Developer submits a revised proposal for the site.

Since there will be smaller trees, the buildings should be smaller, if built at all.

Feel free to send your own email to this developer about his actions. His email address is general@douglascoinc.com.

Will continue to keep our neighbors up to date on this situation.

City of Greenville Planning & Development

David Douglas
Douglas Wade Hampton LLC
PO Box 160
Aynor, SC 29511

RE. Violation of Conditional Use Permit #09-120
25 Brookside Circle, Greenville, SC
TMS #274.4-1-71

Dear Mr. Douglas:
I have inspected the above-referenced property and found that a number of trees, which were
represented to be preserved on City-approved plans, have been removed during rough grading of the site. Preservation of six of these trees, located along Gilfilling Road and along Brookside Circle, was cited as a basis for my approval of the referenced Conditional Use Permit.

The location of the trees, the size of their trunks, their overall height, and the broad breadth of their canopy were important in reducing the visual impact of the mass established by the footprint and height of the structure. Considerations of visual mass ing are important to achieve compliance with the City’s multifamily design standards, which apply to the project. The removal of these trees constitutes a violation of the City of Greenville Code of Ordinances Section 19-10.3.2(A & F).

Since the location and size of the trees were a fundamental basis for my determination that the proposed building would meet provisions relating to mass and neighborhood context, their removal by your contractor removed that basis for approval and compliance of the project. The massing of the structure must be rectified in order for the project to proceed. Therefore, this letter is written notice that you must submit a proposal showing how your development will now comply with the ‘Design Principles and Standards for Multifamily Residential Development’ (Section 19-6.8 of theCity Code).

As you are aware, the City has placed a ‘Stop Work Order ‘ on the construction because of the tree removal, and this order will remain in effect until a solution to the violation is accepted.

Bryan D. Wood, AICP
Zoning Administrator

cc: Andy Sherard , Site Design, Inc.
James Bourey, City Manager

City of Greenville I P.O. Box 2207 I Greenville, SC 29602 I www.greenvillesc.gov

Letter to Brookside Developer from City
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