First Come, First Served For Power Line Burial

If you are interested in burying the power line from the street to your home, now’s the time to do it. According to an online article by WYFF a program called ‘Weather The Storm, Keep It On’ will pay eligible applicants up to $1,500 toward the cost of converting overhead service to underground. The cost will vary from residence to residence. If the cost exceeds the subsidy, the homeowner will be required to pay the difference before the work begins. The homeowner will be required to arrange and pay for an electrician of their choice to convert the meter box, if necessary, to receive underground service. But the cost of the meter conversion would also be covered by the city if the total cost falls within the $1,500 city subsidy.

The program, scheduled to get under way July 20, is a partnership between the city and Duke Energy. Amy Ryberg Doyle said the average cost is estimated to be around $1,000 for each homeowner, but individual circumstances — like landscaping and sprinkler systems — increase the cost. Doyle said there may also be circumstances where the cost is substantially less. The goal, Doyle said, is to have the service lines of 300 homeowners buried by the end of the year. The success of the program will determine whether it is extended, Doyle said. “We want to see how successful it is,” said Doyle. “We want it to be extremely successful.” Doyle said an aggressive marketing will include posting signs and distributing fliers. But, it’s on a first come, first served basis.

There is a five-step process to qualify for the program.
1. The homeowner should submit a written request for participation to the city’s utility program manager. The request should be sent to:
Nancy Sue
PO Box 2207
206 S Main St
Greenville, SC 29602

Or e-mail:
2. If the homeowner meets the eligibility requirements, the utility program manager notifies Duke Energy of the request.
3. An engineer from Duke meets with the homeowner at the residence to determine the scope of the project and provides a cost estimate.
4. The homeowner decides whether to proceed and has 90 days to complete the meter base conversion and pay any additional cost over the subsidy, if needed.
5. Duke schedules and completes the line burial, switches the power feed and removes the overhead service.
For more information, go to the City’s website, or contact the utility program manager at 467-4596.

First Come, First Served For Power Line Burial
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