John DeWorken’s District 1 Update….September 2020 Edition

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

It is my hope that this Update will provide you useful information about your City and community. If you have any questions or comments, you may contact me at or on my cell phone at 864.905.5529.


Major Changes Could Be Coming to North Main St.

Too many close calls. Too much speeding. Too many accidents. Too many deaths. The time has come for major changes along North Main Street. As a main corridor for hundreds of homes and a thoroughfare for those living outside of the City, residents have had enough of speeding cars flying unabatedly through pedestrian crossings and intersections, and endangering others. And, I’ve had enough, too.

It is for those reasons that I have been working with the City since early Summer to bring about changes that will protect our children and walkers, slow cars down and save lives. 

With City Engineering’s help, I hope to lead the charge to finally provide our children a safe crossing route across Main Street at Gallivan, as they travel to and from North Main Rotary Park and Stone Academy. This is vital.

We also recognize the danger that lurks as vehicles come over the hill at Hillcrest, particularly those that are speeding. So, we are looking at recalibrating the traffic light to slow cars down. Also, I will look to provide many speed radar signs along the 1.25 mile route, which data proves will slow cars down


District 1 Poll: Tree Ordinance

If you are in District 1, please take a moment to answer the three following questions by either responding to this email or by emailing me directly at

Greenville City is working to amend its tree ordinance. Many new tree ordinance provisions are under consideration, including in relation to the trees at our homes. Please let me know your thoughts:

Do you think the City should impose a fine or penalty on single-family home owners for removing a tree from his or her property? 

If you think the City should impose a fine or penalty on single-family home owners for removing a tree from his or her property, do you think the fine or fee should only be assessed for removing larger trees?

Do you think the City should, instead of a fine or penalty, implement a grant or incentive program that is designed to help single-family home owners replace removed trees?

Respond by replying to this email or emailing me at

To read more about the proposed tree ordinance at the City, CLICK HERE. And, remember to take the City’s Tree Ordinance Survey HERE.


Chick Springs Brightens Up

When Stone Lake Neighborhood President Cathy Dodson and others came to City Council Member Dorothy Dowe and me about the need for more lighting on Chick Springs Road, we all got to work. We understand that better lighting provides for safer roads for cars, walkers, children and neighbors.

So, Council Member Dowe and I brought this need to City staff, who worked with Duke Energy to implement more and better lighting throughout the 1.25 mile stretch.


Zoo Heading in Right Direction

My goal is to either do it right or not do it at all. That’s why I am fully committed to helping create one of the very best small city zoos in the nation. Although the Zoo has a long way to go, I truly believe the City is taking the right steps, including saving the lions, hiring a highly qualified executive director, and looking for ways to provide an outstanding experience for our children, parents and citizens.

To read more, check out Eric Connor’s Post and Courier story on the Zoo HERE.


North Main Clean Up Day

Thank you to the North Main Community Association, the North Greenville Rotary Club and so many neighbors for coming out to improve our North Main Rotary Park!



Local Leaders Receive the Order of the Palmetto

Congratulations to Carl Sobocinski and Seabrook Marchant, both with District 1 ties, for receiving the Order of the Palmetto from Governor Henry McMaster. Carl is a North Main neighbor and restaurateur at Table 301; and Seabrook is owner of the Marchant Company on Stone Avenue. The Order of the Palmetto is awarded for extraordinary lifetime service and achievements of national or statewide significance. Congratulations to two well-deserving people!


Carl Sobocinski with wife, Karen, Gov. McMaster and family


Seabrook Marchant (middle) with Senator Ross Turner and Rep. Bruce Bannister

Swamp Rabbit Trail Extension Master Plan Moving Ahead

The City of Greenville has begun a master planning process to take a closer look at land use and opportunities for connections to the planned 4.5-mile extension of the Swamp Rabbit Trail from Cleveland Park to CU-ICAR.

To view the September 24th consultant presentation on YouTube, CLICK HERE.


City Launches “Week in Review” Video

To better inform citizens, the City is now releasing a “Week in Review” video.  Check the latest installment HERE.


Public Survey Asks About Understanding of Human Trafficking

With a grant it received from the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Human Trafficking Awareness and Public Safety Initiative, Greenlink is conducting an 18-month education and awareness campaign that includes three phases.

Greenlink first launched its Phase 1 of the campaign with a survey to help determine the public’s existing knowledge and perception of human trafficking in Greenville County. Citizens are encouraged to take the survey HERE.


Greenville City Wants You To #ShopGVL

The City is partnering with Greenville Federal Credit Union to encourage purchases at local, independent Greenville businesses. Greenville Federal Credit Union will present 3 winners with $1,000 and their favorite local retail shops will receive $1,000 too. To see more details, CLICK HERE.


Loving Our Parks!

As you know, I am a huge advocate for our parks. And, most weekends, Sunnie and I look for a way to spend time with our kids at a park. With the Fall season here and leaves about to change, I hope you and your family will take advantage of one of our dozens of parks, too. To get a list of all City parks, CLICK HERE.

Thank You

From my family to yours, thank you for all you do for Greenville. I truly believe that it is the amazing people who make this a wonderful community.






John DeWorken’s District 1 Update….September 2020 Edition
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