Greenville Zoo Conservation Lecture Series: Giant Armadillo Conservation Project

WHO: Greenville Zoo

WHAT: Conservation Lecture Series – Saving South American Giants: Giant Armadillo and Giant Anteater

WHEN: Monday, February 5,  7 p.m. – 8 p.m.

WHERE: The Children’s Museum of the Upstate,   300 College Street

*The lecture will be held on the first floor and attendees should use the museum’s side entrance off Academy Street. Free parking is available at the Heritage Green parking deck.

WHY: The Greenville Zoo is proud to present this conservation lecture series, funded by the Greenville Zoo Conservation Fund. The Conservation Lecture Series is free and open to the public. While not required, attendees are asked to pre-register online if possible.

Very little was known about giant armadillos before the Giant Armadillo Conservation Project began in 2010 and today, the program spans three biomes and features a team of six dedicated Brazilian biologists and veterinarians. The team also works with giant anteaters, now among the species most killed on roadways in the Cerrado region of Brazil. Guest speaker Dr. Arnaud Desbiez, Project Coordinator for Anteaters and Highways, will discuss his team’s four-year effort to investigate and address giant anteater road mortality. “Tragically, giant anteaters, one of South America’s most iconic species, are getting massacred on highways throughout the continent,” said Arnaud. “With this project, we hope to find mitigating strategies so this magnificent ant eating giant can continue to roam the lands.”

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Greenville Zoo Conservation Lecture Series: Giant Armadillo Conservation Project
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