Greenville County Square Redevelopment Information Meeting

Greenville County has filed a detailed plan for redevelopment of Greenville County Square.  It is quite lengthy–over 480 pages.  It was forwarded to support a meeting between the county leaders and contractors with the Greenville City Planning Commission on October 17.

The document can be downloaded at

The Statement of Intent (page 41) states “The overall objectives for the redevelopment of the campus include the provision of aesthetically striking and appealing urban building, hardscape and landscape design; enhanced connectivity to the Swamp Rabbit Trail, Falls Park on the Reedy, the Cancer Survivor Park, Unity Park, Cleveland Park, surrounding communities, and Downtown Greenville; the creation of sense of place through scale of design and walkability, and, the incorporation of multiple uses to allow residents and visitors the ability to work, live, and play.”

A brief review of the document illustrates just how complicated the redevelopment is.  Items include:

  1. Greenville County Square Subzone and Haynie-Sirrine Neighborhood Code Master Plan
  2. City of Greenville Southwest Sector Master Plan and recently developed GVL2040 Master Plan
  3. Proposed open space and connectivity
  4. Traffic (vehicle and pedestrian) impacts and zoning changes,

Recently, we were informed about a loosely affiliated group of Greenville City neighborhood associations intent on informing their neighborhood residents as to proposed actions and decisions, and possibly offering input to the City and county processes and leadership.    Although North Main does not border the footprint for redevelopment, given the magnitude of the effort, we believe it is prudent to inform NMCA members.  Alignment with the newly released draft GVL2040 Master Plan is one example.

Should you have an interest in better understanding and participating in the dialog, we suggest attending a meeting next Thursday evening, October 10, organized by the neighborhood association group.  The meeting will be held at 6:30 at Swanson’s, 12 N. Irvine St.  See the flyer below.



Greenville County Square Redevelopment Information Meeting
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