Greenlink Info now on Google Maps

Greenlink has worked with Google Maps to make using public transportation in Greenville even more convenient. Customers can get real-time bus arrival predictions with Google Maps, a popular navigation and mapping service, that now uses data provided by Greenlink. Google Maps allows individuals to customize their transit routes, view interactive maps and get walking directions to the nearest bus stop and to their final destination once they leave the bus. When riders enter their starting location and ending destination on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, Google Maps provides step-by-step directions and information, including:

● Closest bus stop and arrival times with live trip status updates

● Route names and numbers

● Transfer locations

● Trip fare

● How long the trip will take

According to Greenlink Interim Director James Keel, Greenlink provided real-time bus location information from its FindGreenlink app through the Google Transit Partner Program, and Google incorporated the data into its maps and transit planning tool. There was no cost to Greenlink to participate in the program, and going forward, the data can also be made available to third-party developers to facilitate the creation of new customer-focused services.

“While real-time arrival information is available to Greenlink customers through the FindGreenlink app, many customers require the trip planning assistance offered by Google Maps. Providing this data to Google Maps allows customers another opportunity to get important trip arrival information,” said Keel. “In addition to making trip planning easier and more convenient for our current passengers, we also hope that having this information on Google Maps will help attract new riders who may have been intimidated in the past by the thought of not knowing when the bus would arrive.”

Google Maps is available online at  and via a mobile app. A Google Transit widget is also available on the Greenlink website at

Greenlink Info now on Google Maps
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