Free Residential Irrigation Evaluations

Every Drop Counts South Carolina – Greenville Water is Offering Free Residential Irrigation Checks

Yes, free with no strings attached. Greenville Water has recently partnered with the Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Greenville, Pickens and Anderson counties, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and other participating local water districts to bring you an opportunity to save water and thereby, save you money. The program is called “Every Drop Counts South Carolina” and it is designed to reduce outdoor water waste by providing a free irrigation water check so that you can learn how to better save water and reduce your water bill. Our objective is merely to help you “use water wisely.”

What is an Irrigation Check?
An Irrigation Check analyzes the efficiency of your automated in-ground sprinkler system. Soil & Water Conservation District personnel will perform the irrigation check at your home and provide you with a customized watering schedule. The tests that will be performed include soil type, grass root depth, sprinkler distribution uniformity and water pressure. The entire process will take approximately two hours.

When and where are they available?
Irrigation checks are available from July through mid-September in Greenville Water service area, for those with in-ground irrigation systems.

How much does it cost?
The Irrigation Check Program is a FREE service.

How do I sign up?
Irrigation checks are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
You can schedule an appointment by calling (864) 991-7376 or by email at

This program is funded by: Greenville Water, Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Greenville, Pickens and Anderson counties and other participating local water districts.

Free Residential Irrigation Evaluations
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