Crime Update

We mentioned in an email recently about employees from a security system combing the area door-to-door trying to enlist customers.  Someone with the city did follow up with the corporate office about their “pushy” sales methods, so hopefully that will help.

We just heard about another incident where someone saw a man walking around their neighbor’s house one day last week.  After the “suspect” was told no one was home, he said he was from an insurance company and checking the security system.  This is not that believable ….insurance company reps don’t usually check security systems and when they do inspections for whatever reason they usually ensure the person is home.  This would be suspicious activity that should be reported.  He was driving an older blue/green pickup with no logs.

Also, in this week’s crime report,  a storage shed at a home  on Parisview Drive was forced open and a push lawnmower was taken between 8:30 p.m. Thursday and10:45 a.m. Saturday.

Please keep your property secured and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.  This is the time of year when we often begin to hear more about these problems, as school is out and folks go on vacation.  If you plan to be gone, be sure to let one or more of your close neighbors know so they can keep an eye on your home and property.

Crime Update
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