Crime Update

Around 5:45pm Wednesday, 5/13, a man and woman in a silver pickup were spotted stealing a package off the front porch of a house on W. Mountainview (near Rutherford end) and on Robinson Street. The person reporting did not witness this but a neighbor did and she was unsure if she was able to get a license plate number… happened so fast.

We had a rash of this a year ago, so once again, keep an eye out. When you order things online, you can often add special info re: where to leave it. Another option is to have it delivered to your office or a neighbor who is home most of the time.  One member offers the following helpful advice; After a UPS package of expensive items disappeared from our porch in January, UPS began requiring a signature for all deliveries for one year. Since we are almost never home during their delivery times, I downloaded the UPS app that alerts you the day before your package is going to be delivered. If you know you won’t be home, you can revise delivery. I like to have them deliver it to a UPS store that is convenient to my office so I can pick it up when it suits me, but there are other free options as well. This service is available by email as well, for those who aren’t app happy.

As for the garden and plant thefts, one member had an idea: Plant a pot full of poison ivy and leave it where they can easily pick it up. If they are in a hurry, they probably won’t notice…


Crime Update
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