Crime Alert

There was a break-in yesterday (Thursday, July 31) on W. Mountainview Avenue during the day. A window at the back of the house was forced open and valuables were stolen. The responding officer felt that this was a more professional criminal as they wore gloves & did not ransack the home but took their time and only took what was truly valuable. Neighbors, keep your eyes open & call if you see anything suspicious!

We also received a report from a resident about a break in on Montclair while the owner was out of town.  We don’t know if anything was taken.  Also, a car in our neighborhood  had a car window broken.  This just reinforces the need for all of us to be our own “neighborhood watch” group and keep an eye on the property of neighbors, especially those who are out of town.

On another note:  We have received questions about people going through trash and taking whole bags of trash.  Fearing identity theft, residents have asked what could be done…possibly putting their trash cans in the edge of their yard or driveway.  After checking with Courtney Palmer, she informs us that “Solid Waste stated that all receptacles must be on the City’s right of way in order for them to pick up the trash and recycle.”  She advises people to “keep calling and having officers respond. The officers should at least be able to approach the woman and find out who she is (do a Field Interview) and that way she will hopefully get the message that she is being watched when she is in the N Main neighborhood.”

Crime Alert
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