Changes to City Recycling Program

From the City:   As many of you have probably heard, Pratt Industries, the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) that processes the City’s recyclables, recently decided to stop accepting glass. In general, they made that decision based on the fact that over time and across the country, glass has become the least desirable commodity for MRFs.

Since Pratt is the only remaining facility of its kind in the Upstate, their decision has impacted Greenville County and the other municipalities, as well as the city and county of Spartanburg – all of which have already stopped accepting glass. Pratt has agreed to continue taking our glass through the end of the month; however, effective April 1, the City will no longer be able to collect glass for recycling at the curb or at the Stone Avenue and Rutherford Road recycling centers

This means that beginning in April, to dispose of unwanted glass bottles and jars, you will need to include them with household waste in your regular garbage container.  Solid Waste crews will soon start placing hang tags on residents’ garbage containers to notify them of the change and remind them what they can still recycle at the curb.

In June, the city will be switching from a manual collection system, which uses people to empty the recycle containers, to an automated collection system, which uses special trucks with mechanical arms to empty the recycle containers. As a result, in May, everyone will receive a new 96-gallon recycle roll cart to replace their current recycle container. We also plan to start accepting more types of plastics once the new system begins in June. More to come as things progress.

Changes to City Recycling Program
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