Crime Alert: Auto Break-Ins

Crime alert: Several auto break-ins occurred this past Saturday night in the area of East Hillcrest and Woodbine as reported by members. We’ve now learned there were 6 incidents and in at least 5, the doors were unlocked. Cash, an Ipod and other items were taken. Also, an unlocked door to a house was entered and left open…apparently the thief was looking for things that could be carried while walking as large items were left.

Please lock your car and house doors and, even if your vehicle is locked, do not leave valuables in your vehicle! This is especially true during the holiday season as many of us are busy and may not stop and think. Put valuables in your trunk…don’t assume that throwing a coat over items in the car will fool a thief.

If you are a victim, PLEASE report the incident to the non-emergency number (271-5333) so that the police can keep an eye on the area and dispatch extra patrols.

Crime Alert: Auto Break-Ins
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One thought on “Crime Alert: Auto Break-Ins

  • November 22, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    Hey Phyllis,

    Our Explorer was broken into Saturday night at 110 West Montclair. Driver side lock is broken, so it was unlocked; ipod taken..

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