City Council Member Responds to Concerns about Convenience Store


I hear your concerns about a convenience store.  

I spoke with Lillian this morning regarding the neighborhoods’ voice on this.   The QuickTrip Corp has met with the Viola Street Neighborhood and the Southernside neighborhoods several times.   The Viola Street neighbors expressed concerns about the design and high traffic and requested additional screening.  They also expressed serious concerns over alcohol sales.  The company assured they would not sell single sale alcohol, but they do in fact sell alcohol.   The neighborhood voted and were in favor of it given the special requirements are met.  See the attached letter from neighborhood president Vince Green.   I also know Rev. Deb Richardson Moore at Triune has expressed serious concerns over the alcohol sales and is not in favor.  (I am cc:ing her on this email.)

As you know, the City has been very aggressive with moving nuisance businesses out of this area:  check cashing and labor finders for instance.  Yet, we need businesses to replace the blight.   Streets are safer when there are businesses; empty lots are havens for crime.   We must have activity for these thoroughfares to flourish, to attract the quirky businesses places we would all like to see.   (Wouldn’t we all love to see a locally owned pizza place follow this?!)    Convenience stores if designed well and run well and could be a welcome to the corridor.    The new McDonald’s is an example of this.   Regardless of what we all personally feel about fast food or gasoline stations,  this is consistent with the plan and rdv zoning.

But, the designs recommended currently by the business are not at all acceptable to the City’s code and we must require a higher end look for this convenience store.   Please come tonight and give your input, concerns, voice your opinions for or against.     Or, feel free to send an email.  As you know, all emails are submitted as a matter of public record.   (


City Council Member Responds to Concerns about Convenience Store