Hug Our School Event at Stone Academy

Sending out on behalf of a member business:

HELP US CREATE LOVE AND #HugOurSchool in an after school hours event put on by parents.

The idea behind #HugOurSchool is simple: Stone Academy is known for being a safe space filled with creativity, energy, and LOVE. Can we harness these special gifts we have to literally swallow the school with love on March 14th?

1) Who is invited?: Anyone who wants to participate – family, students, alumni, teachers, staff, parents, neighbors, tax payers, School Board members, representatives, crossing guards, all of you. If you consider yourself vested in local children and want to come give it a squeeze, please do.

2) How will it work? LIKE the FB page   CLICK INTERESTED OR GOING on the event and you will receive updates on the details. People will be organized by LAST name and volunteers will clearly mark where you should stand.

3) Time and Place to Hug! At 3:30 on the dot, we will all link hands around Stone Academy located at 115 Randall Street and see if we can get the hug done! Then we will try to hold the hug as long as we can while a drummer beats his drum 17 times. Can we do it? We think we can!

4) This is not meant to be anything more than a hug of our school, a show of love and support for its role in our lives, and our hope that it remains a beacon of light and a safe space for young minds.

5) This is Just a Hug: we will NOT have speakers at the #HugOurSchool event. The language we will use will be about love for, and support of, our beloved school. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.


Hug Our School Event at Stone Academy
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