How Do You Want Stone Ave to Look?

The North Main Community Association neighborhood development committee met this week and discussed the upcoming plan for Stone Avenue. We have a unique opportunity to participate in the planning process for the future of Stone Avenue and we feel that ultimately it will affect all of us. The past has left some of us concerned about the direction the plan may take and whether it will truly reflect the desires of our neighborhoods, so we feel it would behoove us all to spend some time developing a clear understanding of what we, the residents, want to see Stone Ave and adjacent areas become. We are inviting you to join us on Saturday the 6th of March at 10:30 am for a working session to begin developing “our vision” of what Stone should become. The anticipated duration of this meeting is 1.5 hours. Please feel free to invite any of your officers or members to attend as well. The meeting will be held at the Bobby Pearce Community Center which is located on Townes Street between Ashley Ave and Croft St, one block over from N. Main Street in the North Main Rotary Park. We hope you can find time to join us.

Best wishes,

Jim Gilreath – President NMCA
Mike Cubelo – Vice President NMCA

How Do You Want Stone Ave to Look?
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