Crime Report and Reminder of Tonight’s Meeting

One of our members just passed the following information along:
Sounds like we had at least 3 auto break ins on E. Hillcrest and Hillcrest Circle this morning. About 7:30 this morning my neighbor saw a young male in his 20s going through their car. The thief was confronted and dropped a backpack and golf clubs that he had stolen from another car. He ran from the scene.

Of the two break ins that I know of (the non-emergency line said there was a third incident this morning) it sounds like all stolen items were dropped when thief was confronted.

Looks like he was on foot and going for unlocked cars. Myself and another victim almost always lock our cars, but this goes as a reminder to always double check. City Police were called and responded quickly.”
According to Raids, I have had five incidents, mostly petit larceny, within 1/2 mile of my house on W. Hillcrest in the last 10 days.
Another good reason to attend tonight’s meeting at 7pm at the Bobby Pearse Center to meet the new Police Chief and hear about crime in our area and how we can reduce it.
Crime Report and Reminder of Tonight’s Meeting
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