Change in Water Treatment for March

Beginning on Monday, March 7, and lasting for 30 days the Greenville water system will remove ammonia from our treatment process. Instead, they will use only chlorine, also called free chlorine. Customers should expect a slight increase in chlorine taste and smell in their water during March because of the change to free chlorine.

The system is temporarily changing the disinfection method in order to control any microscopic bacteria layers that may have built up inside the pipe system.

Dialysis patients should pay particular attention to their water and filtration systems during the change to free chlorine in March and also when the water system resumes adding ammonia in April. Dialysis patients should call their healthcare provider for questions about how use of free chlorine can affect them.

The change to free chlorine can also affect fish tanks in homes because different products are needed to remove free chlorine than are needed to remove combined chlorine and ammonia (chloramines). Call your pet store for more information before changing water in your fish tanks.

For more information, please read the press release here.
(John Tynan, Greenville Water Commission)

Change in Water Treatment for March
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