GHS Needs Volunteers for Mass Casualty Excercise

The Greenville Hospital System, in conjunction with Greenville County Emergency Management, and the City of Greenville, will be conducting a “mass causality” exercise in effort to challenge the health care systems in Greenville County. We are in dire need of volunteers to act as  victims of what will be an active shooter scenario. They will meet at the OLD Blood Connection on Grove Road where they will have moulage, (make up), applied and then transported to the Emergency Department for treatment. The exercise will take place on Friday May 17th. Arrival time for the volunteers will be between 7:30-8:00 am. The exercise is scheduled to last about 3 hours.
 Lunch will be provided courtesy of the Greenville Hospital System.
Anyone wishing to participate needs to contact Jean Calbetzor, at the fire department no later than noon Friday May 10th.   Her phone number is 467-4445.   e-mail
GHS Needs Volunteers for Mass Casualty Excercise
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