Cravings & Legal Reflections – The Waffle Hearing

City Council Member Amy Doyle shared the email below with us sent to her by the City Attorney. He presented the legal reasons to the judge for not granting a quick decision (summary judgement) wanted by the corporate Waffle House legal team to keep the chain store open beyond midnight.

 Guess the Waffle House construction is close to completion and they don’t want to be “Cinderalla” on opening night.  

During his legal reflection, let’s hope that the judge gets no sudden waffle cravings…. 


Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010

Subject: Waffle House Hearing

This morning Judge Ned Miller heard arguments from Waffle House and the City on the WH motion for summary judgment. The arguments went pretty much as expected and previously discussed with you. Judge Miller took the matter under advisement and will render a decision sometime soon.

Several neighborhood representatives attended and expressed thanks to the City for “standing firm.”

If you have specific questions, please let me know.

Ron Ronald W. McKinney, City Attorney City of Greenville


Cravings & Legal Reflections – The Waffle Hearing
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