Greenville Woodworker’s Guild Tool Sale

The Greenville Woodworkers Guild will hold a tool sale tomorrow, Saturday, March 3, starting at 8:30 am. The sale is open to the public. Doors will open at 8:00, through the main shop door into the board room and from there to the auditorium. Please do not collect anything from the tables until 8:30 when the sale begins. Items are sold on a first served basis and no discounts will be made unless there is a pricing error.

Members will need their badge number to buy anything.. Non members must also register and receive a number in order to purchase goods. The bid items will have a card on the machine where you can place you bid. Bidding will end at 10:30, highest bidder wins!

After collecting your goodies proceed through the sales line in the shop, then to the cashiers. and exit through the wood room doors, showing your sales slip to the person located there, We will help loading heavy items after the sale has ended at 11:00.

There is a tremendous selection of tools at bargain prices, donuts and coffee are on us, so come and enjoy the morning with fellow woodworkers. An updated catalogue of items is available on our website.

To view or download the catalogue, use this link:


Greenville Woodworker’s Guild Tool Sale
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