District 1 News with BZA Qs for Amy….

Thanks for the update, Amy.
A question about the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) news:

Based on the recent decisions by the BZA (which has not only overruled multiple neighborhood associations but also multiple city staff recommendations), will we be seeing new BZA members who: 


  • do not make their living in commercial/private real estate (the majority of them do now)?
  • show up at critical BZA meetings (The Brookside meeting had to be canceled since not enough BZA members showed up)? 
  • are more closely in tune with neighborhood associations and the city’s master plan than with builders and developers?
Interviews are now being conducted for one available BZA seat with others becoming vacant this year. Can you give us a status update on this and what you are looking for in a BZA candidate? Thank You.


I hope this email update finds you well.  
On the big picture…..

July 1 marked the new fiscal year for the City. As you know, one of the chief jobs for City Council is to approve the annual budget.  The process begins in January with Council and City staff setting priorities for the upcoming year.    With annual revenues down, the challenge this year was three-fold: limit layoffs, limit budget cuts of key services and limit fee adjustments.

The City is in excellent financial shape and we continue to plan ahead.  Yet, even with over 30 positions cut, we voted to increase in solid waste pickup.   You will see this on upcoming bills for all services after July 1, 2010.  The increase will be an additional $3 per month.  This covers approximately 50% of the total cost for the solid waste services; the rest is covered by revenues from the General Fund.  We know this is a tough year to see rate increases, but the city incurred costs for the county and the Council debated whether to make the fund more whole.  Every dollar was fully debated.

To access any of the financial summaries,  click here:

Planning Ahead…. The Sign Ordinance
The City’s economic development department has used this economic downtime for some strategic planning.   The sign ordinance is the latest effort to address some obstructive and poorly designed signs.   The goal of the updated ordinance is to address road signs, building signs, multi-tenant signs and window and awning signage.  Signs will be required to have improved materials and to fit in better with building design.  Thank you to all the business and property owners who participated in giving feedback.  
To read about the sign ordinance, click here.

East North Street
The repaving has finished for East North Street. This was great work by the City’s engineering staff and DOT.    The “road diet” for East North Street has many goals: to have a center turning lane for improved traffic flow; to reduce speed and consequently, traffic accidents; and to add a lane for bicycle transportation.   

Weather the Storm.... is the new city’s program to bury the power lines program for residents.  The new program — to be introduced September 1— will pay up to $1500 per home for Duke Power to bury your home’s service line.  The residents will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis.   For more information or if you would like to have your power line buried, please contact Nancy Sue, undergrounding expert, at nsue@greenvillesc.gov.

On Zoning Issues….
The Board of Zoning Appeals (the “BZA”) heard the Waffle House application on June 17. As most of you know, the Waffle House was given a special exception by the BZA to operate from 12am-5am for 1 year.  

The Board of Zoning Appeals heard the Brookside Gardens appeal late July.  The City had revoked the developer’s conditional use permit in the Spring this year after the developer cut down the trees.    The Board voted to make the developer’s permit conditional on a new landscape plan and limit the number of units to 55 maximum.   

On the Schools
CONGRATULATIONS, Summit Drive Elementary!  Summit Drive is one of five schools in the state to win the Exemplary Writing Award!    Congrats to students, parents and teachers for this top honor.

On the Parks:
Rotary Park Clean up Day is scheduled for this Saturday, August 28, from 8am-12noon.   Many hands are needed to clear the river bed!    Please contact North Main Community President, Jim Gilreath for more information.  (drgilreath@aol.com)

On new Sidewalks….
The N Step program will begin two new sidewalks in the North End shortly:  Funds have been appropriated for Batesview Drive (from East North Street to Wade Hampton Boulevard.) With costs coming in under budget, an additional sidewalk was added to this Nstep program…… a new sidewalk construction will begin on Chick Springs!!!!!! (from Rutherford to Lake Crest Drive.)   
There is a traffic study beginning for Lake Forest Drive area.   The meeting will be Monday, September 13th in the cafeteria of League Academy starting at 6 PM.


What is the Traffic Calming process?
You may request a traffic calming study on your street at any time..  You will need to contact the City’s Traffic Engineering study.  (email:  tecalming@greenvillesc.gov)   If the study area warrants a review, petitions are sent to your neighbors.  Traffic is measured for speed and volume.  Recommendations are made from the City’s traffic engineering department.  Then, you vote on the best measurement (speed humps, landscaped medians, etc…)    For more information, go here:


How do I learn about Boards and Commissions?   The City Council appoints citizens to serve on a variety of Boards and Commissions.  The terms of the commission vary.    You will need to submit an application and go through an interview process.  We are always looking for good people to serve. I encourage you to read more and consider serving on one of the city’ Boards and commissions:


Thank you to all the neighbors and League parents who supported this effort!


District 1 News with BZA Qs for Amy….
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