Developer Cuts Trees/City Stops Work

Neighbors: The developer for brookside gardens has violated two permits. The removal of the heritage trees is very unfortunate and frankly the loss of the 5 trees on the corner is quite sad. The city issued a stop order on the two permits at 3:30p yesterday. The city is discussing the best course of action for the replacement. I will keep you informed. See email below.

Amy Ryberg-Doyle
District 1
Greenville City Council Member

From: Pool, Jean
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 4:10 PM
To: Bourey, Jim; Castile, John; McKinney, Ron
Cc: Whitworth, Nancy; Kempe, Kathleen; Wood, Bryan
Subject: Brookside Gardens

This letter is to inform you that the City has issued a Stop Work Order to the Brookside Gardens project at the intersection of Gillfilling Drive and Brookside Circle.

Last week, residents near the Brookside Gardens project notified City staff that the large trees located at the corner of the property near Gillfilling Drive and Brookside Circle had been removed during the grading of the site. City staff investigated and verified that 5 historic and/or heritage trees marked for preservation had been removed.
This is in direct violation of the Conditional Use Permit issued to insure compliance with the Multi-family Design Guidelines.

Staff is working to determine the appropriate resolution to this violation and will continue to keep you informed.

Jean M. Pool
Planning and Development Manager
Economic Development
206 S. Main St.
Greenville, SC 29601

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Developer Cuts Trees/City Stops Work
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