League Middle School Business Partnership Program

Neighbors: League Middle School is attempting to jump start a much needed Business Partnership Program. For the FIRST time ever, they are launching a “Business Partner of the Week” effort, where the school would focus on advertising/highlighting an individual business during the school week.

Advertising means…

1. A 3 x 5 Vinyl banner is displayed in the car line with your logo/business. Again only ONE banner displayed, providing uniquely focused attention.

2. Your logo and message published on push text messages (via Remind), Facebook, hallway projector, and on the PTA and League websites

3. You may provide any swag, flyers, business cards, discount coupons, etc. that will be handed-out during that week.

4. Listed on all Program Inserts handed out during events (Orchestra, Drama, Choir Performances)

How Much?? $250 contribution to make this happen.

If you are interested, please contact Cady Johnson via email at cadyjohnson@yahoo.com or via phone/text at 864-630-0221.

League Middle School Business Partnership Program
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